New Century twelve-plex to open on November 9 Cinedome 8 there will close

posted by Michael Zoldessy on September 7, 2012 at 7:45 am

NAPA, CA — Century is opening its new 12 screen theatre in Napa in November which will ultimately lead to the demise of Downtown’s Cinedome 8. Alcohol will be served at the new theatre and they’ll feature some green amenities such as LED lighting and electric vehicle charging stations.

Read more in the Napa Valley Reigster.

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terrywade on September 7, 2012 at 8:37 am

It’s about time Century will put in better more modern theatres in Napa. They have a exclusive for movies in Napa CA. While a few of the large domes are nice with curve screens ect they need to be remodled. Century needs to keep these domes going when the new theatres opens. Turn them into art cinemas like they did in Pleasant Hill CA or second run theatres or special comedy live events. To bad they can’t make the new larger theatre more then 300 seats in that one space. To crame in 12 screens in the space for 6 large screens they can make you feel crampy and with small screens in the 100 seat cinemas It will feel like you are home. Like so many other Cinemark-Century/Syufy Multiplex’s for the most part they have no wide CinemaScope screens. They just drop down masking from the top on many of the cinemas on a square screen and make it look wide. A poor mans CinemaScope/Panavision. That way they can fit more screens in a small cinema space. The theatres don’t have to be super wide. At least many of the Century screens built today have a slight curve to them. No Imax in Napa at this new cinema? Century EX screens are so boring and not cut out for Cinemascope, you get white screen space at the top and bottom of the wide screen image. It’s just one big white square space. Great for flat 1.85 films. Maybe some other theatre company like Sundance or Rave will come along and build a better first class theatre with full Imax and larger screens for the well to due wine/grape crowd in Napa CA. This area is way underscreened. Bring on the beer/wine and food and larger screens with 7.1 Dolby┬« to the Napa area. At least old Regal won’t be coming into Napa at this time. They are so cheap they’d go with a 20 plex with the shoebox look in that new space. The candy lobby at Regal is larger then the Cinemas.

GaryParks on November 6, 2012 at 5:06 pm

Nice to see from the photo that the new theatre has a vertical sign. I’ve noticed Century is building them on their new theatres. The Century in Newark, CA has a vertical that was clearly inspired by that of the Millbrae, in Millbrae. The Century in Pleasant Hill has a sign and tower clearly inspired by the Orinda. Nice to see some architectural pizzazz being created.

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