New York, NY - Landmark movie theater at Bjarke Ingels’s Via 57 West will open in September

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From Curbed NY: As one Landmark movie theater—the beloved Sunshine Cinema on the Lower East Side—prepares to close in 2018, another one will open, albeit with a completely different vibe. The theater, called The Landmark at 57 West and situated on the ground floor on Bjarke Ingels’s West 57th Street courtscraper, is set to make its debut on September 15.

As we previously reported, the eight-screen theater will have a private bar, which will be called JD’s Place, along with design elements like a video wall and a special light display. As is de rigueur for movie theaters these days, the theaters themselves will be equipped with plush leather recliners, plenty of concessions (including ones from NYC purveyors like Two Boots and Fat Witch), and laser projection screens.

While a spate of high-end movie theaters have been opening or are in the works around the city—see the Alamo Drafthouse in Downtown Brooklyn, iPic Theaters at the Seaport, and the soon-to-open Nitehawk Cinema in Park Slope—there hasn’t been a new cinema in Midtown in some time. The new Landmark expects to fill that void, with a press release noting that it’s intended to “appeal to film aficionados and neighborhood movie-goers alike.”

But Landmark’s Lower East Side theater isn’t so lucky: the Sunshine Cinema has been in trouble for a few years now, and was dealt a blow in 2012 when the local community board voted against a plan that would have allowed the cinema to serve food and drinks. It’s likely going to turn into a mixed-use office-retail space after it closes next year.

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terrywade on August 30, 2017 at 7:58 pm

Thanks for the info. I wonder If this new cinema will just be small screens like so many new ones recently in NYC or will they have a few larger screens and seating? We will have to wait and see.

charmi1 on December 27, 2019 at 2:23 am

Free Classifieds In Kolkata Make It Easier To Find Computer Classes

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My parents and elder sister were worried about me all the time. But I did not lose heart and tried until I get success. Besides, I applied to the company that not only focuses on marks but on testing knowledge, and that is Microsoft. And I was lucky enough to get a job at Microsoft. I have applied my skills over there which I have learned from computer classes. Since then, my career path is on line and getting many calls from top companies that are paying the highest salary package.

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Benefits Of Sports & Wellness Classes In India

People are nowadays becoming more digital so they end up getting a solution through the Internet. Whether they want to shop or pay a light bill, they get it all done at their palm. It’s good to become tech-savvy and save time but if you pay the bill by going to the office, it helps you lose some calories and you will become more active.

Still, if they do not see more changes, they are often unsure about what they should do to being fit. You just need to join Sports & Wellness Classes in India, it helps build a foundation and structure that can be used as a fuel for your health journey.    

Whether you are a beginner or you just don’t have much fitness knowledge, going to the gym or doing some sports activities helps you achieve your desired goals. When you first step inside the building, you might be struggling to determine which exercise or sports activities to do, others simply don’t know how to do them.

1. Inspiration

It is inspiring and motivating to be surrounded by passionate and like-minded individuals. You will automatically get empowered while working with encouraging instructor and supportive people all working hard together. Sports & Wellness Classes in India is a great way to help motivate yourself and others to dig deeper and push harder in workouts.

2. Structure

Doing exercise with supportive people or participate in various sports activities is a great way to get a workout in without getting something off the ground. Each class is structured with a warm-up, hard and balanced workout, and a cool-down.

The warm-up will help to raise your heart rate properly while loosening your joints and muscles before jumping into the arduous workout. While Cool-down helps you lower your heart rate safely and stretch all the major muscles worked during activity. The instructor will coach you through each phase of the workout.     

3. Right Form

The fitness instructor’s job is not only to show you the right form but also to ensure that everyone in the class executes each exercise in the right way.

Your muscles need to reap the most out of the exercise and also it eliminates potential injuries.

4. Diversity

Having a diversity or variety in your weekly workout of Sports & Wellness Classes in India helps you create muscle confusion, which keeps your appraising and ramps up your metabolism. It also helps prevent boredom. 5. Accountability

The provision of some Sports & Wellness Classes in India requires members to sign-up in advance, this is a great way to keep yourself accountable. Because if you’re signed up and it’s your own schedule, there is a good chance, you won’t skip it.

If your class doesn’t require you to sign up, find the leading classes that you want to take from Izydaisy and invite a friend or pencil it on your calendar.

6. Fun

If you are looking to add a little more spark and fun in your fitness life, the support of like-minded individuals may be just what you need.  There is no other way to motivate each other between the upbeat music and a great workout. It’s an enjoyable way to exercise!!

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Importance of coaching institutes and English classes in India

Coaching is a popular approach and these days; it became as important and necessary as schools. The kids or adults typically want to upscale skills, learn new skills, prepare for new situations, and improve the performance areas. You rarely see a kid is doing something creative without the help of coaching. Be it studying, playing sports, learning musical instrument or joining dance studio in India. The coach education provides several services to help the kid and an individual improve his or her performance.

In this competitive world, English classes in India have become a resort for the betterment of student’s personal growth as well as his or her academic performances. We are seeing students committing suicide for not scoring more marks, especially high school and college students. So, izydaisy found a way to assist students for the best classes that own coaching license and attending these classes has now become routine.

You know what, a news report suggests that nearly 22,000 schools have two or fewer teachers in the 75,489 schools of Karnataka. The statistics also include private schools, 1767 schools have no teachers and shockingly, 45,000 teachers’ post is lying vacant. And the available teachers are overburdened with clerical work, have minuscule freedom, which in turn reduces the curiosity and motivation in teaching.

So, an alarm for the coaching classes is the migration of rural population to the urban areas. As per statistics, from 1960-2010, the rural population has decreased from 83.1% to 68.7% and the urban population has increased from 18.5% to 31.2%. It has made the dream of affordable and accessible English classes in India taken by the middle-class families who drive the nation. The parents fill the crunch of admitting their children into the leading classes that hold the coaching license in India.


One of the best advantages of classes is that students’ community get guidance from the best brains in the field and use of technology, which helps in understanding the concepts clearly. Not only children but also an adult who wants to continue their education or want to pursue a hobby as a career, are put into classes with smaller student-teacher-ratio so they can receive individual care and grow personally. The coaching institutes or dance studio in India provide training for the specific entrance examination, which reduces the burden of the students and guides them in one place.

Moreover, students become more self-reliant and take action toward achieving goals, gain job and life satisfaction, involve himself or herself into the team project and the organization, take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments and work more easily and productively with others.

The advantages of coaching classes are many, 80% of students who receive study report increase self-confidence, and with this 70% of people benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. As you can see, it provides an invaluable space for personal development so you should not underestimate the impact of coaching on students and employees as it creates a fundamental shift in their approach to their work.

Take one example into consideration, the employees who are struggling with low confidence shall be sent to the assertiveness course that helps increase self-confidence and enables employees to bring more of themselves into the workplace. As a result, the company will get a more resilient and confident team.

charmi1 on January 6, 2020 at 11:30 pm

My father died 2 years back and left me with an old restaurant that my great grandfather started with my grandfather 60 years ago. The restaurant has stood the test of time and still has a very small but loyal customer base who had been eating there for generations, but it has remained pretty much the same since it was started, it gets an occasional paint and repair job once every decade and that’s about it. I was a software engineer working with a corporate company, earning around 30 Grand a month, but I wasn’t happy with the job, the job was pretty close to modern slavery, and the kind of work I did there wasn’t satisfying for the soul. I wanted to take over my father’s business, but I knew nothing about restaurants and to make matters worse the restaurant wasn’t making enough dough for me to take care of my family’s finances, as newer more efficient competitors had cropped up everywhere. I wanted to develop my business, all the banks I approached for a loan were sceptical to say the least as the property that I wanted to attest for the loan, was slowly crumbling into pieces. One fine day I was sitting at my restaurant and going through all the feasible options available, when I noticed a strange trend, more and more people were starting to get parcels there, instead of walking into a restaurant to eat which made me realize that food is my commodity not the restaurant, so I decided to market my food specially and use the whole restaurant space to start a full-fledged delivery based cloud kitchen. We ran a Kerala cuisine restaurant in Chennai, which was highly in demand, I next wanted to market my product and service in a low but highly effective cost that made me turn toward free classifieds in India on the internet – Used by millions of people all over India. There are so many portals where one could place free classified ads such as Quikr, Olx, to name a few in the World. Within a few months of me placing those free classifieds in India websites and using the social media to create awareness about my business, orders came rushing into my roof. I previously was just making 20 Grand running the restaurant business but then just in a few months it turned into 70 Grand, later a profitable amount of 100 Grand a month, I had to quit my job, which I wanted to do for a very long time, hire more chefs and delivery men. Our business got so much traction that people even started asking for our franchise. It was my humble opinion that we were not ready for a franchise yet, but we did manage to start another branch on the other end of the city which is also working great with the help of classifieds, and now I have incorporated YouTube marketing to the mix. We now have our own dedicated food channel that drives more consumers to try our products. I have also started learning to cook, I help out in the kitchen occasionally, for the first time there is nothing much to complain about in my life, free classifieds in India has converted me from miserable to satisfied.

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