Movie Theaters With Between 1 and 999 Seats

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↑ Name Location Status Screens
112 Katong 112 Katong Katong, Singapore Open 8
1812 Theatre 1812 Theatre Melbourne, Australia Open 1
1891 Fredonia Opera House 1891 Fredonia Opera House Fredonia, NY, United States Open 1
20th Century Theatre 20th Century Theatre Juneau, AK, United States Open 2
20th Century Theatre 20th Century Theatre Cincinnati, OH, United States Open 1
24:1 Cinema 24:1 Cinema Pagedale, MO, United States Open 4
3001 Kino 3001 Kino Hamburg, Germany Open 1
35mm Cinema 35mm Cinema Moscow, Russian Federation Open 1
3M Palace Theater 3M Palace Theater Colorado City, TX, United States Open 1
4 Star Cinema 4 Star Cinema Kilgore, TX, United States Open 4
4-Star Theatre 4-Star Theatre San Francisco, CA, United States Open 2
40th Street Theatre 40th Street Theatre Omaha, NE, United States Open 1
4th Street Theatre 4th Street Theatre Moberly, MO, United States Open 1
5 Caumartin 5 Caumartin Paris, France Open 5
5 Zvezd Cinema 5 Zvezd Cinema Moscow, Russian Federation Open 5
5D Cinema 5D Cinema Tashkent, Uzbekistan Open 1
5th Avenue Cinema 5th Avenue Cinema Portland, OR, United States Open 2
5th Avenue Cinemas 5th Avenue Cinemas Vancouver, Canada Open 5
5th Avenue Theatre 5th Avenue Theatre La Crosse, WI, United States Open 1
7 Parnassiens 7 Parnassiens Paris, France Open 7
7 Stages Theatre 7 Stages Theatre Atlanta, GA, United States Open 1
777 Theatre 777 Theatre New York, NY, United States Open 2
89er Theatre 89er Theatre Kingfisher, OK, United States Open 3
ABC Cinema ABC Cinema Minehead, United Kingdom Open 2
ABC Kino ABC Kino Munich, Germany Open 1
ACT Theatre ACT Theatre Anderson, SC, United States Open 1
ACTS Theatre ACTS Theatre Lake Charles, LA, United States Open 1
AFI Silver Theatre AFI Silver Theatre Silver Spring, MD, United States Open 3
AFS Cinema AFS Cinema Austin, TX, United States Open 1
ALA Kino Falkensee ALA Kino Falkensee Falkensee, Germany Open 1