Movie Theaters Operating as a Classic Movies

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↑ Name Location Status Screens
Cinema Lumiere Cinema Lumiere Bologna, Italy Open 2
Cinema Lux Cinema Lux Caen, France Open 2
Cinema Mac-Mahon Cinema Mac-Mahon Paris, France Open 1
Cinema Malda Cinema Malda Barcelona, Spain Open 1
Cinema Massimo Cinema Massimo Turin, Italy Open 3
Cinema Museum Cinema Museum London, United Kingdom Open 2
Cinema Odyssee Cinema Odyssee Strasbourg, France Open 2
Cinema Sala Trevi - Alberto Sordi Cinema Sala Trevi - Alberto Sordi Rome, Italy Open 1
Cinema Village Cinema Village New York, NY, United States Open 3
Cinema Vox Cinema Vox Chamonix, France Open 3
Cinema des Cineastes Cinema des Cineastes Paris, France Open 3
Cinema le Grand Action Cinema le Grand Action Paris, France Open 2
Cinemark Asheville 14 Cinemark Asheville 14 Asheville, NC, United States Open 14
Cinematek Cinematek Brussels, Belgium Open 2
Cinematekek Filmens Hus Cinematekek Filmens Hus Oslo, Norway Open 2
Cinematheque Cinematheque Luxembourg City, Luxembourg Open 1
Cinematheque Cinematheque Vancouver, Canada Open 1
Cinematheque Francaise Cinematheque Francaise Paris, France Open 3
Cinematheque Quebecoise Cinematheque Quebecoise Montreal, Canada Open 2
Cinematheque Suisse Cinematheque Suisse Lausanne, Switzerland Open 1
Cinematheque de Marseille Cinematheque de Marseille Marseille, France Open 1
Cinematheque de Tanger Cinematheque de Tanger Tangier, Morocco Open 2
Cinematique Theater Cinematique Theater Daytona Beach, FL, United States Open 1
Cinerama Dome and ArcLight Hollywood Cinerama Dome and ArcLight Holly... Los Angeles, CA, United States Open 15
Cinestudio Cinestudio Hartford, CT, United States Open 1
Cineteca Nacional Cineteca Nacional Distrito Federal, Mexico Open 10
Cineteca di Bologna Cineteca di Bologna Bologna, Italy Open 1
City Lights Cinemas City Lights Cinemas Florence, OR, United States Open 4
Cody Theatre Cody Theatre Cody, WY, United States Open 1
Colonial Theatre Colonial Theatre Phoenixville, PA, United States Open 3