Winchester movie theater closes, to reopen under new management

posted by Michael Zoldessy on January 9, 2014 at 10:40 am

WINCHESTER, KY — The Movies 9 will reopen under the new management of Malco Theaters. While it’s unclear when they will be back in business, when they do they will have new digital projectors.


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Tigh on January 12, 2014 at 7:58 pm

Malco is not very adventuresome (no IMAX or extra large digital screens, no theatres with restaurant food), but they do a good job of running their theatres and keeping them up. Don’t know who ran this before, but few are better than Malco.

realmite on January 15, 2014 at 10:02 pm

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50 for yearly membership, £18 per household.
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They said the child was on her very own when she was attacked by the person, who then fled the area.
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After a week in which the Top League was apparently plunged into crisis, it was perplexing to see three British sides going great guns in Big Classic vase, a tournament many have declared provides real proof of a league’s strength.
Peter’s Square.
"He followed his newfound interest to MIT, where he majored in physics, absorbing valuable perspective from his academic agent, Alan Guth, the Victor F. A company press release, reprinted in the Sacramento Bee, says the voluntary recall was issued from the U.
But so far, such charge-density waves have only been recognized in high-temperature superconductors under special circumstances, such as a particular level of doping (the actual introduction of atoms of another element on to its surface). "But Oddie stressed that mothers need self-confident and well-trained midwives, health visitors and other NHS staff in order to encourage and advise them.
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Trey Burke has made a decision about his future and he’s prepared to announce it. Young, who has a B.
President Obama on Thursday praised a man he’s got often criticized, hailing former president George W.
I’m sure your readers must expect a lot more. Yet whenever I have spent time within indigenous communities, I have never heard anything like the shrieks of fear and rage with the controlled-crying child. Consider Andrew Horn, the chamberlain for the city of London within the 1320s — meaning he was essentially the actual lawyer representing London’s interests in court from the king, who was Edward II for most of the time.
An investigation into offenses that

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For several decades, many American companies found that "offshoring” their own industrial work could raise profits.
“It’s dangerous to walk the borders close to here.
The new members will be inducted next April throughout the NAS’s annual meeting, held in Washington. At 27, Jacob J. "The goalkeeper runs into Victor Anichebe and it’s really a goal. Stimson Center, where his internship eventually became a full-time work, experts on China filled the halls. But progress has been slow: The nature of the electrochemical reactions since these batteries are charged remains poorly comprehended. ‘ In Switzerland there is a

whole lot more belief in what architecture can perform
for society. This concise but powerful summer show is known as for Neil Young’s favorite ax.
However, almost no one has been doing this comparison — and they are the professional election administrators. During his visit to Latin America, Obama said the allegations against documentary film-maker Bernard Tracy, 35, were "ridiculous.
Rather, she and her colleagues have figured out what they believe is some general principles.
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Elite universities are joining in, but the massive online open courses, known as MOOCs, threaten to poach paying students from some other institutions.
His appointment led to threats of boycotts simply by some fans and comic shops and an online petition contrary to the hiring. Both accessorised with sunglasses, while Knightley also had a garland associated with flowers around her head.
No majority in Congress has your back again. The Making of the English Working Class is 50 this season, yet it is still widely revered being a canonical work of social historyFifty years in the past,

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As we were trying to enter this kind of new field of humanoid robotics, she was our expert, ” Tedrake said. I don’t think the prime minister disagrees your process.
Kelly stood before an audience in Saint. 40 Savant Bleu 3.

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