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↑ Name Location Status Added
Saco Drive-In Saco Drive-In Saco, ME, United States Open Apr 12, 2006
Sacramento 6 Drive-In Sacramento 6 Drive-In Sacramento, CA, United States Open Dec 11, 2003
Saenger Biloxi Theatre Saenger Biloxi Theatre Biloxi, MS, United States Open Jul 25, 2001
Saenger Theatre Saenger Theatre Hattiesburg, MS, United States Open Oct 3, 2004
Saenger Theatre Saenger Theatre Pensacola, FL, United States Open Jun 23, 2001
Saenger Theatre Saenger Theatre Mobile, AL, United States Open Jun 23, 2001
Saenger Theatre Saenger Theatre New Orleans, LA, United States Open Jul 5, 2002
Safak Movieplex Safak Movieplex Istanbul, Turkey Open Mar 1, 2013
Safari Cinema Safari Cinema Harrow, United Kingdom Open Sep 5, 2007
Saffron Screen Saffron Screen Saffron Walden, United Kingdom Open Sep 8, 2008
Saga Cinema Saga Cinema Hoganas, Sweden Open Sep 5, 2009
Saga Cinema Saga Cinema Stockholm, Sweden Open Nov 11, 2008
Saga Kino Saga Kino Oslo, Norway Open Jun 16, 2014
Saguaro Theatre Saguaro Theatre Wickenburg, AZ, United States Open Oct 14, 2004
Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre Theatre Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre Theatre Hong Kong, China Open Nov 29, 2009
SaiGon Performing Arts Center SaiGon Performing Arts Center Fountain Valley, CA, United States Open Jan 1, 2009
Saint Clair 10 Cine Saint Clair 10 Cine Fairview Heights, IL, United States Open Aug 19, 2008
Saint Leon Saint Leon Paris, France Open Jun 14, 2004
Saint-Germain-des-Pres Saint-Germain-des-Pres Paris, France Open Feb 19, 2012
Sakura Theater Sakura Theater Iwakuni, Japan Open Jun 22, 2011
Sala Berlanga Sala Berlanga Madrid, Spain Open Oct 7, 2017
Sala Garbo Sala Garbo San Jose, Costa Rica Open Dec 10, 2009
Sala Luis Buñuel THX Sala Luis Buñuel THX Mexico City, Mexico Open Jan 15, 2012
Sala Luz de Gaz Sala Luz de Gaz Barcelona, Spain Open May 25, 2018
Sala Zitarrosa Sala Zitarrosa Montevideo, Uruguay Open Dec 5, 2008
Salem Cinema Salem Cinema Salem, OR, United States Open Sep 16, 2014
Salem Community Theatre Salem Community Theatre Salem, OH, United States Open Mar 29, 2009
Salem Community Theatre and Cultural Center Salem Community Theatre and Cult... Salem, IL, United States Open Feb 3, 2004
Salem Twin Cinema Salem Twin Cinema Salem, OH, United States Open Mar 16, 2015
Salle J. Antonio-Thompson Salle J. Antonio-Thompson Trois-Rivières, Canada Open Aug 28, 2013