San Jose tries throw ailing Camera 12 Theater a lifeline

posted by CSWalczak on March 10, 2011 at 9:45 am

SAN JOSE, CA — The Camera 12 is again on the ropes financially, but the city is hoping to assist it by using redevelopment agency funds to keep it going. However, the city itself is suffering financially and Governor Brown wants to shut down all of the state’s redevelopment agencies and recapture the funds to reduce the state’s massive deficit. The Camera 12 was opened as the UA Pavilion 8; UA closed the theater and removed all equipment very abruptly some years ago. The theater was remodeled and then reopened with city support.

“If they move out of that space, it will stay vacant for at least five years,” said Harry Mavrogenes, the redevelopment agency chief. “We can either have an active, live movie theater and forgo the rent or have a hole in the area and no rent.‘’

To save the city’s remaining redevelopment assets from a state grab, city officials also are moving to transfer agency land to the city or — in the case of land near Diridon Station — to a special joint powers authority. All of these issues will be decided at Tuesday’s council meeting.

There is more about the situation in this article from the San Jose Mercury News which includes a picture gallery.

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