• October 27, 2009

    Owner of fire-gutted Lebowsky Center hopes to have theater enclosed again by winter

    OWOSSO, MI — The Owosso Community Players, owner of the Lebowsky Center, hopes to have the theater, gutted by an arson fire (still unsolved) on February 14, 2007, enclosed again by winter. They are expecting an answer within a couple of weeks whether they would get a $350,000 to $400,000 grant to pay for enclosing the theater.

    They are working with a construction company in Grand Rapids which restored the Wealthy Theatre there. The OCP is committed to completely restoring the theater which is estimated to cost $5 million to do.

    Originally, OCP was hoping to reconstruct both the Lebowsky Center and the West Annex, but Peterson said the goal has narrowed.

    “As we have refined the project, we feel that the priority is to rebuild the Lebowsky Center and that is the piece of the project we are focusing on,” Peterson said.

    The grant’s approval would mean constructing a new roof and enclosing the center from the elements. The OCP has said it remains committed to a full restoration of the center – which is projected to cost about $5 million.

    Additional info from the Argus-Press.

  • October 23, 2009

    Danbury’s Palace Theater to get architectural/management study

    DANBURY, CT – The city of Danbury, CT has awarded a contract to JCJ Architecture to determine the cost of renovations to the Palace Theater which opened in 1926 and closed as a twin in 1995. The study will also provide a determination as to how best to operate the theater after renovations have been completed. JCJ and its associate, AMS Planning & Research Corp., have been involved in a number of theater renovation projects, including the New York State Theater at Lincoln Center and the New Amsterdam Theater in NYC.

    And part of the firm’s larger team — AMS Planning & Research Corp. of Fairfield — has worked with many theaters in Connecticut and around the United States on theater management.

    “We recognized from the beginning of this that no one firm could do everything,‘’ Elpern said of the combination of the two companies. "AMS has a wealth of experience on what’s needed to successfully operate a theater.‘’

    Read more in the News Times.

  • October 16, 2009

    Wayne citizens rally to renovate, re-open theater

    WAYNE, NE — “Project Majestic” has been launched to completely renovate and re-open the town’s former Twin Theater (also known as and listed here on Cinema Treasures as the Gay Theater). Closed since 2008, the renovated theater will be re-born as single screen theater with a stage to host community events as well as films.

    Initially, fellow steering committee member Reggie Yates said, plans were to clean up the theater, maybe give it some fresh paint, and reopen it. But people decided, no, they’d still be left with the same old theater with the same old seats and the same dirty floor.

    So the committee decided that the 50-year-old building’s interior would get a complete makeover. The theater will be handicapped-accessible and seat about 100 people in front of a single screen. Moviegoers will be treated to the latest in digital projection and sound. The seats will have cup holders — the one feature nearly everyone has asked about, Yates said.

    Read more in the Sioux City Journal.

  • October 2, 2009

    Concert venue plans for former UC Theater on track

    BERKELEY, CA — As reported on August 18 plans to convert the UC Theater in Berkeley are moving along. Although the theater was never a “palace,” the new owners are preserving many architectural details according to this article from the San Francisco Chronicle, which includes some pre-renovation pictures.

    Gone will be the dusty blue velvet seats, but the rest of the UC’s mish-mash decor will likely be preserved, Mayeri said. That includes the Egyptian Art Deco trim, the tulip murals and the ornate grillwork encasing the organ loft.

    The 1917 building has already been seismically retrofit and outfitted with sprinklers, so most of the renovation work will be soundproofing and cosmetic, Mayeri said.

    In the case of the UC, “cosmetic” is a broad term. Unlike other historic single-screen movie palaces around the Bay Area, the UC lacks many gleaming adornments and gilded flourishes. The theater was gutted in a fire in the 1940s and rebuilt with a decidedly spartan motif.

  • September 22, 2009

    Orpheum and State Theatres in Sioux Falls being renovated

    SIOUX FALLS, SD — Now used for live performances, the Sioux Falls Orpheum Theatre has replaced the former cinema’s 70s-era plastic-backed seats with new seats more reminiscent in design of those that were in place when the theater originally opened as a vaudeville house in 1913. Other improvements have been funded over the last five years. Restoration of the mural above the auditorium is also in the works. The 1926 State Theater has undergone roof repairs, tuck pointing and asbestos removal, and other upgrades, and the hope is that it will return as a cinema.

    The latest upgrades to the Orpheum Theater will be unveiled today when it re-opens in downtown Sioux Falls, and the enhancements should give visitors a sense of what the venue looked like when it opened in 1913.

    New seats in the historic theater are styled from the era, and improvements also include Vaudeville-like designed carpet and different shades of fresh paint accenting the turn-of-the-century architecture inside.

    The theater’s rebirth reflects a five-year trend in downtown Sioux Falls as several other historic building restoration projects continue, including improvements at the State Theatre and the Coliseum.

    There are pictures of the Orpheum and more details of the ongoing work at both theaters in this article from the ArgusLeader.

  • August 19, 2009

    Local set to remodel Gateway 8

    WEST BOUNTIFUL, UT — Despite a recent ownership change, new renovations are coming to the temporarily shuttered Gateway 8 Cinemas.

    However, movie goers do not have to fear traveling to Salt Lake City for too long or worry about whether the theater will stay in its current location. Spencer Marsden, a former Bountiful resident and graduate of Bountiful High School, said the theater will remain intact.

    “We’re renovating the whole thing,” he said.“"We want to create an environment in which customers have a memorable and fun experience at the movies.

    “This theater is an integral part of the community, and we want it to be a place where families, couples, and people of all ages can go and have a great time from the moment they enter the theater to the moment they leave.”

    Read the full story in the Davis County Clipper.

  • August 18, 2009

    Roaring 20’s theater continues to entertain

    EAST GREENVILLE, PA — Here’s a very nice story promoting the 2004 – 2005 restoration of this independently owned theatre that was saved from demolition. Hopefully the residents appreciate and know how lucky they are to have a saved theater showing movies!

    The theater, originally built in 1924, was once termed the most modern and beautiful theater in the area; however, a victim of time, age and weather, the theater was forced to close its doors in March 2004.

    That summer, the building itself was saved from demolition by its new owners, who decided to embark on a massive restoration effort to restore the theater to its original charm and splendor. After an extensive 11-month restoration process, the Grand Theater was reintroduced to the public on July 29, 2005.

    This story appears in the June 12 edition ofThe Mercury Newspaper.

    See their website.

  • August 6, 2009

    Plaza de Oro Theatre undergoing auditorium renovations

    SANTA BARBARA, CA — Metropolitan Theaters Corp. has announced it will be performing auditorium renovations at its Plaza de Oro location, the theater will remain open during the renovation period, but will have one of its two auditoriums closed for renovation at any given time. At the time of this post, the renovation work is 50% complete, and work has just begun on the final auditorium.

  • July 30, 2009

    Richmond CenterStage complex nearing completion

    RICHMOND, VA — There’s a very good article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch that gives a good summary on the progress of the renovation project for Carpenter Theatre(with photos).

    Despite the multitude of technological advances — from fiber-optic lighting and air-conditioning vents along the floor in the theater to the state-of-the-art marquee — the structure and feel of the theater are that of 1928 and even further back in time.

    Visitors who walk through the rotunda, with its original multicolored tiled floor, are ushered into a theater that has the feel of a medieval Mediterranean castle. A courtyard-like auditorium adds to the fantasy of being entertained in a long-ago era.

    At the Carpenter Theatre, being restored as part of the new Richmond CenterStage performing-arts center, crews went to “great lengths to bring it back to its original form … with all the amenities and comforts of the 21st century,” said Jay Smith, spokesman for Richmond CenterStage.

  • July 27, 2009

    Old Paramount Theater needs equipment

    We are renovating our theater to show movies as well as put on plays and have various live entertainment. We contacted a company in Salt Lake City who quoted us $88K for a digital installation including sound and $32K for 35mm + sound. We are a little confused about which technology to pursue. Purists say 35mm while others push for digital. Either way, I am afraid we would not make a profit in our small valley spending that kind of money. Is there a way to get a hold of a complete 35mm projection system without breaking the piggy bank?