• March 13, 2007

    StarCite 18-Ste Foy closed

    STE-FOY, QUE — StarCite 18 in Ste-Foy, an suburb of Quebec City has been closed by Cinemas Fortune, Inc. It had 4,184 seats. It is next door to an 14-plex called Ste-Foy 14.

    In January, Cinemas Fortune closed 6 screens out of 12 of the Galeries de la Capitole.
    As a result, Quebec City lost about a third of its movie screens.

    French language article from Canoe

  • January 17, 2007

    AMC closes its Tyrone Square 6 movie theater

    ST. PETERSBURG, FL — After a long run since its opening at an early mall, the AMC Tyrone Square is closing.

    AMC has closed its Tyrone Square 6 movie theater after a 33-year run, officials said Tuesday.

    AMC is expected to build a new theater on Tyrone Square Mall property, but specifics were not available early this week.

    An Old Navy store will go into the vacated space, said Jeni Wilson, a mall spokeswoman. She said it could be open by early summer.

    To read the full story, go to St. Petersburg Times.

  • December 27, 2006

    Pemberton 4 to close

    VICKSBURG, MS — Just want to pass one about the Pemberton Cinema 4 which is the only cinema in Vicksburg, MS. The Pemberton Cinema Square 4 which had been owned by Regal Group and now Village Entertainment. Just a few days ago it has been closed permanentaly at Pemberton Square Mall because of high rent issues with CBL Associaites of Chattanooga, TN.

    Over the years the Pemberton Square Four has never been upgraded. Projectors broke down, leaky roofs, etc. Now for the first time in 100 years, Vicksburg is once again without a cinema.

    One truth I can tell of the Pemberton 4 is it never got any of the important films like “United 93” or Oliver Stone’s “World Trade Center”. Those are just examples. Poor marketing on behalf of the cinema owners can be blamed as well. But not upgrading equipment and expanding its size contributed to its demise. Before this surprise closing happened, Village Entertainment had plans to refurbish it. But high rent made this 21 year old cinema the victim.

  • October 25, 2006

    Garden Hills Theatre to close

    ATLANTA, GA — The Garden Hills Theatree is closing after about 65 years of near constant operation. This is yet another example of the inability of old single screen theatres to compete with the megaplexes of today, even in the “art house” niche.

    To read more about this, visitAccess Atlanta. Registration is required and it is good through 10/30/06 when it will move to the archives where you will have to pay to see it.

    Several personal histories and a detailed description of this site are in the comment section of its Cinema Treasures page.

  • September 27, 2006

    Westgate Cinema closes

    RACINE, WI — The first-run Marcus Westgate Cinema opened in the late 1960’s and was named to honor the recently-demolished Westgate Outdoor Theatre which itself had been truncated over the years for encroaching commercial construction (the Westgate shopping center) which eventually overwhelmed the Westgate Outdoor.

    The Westgate Cinema’s demise had been expected to occur around Thanksgiving as the Marcus chain prepares its new multi-screen complex in the nearby village of Sturtevant. So the sudden closing on Sunday night after the final screening of “Hollywoodland” at 11:39 pm took the community by surprise.

  • September 26, 2006

    Laemmle closes Fairfax 3

    LOS ANGELES, CA — Laemmle closed The Fairfax 3 Cinemas last week. The theater was mostly known for second-run indepedent films and minor festivals. This is the message of the Laemmle website:

    After five years and a thousand and one good foreign, independent and art movies (or thereabouts)

    Laemmle Theatres reluctantly announces we are ending our tenancy at the historic Fairfax Theatre.

    Sincere thanks to all our Fairfax customers for their loyal patronage.

  • September 19, 2006

    San Francisco’s Metro Theatre to close in one week

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA — The staff of the Metro Theatre in San Francisco was informed over the weekend that it will close its doors forever on Saturday Sept 23. The owner of the building has bought out Regal Entertainment’s lease and plans on demolishing the building and replacing it with condo apartments.

    The Metro, which opened in 1924 and was designed by famed theater architect Timothy
    Pfluger, had one of the biggest screens and best sound systems in San Francisco. Their superior screen image was provided by 35/70mm Todd-AO/Norelco projectors with a 5000 watt water cooled lamphouse.

    The sound system was first rate and to Regal’s credit, they had a tech come in and tune it up on a regular basis.

    It will be a shame to see this place go.

    JimC/San Francisco

  • September 14, 2006

    Violations close Unique

    SALIDA, CO — The historic Unique Theater in Salida has been ordered closed by the city due to several fire and structural violations/hazards.

    City officials temporarily closed the Unique Theater on west First Street Aug. 7 because of structural and fire hazards.

    The building was closed after inspections by the Salida Fire Department and building inspector. Building owner John Groy has been instructed he has until Oct. 17 to obtain a report about the building from a structural engineer.

    For more, read the Mountain Mail.

  • September 12, 2006

    Fine Arts Cinema to close

    GREENBURGH, NY — After 34 years, the Fine Arts Cinema is set to close. Working under a
    handshake lease deal since 1992, the cinema succumbs to market pressure and must close its

    The full story is available in the The Journal News.

    Editor’s Note: In the back of my mind, I always knew this day was coming. I never was old enough to appreciate the art deco movie palaces of our past. Instead, this non-descript few hundred seat theater was my gem growing up. I loved when high-profile independent films would open in limited release and in the NY Metro area they would just be playing at the Angelika, Lincoln Plaza Cinemas and this theater. The Fine Arts always had high-quality programming and a warm feeling inside.

  • September 11, 2006

    Tacora Theatre to close

    AURORA, MN — The Tacora Theatre is closing due to rising costs of maintaining the theater as well as the economic conditions of its patrons.

    Tonight at 7, the lights will dim at the Tacora Theatre for the showing of the movie “World Trade Center.”

    The film will play on a large silver screen that’s been displaying motion pictures since 1955 — one of the few remaining old-time screens in the region.

    Movie-goers will have the chance, as they have for a number of years, to order a custom-made pizza as a concession, delivered to them at a table in the theater’s auditorium — or to get free refills of large sodas and popcorn, just as they have in the past.

    For more, read the full story in Mesbi Daily News.