• April 18, 2007

    Mann National goes dark

    LOS ANGELES, CA — After a long period of rumors of the plug being pulled, it appears the Mann National is finally closing tomorrow.

    For more, go to LA Observed.

    I’ll try to dig up some more information on this one and report back.

  • April 17, 2007

    National Amusements' two remaining drive-in theaters will open this year

    BURTON, MI and LOUISVILLE, KY — The last two remaining drive-in theaters out of many operated by National Amusements will open for the season.

    While National Amusements does not maintain web sites for each of these drive-ins, individual webmasters unaffiliated with National Amusements are maintaining drive-in web sites on their own.

    This contributor, Gary Flinn who is not connected with any drive-in theater, maintains a web page devoted to the Miracle Twin DI in Burton, MI outside Flint. The Miracle Twin DI will open for the season on April 20. The management of this drive-in has an April special. During the month of April, admission is $10 a carload!

  • April 16, 2007

    Hilltop Drive-In reopens

    JOLIET, IL — The Hilltop Drive-In on Route 6, Maple St. is re-opening after 8 years.
    Under new ownership the Hilltop is targeted to re-open this summer.

    The Hilltop Drive-In will offer:
    A Family Environment with affordable prices!
    Two First Run movies each night, seven nights a week.
    A weekend Flea Market (with live entertainment in the future).
    Car shows and other outdoor events.
    Great food, drinks and Fun Fun Fun!

  • April 11, 2007

    Buzzards Bay Theater now open!

    BUZZARDS BAY, MA — After 5 long years the Buzzards Bay Theater has reopened!

    Yesterday was opening night at the new Buzzards Bay Theater. The scene that played out in the projection room was representative of the underdog struggle of a guy trying to realize his dream of movie theater ownership in a village that needs a happy ending.

    Ever since Hoyts Cinemas closed at the Buzzards Bay location in 2001, Avery, a Wareham resident, has been dreaming of owning a movie theater.

    Working nights and weekends while holding down a full-time job as a chef for the Raytheon Corp. in Rhode Island, Avery rehabbed the run-down building and raised the capital. When he had trouble getting investors, he knocked on doors in Buzzards Bay, eliciting residents' enthusiasm for the movies to show investors there was a demand, Sullivan said.

    For more, go to Cape Cod Online.

    You can also visit the Buzzards Bay Theater Website.

    Additional Cape Cod Online Article on the entire neighborhood.

  • April 4, 2007

    New Drive In for Brooklyn Ohio

    Plans are in the works to keep the Drive-In audience in Brooklyn ohio going by the new Drive-In about ¼ Mile from the Memphis Drive-In in Brooklyn Ohio that was sold to American Greetings. Plans are to raze the Old Hills Dept Store (was Gold Circle) and put in 3 Screens and new state of the art projection and audio systems. Engineers and city members are going over the drawings and details. Stay tuned for futher details.


  • April 3, 2007

    Granby’s future in question

    NORFOLK, VA — With numerous violations closing it down, it’s unclear when/if the Granby Theater will reopen.

    City officials announced today that they have revoked the special exception for the Granby Theater, meaning that the venue will no longer be permitted to offer entertainment or serve alcohol.

    The announcement follows a public safety inspection Wednesday night that uncovered multiple violations, officials said.

    The announcement means the future of the theater will remains in doubt after a man was critically injured during a private party.

    To read more, go to the Virginian Pilot.

  • Dormont’s Hollywood Theatre reopens with a twist

    PITTSBURGH, PA — The Hollywood Theatre is finally reopening after months of renovations. They have a great plan too to have local children in need to operate it as well.

    Boris Karloff would be rather at home in the dark, dank basement beneath the remodeled Hollywood Theatre in Dormont.

    So mused the film buffs who have taken over the old-style movie theater, which opens tomorrow after a total restoration.

    “This is the only theater I’ve worked in that isn’t haunted,” said manager Dan Bahur, who is reprising a role of his own. He managed the theater 20 years ago and will oversee its re-opening tomorrow.

    But the rebirth of the Potomac Avenue theater has a twist. It is being operated by The Bradley Center, a residential program for children from traumatic backgrounds of abuse and abandonment, said the center’s chief financial officer, Garry McGrath.

    For more, read the Post-Gazette.

  • March 22, 2007

    New Landmark Theatres in West L.A. opens June 1

    LOS ANGELES, CA — Landmark Theatres has announced a June 1st opening date for the new 12 plex in West Los Angeles' Westside Pavilion. Also, they may be closing the existing 4-Plex in the opposite side of the mall this weekend. On the website it indicates all films currently showing end this Sunday, March 25th.

    See more about the new theatre at the Landmark Site.

  • March 7, 2007

    Reopened: Ritz Theatre

    RENSSELAER, IN — After 24 years, the Ritz has reopened. Congratulations to the inspired new owner and to the city.

  • February 26, 2007

    Stargate Twin update


    I stumbled upon your website tonight and I’ve found it very interesting. It’s nice to know that some of these old theaters are being preserved, if not physically, at least through memories. I have some unfortunate news about the Stargate Twin Theater in Rapid City, SD.

    I have lived in Rapid City all of my life so I can give you a brief history of the theater for you to post on your site, but before I do I must tell you that the theater has been closed since January 1st. The signs have disappeared and the windows have been covered with white paper. I read an article in our local newspaper that the company that owns the Stargate could not come to an agreement with the people who lease them the theater. Apparently they wanted a lot more then what the Stargate could afford.

    Apparently before they closed up they took out everything including all of the seats in both theaters. The theater will probably be torn out as easily as possible (considering it’s located in a shopping center which will not be torn down) and replaced with a retail store.

    Status: Closed 2006
    Screens: Single Screen
    Style: Generic (1970’s)
    Function: second run movies
    Seats: 500 ??
    Chain: Former United Artists