“Speedy” To Be Screened At Historic Byrd Theatre

posted by elizabethbickford on October 5, 2004 at 5:10 am

RICHMOND, VA — On Sunday, October 10, the Dominion Film Sundays at the Byrd Theatre invites us to take a look at the past, while keeping an eye on the future of film, with the presentation of ‘Speedy.’

The film will start at 1:30 p.m. Tickets are $5.00 per person and may be purchased at the Byrd Theatre, located at 2908 West Cary Street. For information, please call 1-888-523-1043.

Produced in 1928, ‘Speedy’ a classic action-filled comedy defines the essence of speed! It focuses of the rapid-fire progression of events in the life of ‘Speedy’ an upstart everyman. Set in New York, when, ‘Speedy’ a soda-jerk, loses his job his life begins anew. His new life includes a stint as a cabbie, and he gives Babe Ruth a ride to Yankee Stadium and many other exciting adventures. This beautiful piece of film history stars the incredible Harold Lloyd and was directed by Ted Wilde. Mr. Art Wheeler will provide musical accompaniment.

‘Speedy’ is a perfect companion to the Byrd Theatre — it was produced in the era in which the Byrd was built. Lasting one and a half hour, ‘Speedy’ has been dubbed ‘a great 90 minute treat!’

‘Speedy’ sets the tone for the upcoming Virginia Film Festival in Charlottesville. According to Festival planners ‘Speedy’ is the theme of this year’s program. Movies that are featured provide an adrenaline rush for film enthusiasts. The Virginia Film Festival is scheduled for October 28 – 31. For more information, please go to their website.

VPA * P.O. Box 7419 * Richmond, VA 23221-0419 * 888-523-1043 * www.filmva.com

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