Single Screen Movie Theaters

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↑ Name Location Status Screens
Astor Theatre Astor Theatre Liverpool, Canada Open 1
Astor Theatre Astor Theatre Melbourne, Australia Open 1
Astra Theatre Astra Theatre Victoria, Malta Open 1
Asty Cinema Asty Cinema Athens, Greece Open 1
Athena Leicester Athena Leicester Leicester, United Kingdom Open 1
Athenaeum Centre Athenaeum Centre Warminster, United Kingdom Open 1
Athenaeum Cinema Athenaeum Cinema Enniscorthy, Ireland Open 1
Athenaeum Theatre Athenaeum Theatre Melbourne, Australia Open 1
Athens Theatre Athens Theatre New Bern, NC, United States Open 1
Athens Theatre Athens Theatre DeLand, FL, United States Open 1
Atlantic Cinema Atlantic Cinema Swakopmund, Namibia Open 1
Atlantic Cinema Atlantic Cinema Saint-Martin-de-Re, France Open 1
Atlantis Theatre Atlantis Theatre Nassau, Bahamas Open 1
Atlas Cinema Atlas Cinema Baghdad, Iraq Open 1
Atlas Performing Arts Center Atlas Performing Arts Center Washington, DC, United States Open 1
Atlas Theatre Atlas Theatre Cheyenne, WY, United States Open 1
Atrium Film-Szinhaz Atrium Film-Szinhaz Budapest, Hungary Open 1
Attucks Theatre Attucks Theatre Norfolk, VA, United States Open 1
Auburn Avenue Theater Auburn Avenue Theater Auburn, WA, United States Open 1
Auburn-Garrett Drive-In Auburn-Garrett Drive-In Garrett, IN, United States Open 1
Audi Theatre Audi Theatre Cando, ND, United States Open 1
Audience Audience Copenhagen, Denmark Open 1
Auditorio David Viñas Auditorio David Viñas Buenos Aires, Argentina Open 1
Auditorio Salvador Brau Auditorio Salvador Brau San Juan, Puerto Rico Open 1
Auditorium Palazzo dei Congressi Auditorium Palazzo dei Congressi Capri, Italy Open 1
Auditorium Theatre Auditorium Theatre St. Croix Falls, WI, United States Open 1
Auditorium of the North District Town Hall Auditorium of the North District... Hong Kong, China Open 1
Audley Theatre Audley Theatre Audley, United Kingdom Open 1
August Cinema August Cinema Hanoi, Vietnam Open 1
August Hall August Hall San Francisco, CA, United States Open 1