• January 29, 2003

    Big Screen Classics Come to New York!

    The Big Screen Classics series, which took place last year at the Galaxy Theatre in New Jersey, will unspool at the historic Lafayette Theatre in Suffern, New York with 35mm prints of such classic films as Sunset Boulevard, The Quiet Man, and many more, as well as contemporary classics like Glory and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    According to the website: “Just over the border from northern New Jersey, the Lafayette is a fully-functional vintage 1920’s movie palace,” which is now operated by the Galaxy Theatre Corporation. “The Lafayette features a huge capacity of 1250 seats, state-of-the-art projection and sound equipment and the Ben Hall Memorial Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ.”

    “With plenty of free parking and an easy-to-access location, the Lafayette will be the premiere venue for classic cinema in the tri-state area. For more information about the Lafayette, visit the official website.”

    For more information, read the Journal News article

    Thanks to Pete Apruzzese for the news!

  • Fox Theatre In Detroit Voted #1 In The Country

    DETROIT, MI — The historic 5,000-seat Fox Theatre has been voted #1 by Pollstar, the leading concert trade publication. According to an Olympia Entertainment press release, the company which operates the theater:

    This is the first No. 1 nod given to the Fox by Pollstar who ranked Detroit’s fabulous Fox Theatre No. 1 in 2002 ticket sales among the Top 50 Theatre Venues with 642,162 tickets sold.

    The Fox claimed the top spot by beating out a list of the who

  • January 27, 2003

    Chicago Theater News

    Theater Restoration Aims to Revitalize Downtown Waukegan

    Read the Daily Herald article

    Blagojevich Freezes Funds for Projects (Including the DuPage Theater)

    Read the Daily Herald story

    Thanks to Bryan Krefft for both of these alerts.

  • Aero Back On Its Feet

    SANTA MONICA, CA — In a newsletter sent by Aero Theatre owner Chris Allen, he writes that “The Aero is doing okay financially. We are caught up with rent YEAH! We are now counting on our patrons to keep coming to the Aero to see movies.”

    If you’d like to visit the classic Aero Theatre, they are located on Montana Avenue at the corner of 13th Street.

    Visit the Aero Theatre website

  • Warner Grand Announces New Schedule

    SAN PEDRO, CA — The historic Warner Grand Theatre has announced its new schedule which includes a performance by famous theater organist, Bob Mitchell:

    Thurs Feb 6 (2 p.m.) VARIETY ARTS

    Michael Paul Smith presents a musical tribute to the 20th century icon: Paul Robeson.

    Fri Feb 14 (8 p.m.) It Happened One Night (1934) ($7 each or 2 tix for $10)

    Sat Feb 15 (8 p.m.) Flamenco dancers Sarita Bashir and Juan Talavera – $10/$20

    Feb 17-20 – African American History Celebration

    Historical films made by and featuring African American artists [music, drumming and dance performances tbd]. Some events are free, ticket prices up to $25. See website closer to the dates for further information.


    Thurs March 6 – “Bob Mitchell accompanies THE SHEIK” silent film with organ accompaniment (film to be confirmed)

    Foreign film series 2003:

    March 15, April 19, May 10, June 14 – films tbd

  • January 24, 2003

    Raymond Theatre Needs Your Help!!!

    We received the following letter this week regarding the Friends of the Raymond Theatre’s effort to save the 1927 movie house:


    Donations are desperately needed for us to continue our work to preserve the Raymond Theatre. With the help of our supporters, Friends of the Raymond Theatre has accomplished a great deal, but our financial needs for this project still remain a large concern.

    We are now down to the 11th hour, and we still we need to raise $3,200 IMMEDIATELY to make our final payment on our legal bill. We also need to be aware, should we lose in court (though we have all intention of prevailing), that we need to be prepared for an appeal to the Court of Appeals.

    To appeal, we must first pay off our $3,200 which is due NOW and also be prepared with a significant downpayment on February 11th. We need to make sure we can meet these financial challenges in the next few weeks.

    A tall order, yes, but doable if we ALL pull together and help by sending a donation. We need to raise about $1,000 a week, in the next 3 weeks or sooner. Currently donations are coming in at about $20 to $150 a week.

    Please, please wont you consider donating whatever you can by donating $5, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 or more.

    We are a project of Spirit of the Sage, under Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), a California 501 ©(3) tax exempt organization, tax identification # 95-4116679.

    All donations are tax deductible, or can be given as a loan, which would be repaid in full or part if we are awarded our money back from the courts. Please state what you prefer for our records.

    To make a donation, please make your check payable to:

    Friends of the Raymond Theatre
    P.O. Box 91189
    Pasadena, CA 91109 – 1189

    You can also make a donation online from our website on the “donate” page or by going to: Pay Pal accepts all major credit cards. Our e-mail address for PayPal is: .

    If you wish to make an anonymous donation, please let us know. Once again, we are at a critical turning point and on a short timeline to
    raise money. We hope everyone will lend a hand and donate whatever you can.

    I will let everyone know how much we raised by this weekend and/or Monday of next week. Thank you for your continued help in preserving the Raymond Theatre.

    Gina Zamparelli
    Friends of the Raymond Theatre

    Office: (818) 541-9522
    Fax: (818) 541-9523

    PS: If you could pass this e-mail on to your friends, family or co-workers, or take up a donation pool for us, we would be very grateful for any assistance our supporters can give.

  • January 22, 2003

    Saving The Indian Hills Documentary To Bow In April

    OMAHA, NE — The “Saving The Indian Hills” documentary will be unveiled on Friday, April 4th, 2003 at 7:30pm at the Rose Blumkin Performing Arts Center (known in Omaha simply as “The Rose”). According to the film’s website, general admission tickets are $7.00 each, and they will be available one hour before showtime. For more information, call (402)334-2288 or e-mail us at .

    Visit the documentary’s website

  • January 9, 2003

    Sameric/Boyd Theater Preservation Effort Continues

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — Dick Pollman has written an extensive article on the fight, and the need, to save Philadelphia’s last remaining movie palace — the Sameric Theater in Center City.

    The article features quotes from Steve Needleman, who recently restored and reopened the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles; Cinema Treasures' friend Howard Haas, who has led the fight to save the former movie palace; and Theatre Historical Society executive director, Richard Sklenar.

    Read the Philadelphia Inquirer article
    Visit the Save The Sameric website
    Read “Ten Things Philadelphia Can Do To Improve”

    Haas adds:

    We are also pleased to inform you that yesterday we elected additional members to our Board of Directors:

    (1) Adrian Fine, who works in Phila. for the National Trust for Historic Preservation
    (2) state Representative Babette Josephs, who represents the area and who has been vocal on our behalf
    (3) Michael Norris, External Affairs Director of the Arden Theater, who generously contributes his time as our Fundraiser
    (4) Andrew Repasky McElhinney, Film Director. Andrew is planning our Benefit Screening on March 21 at the International House in Philadelphia of the silent film set in Philadelphia! “The Show-Off” which will have live music and a reception. Tickets will be reasonably priced. We will let you know further details soon, but MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

    Thanks to Howard Haas for the update!

  • January 7, 2003

    New Theaters!

    While we were on vacation, over 60 new theaters were added thanks to Bryan Krefft, Philip Goldberg, Donald John Long, Jim Rankin, Tim Eiler, Garrett Murphy, Emily Giesy, G.E. Nordell, Dennis Whitefield, Keith Smith, Eric Enders, “Fox Theatres”, Ivan Kent Steinke, Wes Reeves, Jose Mendez, Jake Vanek, Aaron Bennet, Lisandrea Wentland, Paul Lappin, Ron Pierce, Darren Jones, Steve Smith, and Mike Croaro.


    Browse new theaters

  • January 6, 2003

    A Look Back / A Look Ahead

    Our vacation is officially over and we’re back at work!

    We hope you a terrific holiday, saw some of the better movies that were released at the end of 2002, and maybe pitched in to help a theater in need. In these difficult economic times, theaters, performing arts groups, and preservation organizations need all the assistance they can get.

    Luckily for those theaters still showing movies, motion pictures have usually bucked economic downturns during their history, as evident by last year’s box office performance. According to Yahoo!/The Hollywood Reporter, the total box office for last year should reach $9.4 billion, up a reported 13% from 2001, with ticket sales reaching their highest count in 45 years.

    While this news is terrific for resurgent theater chains such as Loews Cineplex, Regal Entertainment Group, Pacific Theatres, AMC, and more, the independent exhibitor is still struggling. The reasons are too many to list, but access to product, high overhead, and the inability to book multiple films in single screen theaters are amongst the largest culprits.

    Still there were bright spots in 2002: “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” proved to be a lifesaver for theaters such as the Catlow; and more and more older, second run theaters switched to art house product for far better profits and reliability.

    But there were so many theater closures at the hands of financially strapped exhibitors, frustrated landlords, and expanding drugstore and retail chains, we would need UPS to deliver the hefty list.

    As we look ahead to 2003, we’ll begin focusing more of our attention not only on the stories and events that impact you, the exhibitor, the patron, the preservationist, or the theater lover, but show you how others have stayed alive and what we can all learn from their experiences.

    The news will be changing as well. Lately there have been so many news stories regarding historic theaters that it’s been impossible for us to relay them to you quickly and effectively. Therefore, we will be posting more of them in link format so that you can read the original stories sooner and in more depth.

    Elsewhere, our incredibly dedicated volunteer staff like Bryan Krefft, Grant Smith, William Gabel, Roger Katz, Ian Grundy, and others will continue to help us preserve the memory and futures of these beloved theaters around the world.

    We’re extremely excited to get Cinema Treasures 2003 underway and we’ll be back tomorrow with more theaters, more news, and more of what you’ve come to rely on at Cinema Treasures.

    Thanks and let’s start saving some theaters!