Unstable facade on historic Ohio Theatre!

posted by EvanC on October 12, 2007 at 7:56 am

TOLEDO, OH — After architectural evaluation, the front sidewalk is now fenced off in front of the Ohio Theatre. A reinforcement bar was installed a year ago and the facade is now deemed unsafe.

The theatre was built in 1921 and serves as a performing arts center and home to the Toledo Area Theatre Organ Society. Federal and State help is sought for restoration of this landmark. A major effort is underway to save this theatre.

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vic1964 on October 14, 2007 at 4:45 pm

Is it just the facade that is unsafe or the building itself?

Mariam on April 24, 2018 at 6:21 am

Earlier this year, the light saw the collection of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue , in the review of which I wrote that the newcomers of the series do not need to touch it yet. It includes the final parts of the Kingdom Hearts , whose events will be incomprehensible to people who first see all these characters. But now the owners of PS4 can fully enjoy all the existing games of the series thanks to the release of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX .

This collection is aimed at those wishing to learn the entire history of Sora and understand why strange RPGs with a bunch of Disney heroes have won such popularity. It is not excluded that the third part (which will someday necessarily come out) will make it as accessible as possible for beginners – either they will consistently include black and white memories or record videos about past events – but in order to perfectly understand what is happening and understand all the references, it is desirable Do not disregard at least 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX .

An adventure begins on the Isles of Destiny, where Sora, Riku and Kairi are discussing plans to build a boat and go to distant worlds. For an hour they communicate, fool around and look for materials so that at night things go awry – the islands are attacked by some Heartless, and Sora’s friends disappear without a trace. The protagonist gets at his disposal the Key-Sword and gets to the far city of Traverse Town, where he meets Donald and Goofy. He, unlike many of us, did not watch Disney cartoons , so the incident is not particularly surprised, but the fate of his friends is constantly worried.

The new partners, it turns out, are also looking for someone, namely the owner of the key, which can protect the worlds from the penetration of the Heartless into them. In part, they already managed to get into the Disney locations, because of which King Mickey Mouse was forced to leave his throne and left behind only a note. So it turns out that the right person is found, and only to save the worlds and find Riku, Kairi and Mickey. For this, the characters will visit the most unexpected places – from the Wonderland, where the Queen is about to execute Alice, to the Atlantic with the indispensable participation of the Little Mermaid and Ursula.

Though the original Kingdom Heartsthis year and was fifteen years old, outwardly it was preserved very well. The main shortcomings, such as obsolete graphics and very long downloads, disappeared almost completely. And although modern game is still difficult to call, thanks to the visual style, it leaves only pleasant impressions. Compared with the version for the PS2, there are improvements in management – the camera moves with a stick, and not with bumpers on the gamepad, now a separate button is selected for interaction with objects. The same features were added to the reissues for the PS3, but you probably missed them for one reason or another.

But the gameplay of notable changes has not undergone. Here, it is still not always clear where to go, so get stuck in some world and run from one of its mini-locations to another one more than once. Sometimes after the shown roller it is necessary to communicate a couple of times with the character to move on the plot, but nobody even hints at it. So get ready to stick around from corner to corner, interact with all the objects and heroes and hope that this will somehow help. The situation becomes more complicated by the fact that jumping on platforms requires filigree accuracy, – one wrong move, and you have to waste extra seconds again and again.

But to pass the first Kingdom Heartsyou can not without pleasure. The plot is interesting, every new world is full of unusual heroes with their problems, although the combat system is ridiculously simple, but it’s not enough to get bored of the finals. Considering that this is the final re-release, the developers obviously could pay attention to some archaic gameplay elements. But even with them the game will present many bright and memorable episodes.

In the sequel, the flaws were corrected and special attention was paid to the combat system. Even the appearance of a button, allowing instantly to be behind the enemy’s back, made enough fights in the fights. Also, there are attacks performed by pressing a triangle on the gamepad at the right time – they can be used both during normal battles and during fights with “bosses”. Plus, Sora’s new ability called Drive Form allows him to absorb the skills of one or two companions and become much stronger.

If the original Kingdom Heartsseems to be outdated places, the second can not be described in any way by any parameters. There’s a much more docile camera, a handy mini-map, an understandable magazine with the following goal, an excellent and completely re-recorded orchestral soundtrack. Annoying only a long entry, where even play is not for Sora. But it’s worth it to survive, as one of the best games in the series becomes available, deprived of almost all the shortcomings of the first part. In addition, there are worlds not only from animated series, but also from feature films and Disney cartoons such as “The Lion King” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

No less positive emotions are given by Birth by Sleep – the third game in the collection, which is an HD-reissue from the PSP. Sora is not here, as this is a prequel of the whole series, but there are three playable characters at once – Aqua, Terra and Ventus. Each of them has a separate story, and everyone has different skills, so the gameplay episodes differ from each other – Aqua, for example, often uses magic attacks, unlike the more powerful Terra. In terms of the plot, all the parts of Birth by Sleep are equally interesting, which makes it and the second release of Kingdom Hearts the most fascinating for lovers of excellent stories.

Each character from the above has unique abilities, and changes in the combat system have affected everyone. Skills and magic tricks, for example, have a timer – they can be used only a few seconds after the last application. This makes difficult battles more exciting, because to each complex opponent you try to find a special approach and constantly think through strategies. Contributes to this and the new system Command Deck, which allows you to carry a limited number of items, spells and actions on the battlefield. Add to this a good job of transferring the old PSP-game to large screens, and will get a decent, high-quality re-release.

The most unsuccessful Jogos Friv www.friv5online.com games in the collection can be considered Re: Chain of Memories. Firstly, the dialogues here seem much more childish – they do not have depth or the same quality as in the rest of the series. Secondly, the combat system has changed again, and this time for the worse. Now the player needs to literally collect the deck and constantly make changes to them during quiet moments. Even the swings of the Key-Sword take away the stock of cards, and when the deck runs out, it is necessary to detain a button in the middle of the fight and make up for the equipment. Such a system certainly looked great on Game Boy Advance, but on the home console it only causes inconvenience. Yes, and in the graphical plan Re: Chain of Memories leaves mixed impressions – constantly striking “ladder” is very distracting.

The last thing the 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX collection offers, – these are three-hour films of 358/2 Days and Re: coded – sets of cutscenes from two games with Nintendo DS. This is not so boring as a boring film in 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue , and some episodes may even interest. Both games with DS and gameplay were not very high-quality, and would require a lot of resources for a decent re-release, so this Square Enix solution is understandable. But the trophies on the PS4 for watching movies do not give, although on the PS3 they were.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX – the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with the series. All games are played at 60 fps, look great, and their complete passage will take more than a hundred hours. Some are a little out of date, some have paid little attention, some are perfect even today. The second number part and Birth by Sleep can not scare off a modern audience, the first part is also interesting, and Re: Chain of Memories can be tried and, if you do not like it, just skip it. Some gameplay changes in the game would certainly not have prevented, but in this form the collection deserves attention.

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