• June 11, 2008

    Director: Blu-ray offers better pix than theater

    Since the advent of High-Definition TV, film buffs have debated whether it offers a better picture than what can be seen in your local movie theater.

    However, Jon M. Chu, director of the Disney hit Step Up 2 The Streets, believes the argument should now cease:

    The Blu-ray high-def disc wins by a mile, he says.

    While Blu-ray might be driving people away from theaters, I’m pretty sure “Step Up 2” is causing greater damage.

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  • May 27, 2008

    Sony to offer HDTV events in movie theaters

    More non-movie presentations coming to a theater near you.

    Sony Pictures says it will soon bring special High-Definition events such as Broadway shows and sporting events to movie theaters.

    That’s according to an article by Reuters.

    The high-def presentations, which will begin in August with Cirque du Soleil’s music and dance spectacular, Delirium, will be shown in theaters specially equipped with digital equipment.

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  • May 23, 2008

    New happenings on Cinema Sightlines

    With so much discussion on this site regarding the moviegoing experience, you might get the craving to sink your teeth into a bit more on this subject. If you haven’t done so already, you should check out Cinema Sightlines. It’s a really well put together site that focuses in on some key areas such as theater issues, home theaters, private theaters and the industry at large.

    Of special note are some in-depth looks into L.A. area gems like the Majestic Crest and the El Capitan. There’s more in the pipeline along those lines with much more so be on the lookout! It’s a site built to appeal to serious moviegoers and those with a curiosity about witnessing presentation on a higher level.

  • May 22, 2008

    Another successful “Somewhere in Time” weekend

    MACKINAC ISLAND, MI — I heard about this event years ago and found it fascinating that there was enough interest to pull it off year after year. It’s built around the 1980 film, “Somewhere in Time” about a man that wills himself to go back in time to find the woman he loves. Basically, it’s a rather plush weekend where people come and stay in this historic hotel for a weekend fan retreat, period-dressed.

    For the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in Michigan, the “Somewhere in Time” weekend is as close to literal time travel as you likely will find anywhere.

    Hundreds of romantics, film buffs and a few who feel out of place in the “modern” world come together each fall to pay homage to the film, a cult movie hit filmed on Mackinac Island in 1979 but set mainly in 1912. And they do so by mingling in (optional) period dress over five-course dinners, champagne receptions and lectures on everything from the movie’s cinematography to Victorian underpinnings.

  • May 21, 2008

    Landmark Theatres introduces Living Room Auditorium to Dallas' classic Inwood Theatre

    DALLAS, TX — Landmark Theatres today announced the grand opening of its newest Living Room Auditorium at Dallas' Classic Inwood Theatre. This unique auditorium — the first and only one of its kind in Texas — will give audiences an unparalleled movie-going experience just in time for summer’s most anticipated film, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” which opens at the Inwood on May 22 at 12:01am with a special midnight show.

    Working in partnership with the LoveSac Furniture Company, Landmark completely re-invented the first-floor auditorium of the Inwood with a variety of unique seating options including couches, loveseats, chairs and ottomans, as well as the original LoveSac. A private bar also was added, allowing patrons to purchase cocktails and soft drinks without ever leaving the auditorium.

    Landmark Theatres first introduced the Living Room auditoriums in their Los Angeles flagship theatre, The Landmark, where they won widespread acclaim from audiences.

    “It’s a completely unique concept and a movie-lovers' dream come true,” CEO Ted Mundorff said. “Guests will feel like they are in their own screening room. It’s all part of our ongoing commitment to provide patrons with the perfect afternoon or evening out, not just at the movies, but as an overall entertainment experience.”

  • May 12, 2008

    A car dealership with a movie theater?

    CHESAPEAKE, VA — Just when I thought I’d seen everything, a new car dealership tries to lure customers with many unique amenities including a movie theater.

    Soon, car buyers will be able to watch a movie, get a haircut and a manicure and do it all from the comfort of a local car dealership.

    On Monday in Chesapeake, Priority Automotive will open at 1800 Greenbrier Parkway, and it will feature a restaurant with full-service kitchen, a movie theater, plasma screen televisions, a hair salon, a shoe shine station, a Wi-Fi work area and a manicure station. A dedicated executive chef will provide snacks and gourmet meals, and a kids play area includes a 250-gallon saltwater aquarium.

    The full story, in the Daily Press.

  • May 8, 2008

    Legendary Hollywood Preservationist and Community Leader Robert Wood Nudelman passes away

    Robert Wood Nudelman, 52, a legendary figure in the fight to preserve Hollywood’s heritage, passed away at his father’s home in Tucson early this week. Ever present at meetings and hearings in the Hollywood community for 30 years, Nudelman is often credited as a driving force behind the restoration of landmark theaters and other buildings in Hollywood, spearheading a renaissance of the once-blighted area.

    The loss of such a pivotal community leader has been met with unspeakable shock and sadness. He was the longtime Director of Preservation Issues for Hollywood Heritage, and was a past President and Board Member of the organization and Curator of its Hollywood Heritage Museum. He was a Vice President of the Society for Cinephiles/Cinecon Classic Film Festival and president of the Project Area Committee for the Hollywood Redevelopment Area. At the time of his death, he was working with Debbie and Todd Reynolds on the Hollywood Motion Picture Museum in Tennessee.

    Nudelman was the son of Ruth Donovan Wood and Dr. Sol Nudelman, a leader in medical imaging. He grew up in Illinois and Rhode Island before a stint in Germany and then Tucson. He studied Theater Arts at the University of Arizona. His brother Mark and mother preceded him in death.

  • May 6, 2008

    Alamo Drafthouse expands to the east

    Alamo Drafthouse is planning to open its first east-coast theater, in Winchester, VA.

    “Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is a unique movie theater experience,” says Lisa Limoges, a partner in NL Entertainment. “We give a whole new meaning to the term ‘dinner and a movie’ by combining both experiences under one roof.”

    Eventually, Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas hopes to open 10 locations in the state of Virginia and is actively seeking franchisees.

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  • April 30, 2008

    Merger to bring more Asian Cinema to U.S.

    ImaginAsian and Adlabs are partnering for an expansion of their interests in the U.S.

    Reliance ADAG’s Adlabs Films Ltd, through its US subsidiary Adlabs Films USA, has signed a partnership deal with ImaginAsian Entertainment, Inc, a player in promoting Asian Pacific American culture to mainstream America.

    Adlabs will operate a 240-screen movie theatre chain in the US from the second quarter of 2008. As part of its US strategy, Adlabs will show Hollywood films as well as cinema from South Asia and East Asia. ImaginAsian, with its marketing and distributing of Asian Pacific content, will supplement, support and provide content related to South Asia and East Asia.


  • April 25, 2008

    Fandango and Microsoft introduce voice-activated movie times

    Fandango and Microsoft are launching a program for some cell phones that will allow users to get movie times and theater locations through voice-activated technology.

    Today Fandango, the nation’s leading moviegoer destination, and Tellme, a Microsoft subsidiary, announced the addition of voice-activated movie information for mobile phones. Consumers will be able to simply hold down the ‘talk’ button, say a movie title or local theater name, and see showtimes, purchase tickets and get driving directions to the theater, all from the phone’s screen.

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