Updated Movie Theaters

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↑ Name Location Status Updated
Desert IMAX Theatre Desert IMAX Theatre Cathedral City, CA, United States Closed Oct 28, 2017
Dixie Center for the Arts Dixie Center for the Arts Ruston, LA, United States Open Dec 27, 2012
Drake Theatre Drake Theatre Wilson, NC, United States Closed Apr 18, 2018
Draper Historic Theatre Draper Historic Theatre Draper, UT, United States Open May 9, 2016
Dreamland Cinema Dreamland Cinema Margate, United Kingdom Closed Jun 10, 2018
Duncan Theater Duncan Theater Killbuck, OH, United States Closed Nov 23, 2016
Dust Bowl Theater Dust Bowl Theater Eloy, AZ, United States Closed Sep 20, 2017
Eagles Theatre Eagles Theatre Wabash, IN, United States Closed Aug 3, 2018
Ealing Filmworks Ealing Filmworks London, United Kingdom Closed Jun 17, 2017
Ector Theatre Ector Theatre Odessa, TX, United States Closed Jun 22, 2017
Electric Cinema Television Centre Electric Cinema Television Centre London, United Kingdom Closed Jun 21, 2018
Elitch Theatre Elitch Theatre Denver, CO, United States Open Dec 6, 2015
Elite Cinema Elite Cinema Brussels, Belgium Closed Jun 6, 2018
Elmo Theater Elmo Theater St. Elmo, IL, United States Closed Sep 15, 2018
Ely Theatre Ely Theatre Ely, NV, United States Closed Oct 26, 2018
Embassy Theatre Embassy Theatre Lewistown, PA, United States Closed Dec 5, 2018
Empire Theatre Empire Theatre Bridgetown, Barbados Closed Jan 10, 2013
Enosburg Opera House Enosburg Opera House Enosburg Falls, VT, United States Open Sep 2, 2015
Espace Senghor Espace Senghor Brussels, Belgium Open May 1, 2015
Essoldo Bethnal Green Essoldo Bethnal Green London, United Kingdom Closed May 4, 2018
Eureka Theater Eureka Theater Eureka, CA, United States Open May 23, 2014
Euro Cinema Euro Cinema Den Haag, Netherlands Closed Sep 11, 2017
Fairborn Twin Cinemas Fairborn Twin Cinemas Fairborn, OH, United States Closed Oct 16, 2017
Fairmount Theatre Fairmount Theatre Boston, MA, United States Closed Aug 12, 2014
Fall River Theatre Fall River Theatre Fall River Mills, CA, United States Open Feb 21, 2013
Fine Arts Theater Fine Arts Theater Bridgeport, TX, United States Closed Jan 6, 2016
Fine Arts Theater Fine Arts Theater Shawnee, KS, United States Closed Sep 22, 2017
Fischer Theater Fischer Theater Danville, IL, United States Closed Oct 19, 2011
Fitchburg Theater Fitchburg Theater Fitchburg, MA, United States Closed Apr 7, 2018
Fleischmanns Theater Fleischmanns Theater Fleischmanns, NY, United States Closed May 29, 2018