Wal Mart donates $1,500 to Chamber for ADA Hearing at Fiske

posted by Michael Zoldessy on May 28, 2013 at 7:55 am


OAK GROVE, LA — If not being able to hear or see clearly has been your reason you have not been getting out of the house and enjoy movies at the Fiske Theatre in Oak Grove, that is no longer and excuse, as the Oak Grove Wal Mart and Manager John Wimsatt have funded the installation of the most advanced hearing and visual assistance system that is currently being deployed in cinemas across the nation.

“It has always been part of Wal Mart’s mission to give back to the community,” Wimsatt said. “This is just one small way we could make an impact in our community and one that the people could actually see and feel.”

The Ultra Phonic Visual and Assistive Listening System will allow those with hearing impairments to control their own volume by the use of headsets, the same headsets will also provide visual narrative for those with sight impairments by just changing the channel on the set. The headsets will be available free of charge by request at the concession stand.

“We are very grateful for what Wal Mart has done for the theatre and local movie goers.” Adam Holland, President of Holland Entertainment said. “I personally know of three people who enjoy coming to the movies and choose to sit in the cry room so they can control their own volume and one person who enjoys coming to the movies but cannot see that this new system will benefit.”

The assistive listening system was funded by a $1,500 grant from the Wal Mart Foundation to the West Carroll Chamber of Commerce who owns the theatre. “Doyle Rowland, Fiske Theatre Technician, is in the process of installing the system now. As of today the Assisted Hearing portion of the system is working properly, we expect the visual narrative to be working by the end of the week.” Holland said.

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