Movie Theaters With Between 3000 and 3999 Seats

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↑ Name Location Status Screens
Cineworld Cinema - Edinburgh Cineworld Cinema - Edinburgh Edinburgh, United Kingdom Open 13
Cineworld Cinema - Glasgow Cineworld Cinema - Glasgow Glasgow, United Kingdom Open 18
Cineworld Cinema - Milton Keynes Cineworld Cinema - Milton Keynes Milton Keynes, United Kingdom Open 16
Cineworld Cinema - Stevenage Cineworld Cinema - Stevenage Stevenage, United Kingdom Open 16
Cineworld Cinema - Wandsworth Cineworld Cinema - Wandsworth London, United Kingdom Open 14
Cinéma St-Eustache Cinéma St-Eustache Saint-Eustache, Canada Open 16
Citadel Mall IMAX 16 Citadel Mall IMAX 16 Charleston, SC, United States Open 16
City Center 15: Cinema de Lux City Center 15: Cinema de Lux White Plains, NY, United States Open 15
City Centre Stadium 16 City Centre Stadium 16 Stockton, CA, United States Open 16
Cobb Lakeside Village 18 Cobb Lakeside Village 18 Lakeland, FL, United States Open 18
Coliseu do Porto Coliseu do Porto Porto, Portugal Open 2
Deerfield Towne Center Stadium 16 Deerfield Towne Center Stadium 16 Mason, OH, United States Open 16
Dolby Theatre Dolby Theatre Los Angeles, CA, United States Open 1
Eastman Theatre Eastman Theatre Rochester, NY, United States Open 1
Edwards Camarillo Palace Stadium 12 & IMAX Edwards Camarillo Palace Stadium... Camarillo, CA, United States Open 12
Emagine Canton Emagine Canton Canton, MI, United States Open 18
Epic Theatres of St. Augustine Epic Theatres of St. Augustine St. Augustine, FL, United States Open 16
Eventim Apollo Hammersmith Eventim Apollo Hammersmith London, United Kingdom Open 1
Forum 1 & 2 Theatres Forum 1 & 2 Theatres Melbourne, Australia Open 2
Fox Oakland Theater Fox Oakland Theater Oakland, CA, United States Open 1
Funny Girls Funny Girls Blackpool, United Kingdom Open 3
Gaumont Carré Sénart Gaumont Carré Sénart Lieusaint, France Open 16
Gaumont Disney Village Gaumont Disney Village Chessy, France Open 15
Gaumont Grand Quevilly + IMAX Gaumont Grand Quevilly + IMAX Grand Quevilly, France Open 16
Gaumont Labège + IMAX Gaumont Labège + IMAX Labège Innopole, France Open 16
Gaumont Montpellier Multiplexe Gaumont Montpellier Multiplexe Montpellier, France Open 16
Gaumont Valenciennes - 4DX Gaumont Valenciennes - 4DX Valenciennes, France Open 15
Gaumont Wilson Gaumont Wilson Toulouse, France Open 15
Grand Cinema Digiplex Grand Cinema Digiplex Bucharest, Romania Open 15
Grandview Cinema Grandview Cinema Madison, MS, United States Open 17