• April 10, 2006

    Village Art Theatre may close

    CHICAGO, IL — The Village Art is rumored to be closing soon.

    A “For Rent Summer 2006” sign has gone up over the marquee. I have heard nothing about why this theater is closing — it is a very popular place. Perhaps they’ve lost their lease or (more likely) someone wants to build condos on the site.

    The chain for the Village Art should be listed as ‘Village Theatres’ and the website is and any information on this theater closing is appreciated.

  • January 17, 2006

    Galaxy Theatres closes Kendig Square 6

    WILLOW STREET, PA — Galaxy Theatres has been operating the Kendig Square 6 since Dec. 2002. Citing continuing and mounting losses, the operators closed the theatres on Jan. 2, 2006. The shopping center management allowed them to get out of the remaining two years of their lease.

    The theatres initially opened in 1992 and had numerous operators until Galaxy. At one time, it was even operated as a $1.00 admission reruns. Galaxy Theatres is based in New Jersey and operates other theatres in Pa, NY, NJ, and Mass. The shopping center owners have not announced what will happen to the theatres.

  • October 5, 2005

    Famous Players Centre Eaton 6 in Montreal closed

    MONTREAL, QUEBEC — I walked by Eaton Centre Cnemas 6 in downtown Montreal and found a sign “FERME PARAMOUNT OU PARISIAN” on the windows. This Famous Players theatre opened in December 1990. In 1999, this cinema was demoted as a “move-over” house for the Paramount.

    It was sold to Cineplex Entertainment in June 2005 and the last day of business for this cinema was September 29, 2005.