Tampa’s Strand Theater Redevelopment Update

posted by toddfrary on June 27, 2005 at 4:59 am

TAMPA, FL — Tampa’s Strand Theater seems a step closer to demolition although the city’s historic preservation manager is working to save at least the facade, according to an article in the St. Petersburg Times. The block the Strand is on was purchased in January 2005 by a managed health care executive Pradip C. Patel, who plans to put a condo tower with up to 500 units.

Annie Hart, the city’s historic preservation manager, is hoping that Mr. Patel will incorporate the facade of the Strand, built in 1915, into the design and perhaps preserve part of the theater. The remaining block, part of the massive Maas Brothers department store that closed in 1991 is likely too far gone to be saved. Ms. Hart can be reached at 813.274.7984.

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Mariam on April 28, 2018 at 2:42 am

In the world of sports simulators long and unchallenged EA Sports . The most popular series this company publishes already the third ten years, every year, without breaks and delays, and competitors till now can not completely crush this colossus. Yes, the individual line-ups are giving way, giving way to the most outstanding rivals, as happened, for example, with NBA Live , which surrendered in front of NBA 2K , but the three whales on which EA Sports stands seem to be the first in the world’s top sports. We are talking, of course, about Madden NFL , NHL and FIFA .

About the latter, many can argue – they say, there is also Pro Evolution Soccer , he is much better than football from EA ! But this, as usual, is a matter of faith rather than a calm and judicious comparison of the two most famous futsims. About the fact that EA Sports does not see even in the face of PES (not to mention others) a special competitor, very eloquently said the fact that the “electronics” recently did not really care about innovations in the release of the next part of the series. The joke about “we just changed the lineups and left the same game” was less like a joke, and in the end many people began to look towards the age-old competitor: suddenly there really is something like real football, even without the licenses for the teams and stadiums?

In FIFA 16 of the significant innovations could be remembered, perhaps, the emergence of women’s football teams. And about those, perhaps, almost immediately forgotten, rolling back a couple of matches out of simple curiosity. The rest of the changes were cosmetic and were noticeable only to those who have not missed a single game of the series for a long time. Balloon with spray for judges, slightly tight graphics, mode “Draft” for Ultimate Team, a little bit of other management and behavior of players on the field … Perhaps all.

But FIFA 17may well claim to be called a separate game. Instead of the engine Ignite is used by our old acquaintance, previously engaged mainly in shooters and races, – Frostbite Engine. The picture became noticeably juicier, the faces of the players are now even more similar to the real ones, has undergone changes and simulation of physics. But the animation in many ways remained the same.

Footballers are now not so fast and “slippery” – to seep through the defenders is not easy, because they can push the striker from the ball, without violating the rules. But if you already rounded the opponent, then there is a real chance to get rid of guardianship and escape to the gap. Nevertheless, the “runners” who can easily rush from the center of the field to the opponent’s goal through the defense, no – there is a noticeable influence of inertia in the run, because of what instantly change direction without losing speed is not always obtained. All this affects the confrontation of defense and attack, making virtual football a little closer to the real. Bouncing balls are much more common – apparently thanks to the same Frostbite.

More realistic goalkeepers behave on the outputs: if in the last part of the goalkeeper left the gate in a canopy, then he took or kicked the ball in nine cases out of ten. Now nothing can be guaranteed, including the inevitable goal, as it was in FIFA 14 after almost every filing from the flank. And in general, with the variability of what is happening on the field, everything has become much better.

Not without a lot of minor changes and changes – new celebrations of the heads were brought, a redesigned menu and interface design, more detailed models of coaches on the field … Now, in a new way, you can execute standard provisions – the field will show a “sight”, showing where exactly will have a canopy with a corner, and the penetration of 11-meter strokes was again completely redesigned.

Finally, the most notable change since 2012 – instead of Lionel Messi on the cover adorns Marco Reus (Marco Reus), chosen as the face of the friv4school friv2online.com game by the results of voting on the Web.

Seriously, the main novelty is, of course, not a German midfielder on the cover, but a new career mode, which is a full story story campaign (all other fun, including a standard career for a player or coach, FUT, “Pro clubs” and “Seasons”, have not disappeared anywhere). The idea is not new – from recent examples of this in a sports simulator, you can recall NBA 2K16 with its Livin ‘Da Dream for the authorship of Spike Lee (Spike Lee). In the recently released NBA 2K17MyCareer has become even more elaborate, which means that such a friv4school gameplay is quite in demand. The essence of what is happening is that we seem to have a classic career mode for an individual player, but added a full story with screensavers and dialogues. As a rule, such a story focuses on the life of the main character – his relations with friends and relatives, rivals and colleagues in sports.

In The Journey we are told about Alex Hunter – a young but promising football player of the English Premier League. Since childhood, a football fan, he decides to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, who was once an outstanding player, but hung up his boots on a nail because of an injury. Alex will have to overcome all the vicissitudes of the career of a beginning football star: ups and downs, betrayal of friends and rivalry with principled opponents …

Yes, this is the standard story of an athlete from the bottom going to world success. But it is thanks to her rapidly falling into monotony career mode is transformed beyond recognition – we are shown a person with their own fears and desires, and not a set of digital parameters hiding under the model of the player.

You can immediately notice that this mode is still far from its analogue from the same NBA 2K – the possibilities here are an order of magnitude smaller. In addition to appearances on the field, you can influence the course of events only by choosing the answer in the dialogues. There are always three options – an impulsive response, a calm and an average, which affects the change in the character of Alex. Eccentric fans love, and the calm will enjoy the confidence of the head coach. You can also train, read news and social networks, looking for references to yourself there, that’s all.

There is no big freedom to wait – the storyline is linear. Probably, it is unlikely anyone will want to go through the campaign for the second time, especially since the choice of appearance and parameters of the protagonist does not trust us. However, the emergence of such a regime pleases; it remains to be hoped that in the future it will become more interesting and richer opportunities. Changes are always good, when it comes to the latest releases of FIFA .

Before us is the same familiar to millions of football simulators, in which the developers finally were not afraid to add something really new. No, the friv4school game has not become a realistic sportimo – it’s still a dynamic arcade and cybersport discipline, where what’s happening on the screen is very different from real football. But the imitation of the latter from her no one waits. And let the changes are more quantitative than qualitative, the trend pleases. There was a hope that EA Sports will add something new every time. Perhaps, this is the only thing that is missing from the series now.

Pros: a new career mode; the transition to Frostbite definitely improved the friv4school game; getting rid of many old shortcomings of the series and preserving its merits. Minuses: bugs in multiplayer, leading to a disconnect from the match; Russian commentators are not enough new replicas.

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