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posted by jasper on August 21, 2007 at 7:35 am

HUDDERSFIELD, UK — Help us save the Palace Theatre. A great big Art Deco gem messed about with over the years, but still one of the last purpose built variety theates to be built outside London. Look at the page write to the local council and make a noise!

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kkaye on January 10, 2008 at 1:32 am

I was introduced to the World of Variety at the Palace as a kid back in the 40’s. Huddersfield is my home town although I left there in the 70’s. If you or anyone wants support for the campaign to save some or all of the site within the proposals pls count me in.

Mariam on April 24, 2018 at 6:18 am

Mario and his friends are very capable guys, confidently feeling themselves and with a racket in their hands, and with the ball at their feet, even if the limbs, like the ghost of Boo, do not suffice. In the Mario Sports Superstars, Nintendo squeezed at once five sports, each – an independent and full game in the game, and not any mini-fun. The concept seems to promise dozens of hours of fun arcade gameplay with a low entry threshold, but do not rush to spend three thousand rubles.

MSS encounters an ascetic interface with huge icons of the selection of competitions, which at once alarming. In addition to them at launch, the item “Collection” is available, where they offer to buy cards to fill a thick album. Pleasure – purely aesthetic, and coins – almost the only thing that encourages the Olympic spirit. Severely, is not it? But Nintendo is ready to explain – the publisher was chasing after realism.

Local football and in fact stands in stark contrast to the reckless Mario Strikers Charged Football (2007). In the old juegos friv games, I recall, the fights went on five to five (with the goalie in mind) – rather, rattled in an atmosphere of utter absurdity: gusts of wind could wire through the arena of a tractor or cow, the judges turned a blind eye to the little dirty tricks like a thrown banana peel, outs and removal absent, special reception allowed to send to the net in one fell swoop to six balls … In short, arcade entertainment, bright and lowly, designed for a wide variety of audience.

In the MSSon the field the usual match eleven by eleven, instead of traps – the standard marking, in the presence of face-off and offsides, no excesses and chaos. Of the sixteen recognizable characters allowed to choose the captain and his deputy – someone hopes for speed, others are able to screw the core into the very “nine”. They are assisted by eight clones – toads, turtles, gloomy mushrooms and so on. Goalkeepers like in Mario Strikers Charged Football, clever and dexterous (although sometimes they come across at the outputs) – do not compare with colleagues from mobile phones. “Break” them in the forehead – a waste of time, you need to either trick with the trajectory, or gently trick in the penalty area. Still helps out a super blow: we roll kruglyash on the field, we wait, when it will be sparked, we enter the uncomplicated combination – and here the hero soars above a grass, and its boot becomes a catapult. However, goalkeepers often even shoot such shots, so this is not a panacea. It remains with a mind to pass and extinguish the fire on its half of the lawn rolled in the back – there are no cards issued and, accordingly, do not expel them to the locker room. What’s strange – the referee is on the storm …

The AI ‚Äč‚Äčthen surprises with well-coordinated actions, it allows you to go unhindered to rendezvous with the goalkeeper, then frankly “cheater”, dragging the ball accurately on the side ribbon. The tactic is the smallest: throw through the air, shake off the tail of the defenders, send a twisted blow – a goal (or rather an eternal bar / crossbar). Bored fast – even the change of heroes does not save. Unless you ask to see all the “super” and celebrations … In place of a career – a series of four cups. To be honest, even in the oldest J. League Goal Victory (1995) I played with b about lshim enthusiasm – yet the presence of the regular season with feverish surveillance of the table means a lot. In the MSS, minus the transitory tournament players, you can pass tests (in the football section – the simplest), customize your own match and … everything.

For MSS Nintendo released a new line of amiibo – it’s not about the figures, but about the cards (put in a box with a cartridge, sold in packs of five for $ 4.99). With their help, you can unlock the “star” version of the characters, equipment and a mini game Road to Superstar, which copies Arkanoid.

These claims are relevant for golf with tennis. The base for the modes was the recent Mario Golf: World Tour and Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash – borrowing touched the gameplay mechanic, interface, animations, notifications … On the court disorienting that different types of strokes (“candles”, slow on the bottom and others) are marked with colors, different from the main buttons, plus the lack of opportunity to get cups in doubles looks wonderful. Golf versus World Tourdoes not give a sense of progress – quickly get used to the sequence of obstacles in the fields, master maneuvers to fight the wind and pick up the clubs depending on the coverage, having shot on a pair of unsuccessful attempts. The main drawback is the Spartan minimum of content. In general, to stir up veterans golf and tennis can not.

Baseball, extremely popular in the US and Japan, is unlikely to receive attention in Russia. The Western press reacted to him with polar opinions – some praise the regime as the most thoughtful in the assembly, others brand it inexcusably simplistic. So the conclusions, most likely, you will have to do with personal acquaintance.

Finally, we turn to the last point – the jumps, which have no analogues in the Nintendo catalog. It’s amazing, but spending time here is no less interesting than in football or golf. At the start, six jockeys leave, an analogy with Mario Kart suggests , but there are no weapons on routes with obstacles like hedges. There are only two bonuses – carrots (restore stamina) and asterisks (a kind of fuel for an aggressive breakthrough). If you stick with the “peloton”, then the “stamina” grows much faster, so I advise you not to rush forward headlong. The races are a bit like races from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – the truth is, there the carrot was responsible for acceleration.

The latter mode is equipped with a cute mini-game – it is offered to grow in the stall of your own horses. To monitor their mood and connection with the jockey is easy (it gives small bonuses at the competitions) – you should regularly read the surface, clean, feed and walk. According to the idea, every animal should have its own nobility, but all the male males created by me for some reason differed in synchronous hatred for apples. It’s messy!

The set of greatest hits in MSS looks like an on-duty listing of Nintendo’s former merits . Yes, in some places it’s fun arcade, but it’s somehow painfully empty. I hope Camelot Software Planning and Bandai Namco Studios , which cooperate with Nintendo , have enough inspiration and excitement for a rematch.

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