New Rheem owners to take over operations of Orinda Theater

posted by budyboy on April 21, 2011 at 7:44 am

ORINDA, CA —The owners of the New Rheem Theater who also run the California Independent Film Festival have taken over operations of Orinda Theater.

“It’s a great opportunity to expand the film programming and the different types of programs that we can offer the community,” said Zemrak, the film festival’s founder.

The Rheem Theatre has four screens, the Orinda three. Zemrak and Pirkle plan to run the theaters as a “seven-plex” that just happens to be in two locations, meaning if a movie is playing in Orinda, it might not be in Moraga.

This is a another testament to the importance of communities viewing together the ideas that bond/separate us, and the essential discussions that ensue.

Now, if some of the monied in Lafayette can get the Park out of its hole, and they can and know how, wherever it is hung up, some exciting things could continue to happen in a very exciting film producing area in the USA.

Read the full story in the Contra Costa Times.

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