California Theatre

1808 Chester Avenue,
Bakersfield, CA 93301

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California Theatre

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Contributed by William Gabel

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sawoodman on July 25, 2008 at 4:33 pm

Here’s an image of the theatre from the Kern COunty Museum:$1247

plinfesty on January 25, 2010 at 6:55 am

Films the California played in the 60’s:
1/01/60: Lil Abner;The Jayhawkers
1/08/60: The Story on Page One; Web of Evidence
1/15/60: The Big Fisherman; Hoppity Goes To Town
1/23/60: Diary of a High School Bride; Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow
1/27/60: Goliath and the Barbarians; Battle Flame
2/05/60: The Gene Krupa Story; Edge of Eternity
2/12/60: The Country Girl; The Bridges at Toko-Ri
2/17/60: Jack the Ripper; The Big Night
2/24/60: The Last Voyage; Blood and Steel
3/02/60: Seven Thieves; The Third Voice
3/06/60: Ma Barker’s Killer Brood; Crtime and Punishment U.S.A.
3/09/60: Sink the Bismark; Surrender-Hell!
3/16/60: A Dog of Flanders; My Pal Gus
3/23/60: The Sword and the Cross; Face of Fire
3/30/60: Babette Goes to War; It Happened in Rome
4/06/60: Because They’re Young; Comanche Station
4/13/60: Kidnapped; Destination 60,000
4/20/60: Room at the Top; Diary of Anne Frank
4/29/60: The Angry Red Planet; Hideous Sun Demon
5/04/60: Pretty Boy Floyd; Gangster Story
5/08/60: The Mouse That Roared; The In-Between Age
5/11/60: Circus of Horrors; Bucket of Blood
5/18/60: The Giant of Marathon; Virgin Island
5/25/60: The Mountain Road; Killers of Kilimanjaro
6/01/60: Isle of Levant; The Naughty Girl
6/12/60: School For Love; 3 Murderesses
6/15/60: I Passed For White; The Hypnotic Eye
6/22/60: Battle in Outer Space; 12 To the Moon
6/29/60: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; Davy
7/06/60: The Rat Race; In the Wake of a Stranger
7/13/60: The Lost World; Bobbikins
7/20/60: The Bellboy; Tarzan the Magnificent
8/03/60: The Time Machine; Platinum High School
8/10/60: Pollyanna; Conspiracy of Hearts
8/17/60: House of Usher; The Giant Leeches
8/24/60: The Snow Queen; Dinosaurus!
8/31/60: 13 Ghosts; The Electronic Monster
9/07/60: All the Young Men; The Enemy General
9/14/60: The Angel Wore Red; Five Bold Women
9/18/60: Beyond the Time Barrier; A Date With Death
9/21/60: It Started in Naples; Prisoner on the Volga
9/28/60: The Ten Commandments
10/07/60: Sword of the Dragon; One Foot in Hell
10/12/60: The Subterraneans; Key Witness
10/16/60: Fast and Sexy; The Nights of Lucretia Borgia
10/19/60: College Confidential; Shakedown
10/23/60: Expresso Bongo; The Battle of the Sexes
10/26/60: On the Waterfront; The Wild One
(10/28/60: Pre-Halloween spook show late-night)
(10/29/60: Halloween Late Show)
10/30/60: Desire in the Dust; Kiss Them For Me
11/04/60: Can-Can (reserved performance engagement-4 days only)
11/08/60: Thunder in Carolina; Nature Girl and the Slaver
11/13/60: 10 Who Dared; Journey To the Center of the World
11/16/60: G.I. Blues; Under Ten Flags
12/07/60: Career Girl; Miss Body Beautiful
12/14/60: The Wizard of Baghdad; Frecles
(12/17/60: American Legion morning show – 3 hours of cartoons)
12/21/60: The THree Worlds of Gulliver; Desert Attack
12/28/60: Swiss Family Robinson; Raymie

plinfesty on January 26, 2010 at 7:08 am

Notes: If in ( ) on the same line, shown in addition to regular program. If ( ) on seperate line, is shown same day as regular attraction, but a seperately priced program. Advertised titled shorts are listed, but theatre also showed cartoon and newsreel with most programs as well.

1/11/61: Swiss Family Robinson; Chartroose Caboose
(1/13/61: Late Show: Blood of the Vampire; Cult of the Cobra)
1/18/61: Goliath and the Dragon; The Last Woman on Earth
1/25/61: The Naked Jungle; Elephant Walk
2/01/61: Inherit the Wind; Carry On Nurse
2/05/61: The Amazing Transparent Man; Journey To the Lost City
2/08/61: Go Married in the World; The Secret of the Purple Reef
2/15/61: The Wackiest Ship in the Army; Sword of Sherwood Forest
3/01/61: Psycho; Vertigo
3/08/61: The Savage Innocents; Blueprint For Robbery
3/11/61: Peyton Place; Circle of Deception
3/15/61: Gorgo; Legions of the Nile (added-Patterson vs Johanson Fight Films)
(3/17/61: Midnight Double Horror Show)
3/22/61: One Hundred and One Dalmations; The Horse With the Flying Tale
4/12/61: Sanctuary; The Millionairess (4/14: Sneak preview)
4/19/61: Butterfield 8; Where the Boys Are
4/25/61: The Sundowners; Sons and Lovers
4/28/61: Black Sunday; The Little Shop of Horrors
5/03/61: Atlantis – The Lost Continent; Carthage in Flames
5/10/61: Mein Kampf; Hell Is a City
5/17/61: Konga; Terror in the Haunted House
5/23/61: The Virgin Spring; The Entertainer
5/28/61: Two Lovers; The Secret Partner
6/02/61: Ben-Hur (2 shows daily 2pm ($1.25) 8pm ($1.75) Kids .75 all times
6/30/61: Gidget Goes Hawaiian; Jazz Boat
7/08/61: The Parent Trap; My Dog, Buddy
7/28/61: The Ladies Man; Love in a Goldfish Bowl (7/28: Sneak Preview)
8/04/61: Voyage To the Bottom of the Sea; Dondi
8/11/61: The Honeymoon Machine; The Green Helmet
8/18/61: They Rode Together; Hand in Hand
8/25/61: Alakazam, the Great!; Operation Camel
8/31/61: Battle at Bloody Beach; Marines, Let’s Go!
9/05/61: The Thief of Baghdad; The Pharaoh’s Woman
9/10/61: The Unforgiven; The Magnificent 7
9/13/61: David and Goliath; The Big Circus
9/20/61: A Thunder of Drums; Squad Car
9/27/61: The Pit and the Pendulum; The Day the Sky Exploded
10/04/61: Angel Baby; Armored Command
10/11/61: Scream of Fear; The Trunk (10/13: ADDED: The Mummy; Return to Dracula)
10/15/61: The Young Lions; The Racers
10/20/61: The Head; Mania (10/21-10/22: ADDED: 3rd Hit)
10/25/61: 7 Women From Hell; Pirates of Tortuga
10/31/61: Halloween Special – 4 features all day
11/01/61: Friendly Persuasion; At Gunpoint!
11/05/61: Pillow Talk; Operation Petticoat
11/10/61: Everything’s Ducky; The Terror of the Tongs
11/15/61: The Truth; More Deadly Than the Male
11/22/61: Blue Hawaii; The Purple Hills
12/06/61: I Bombed Pearl Harbor; Then There Were Three
12/13/61: The Colossus of Rhodes; Beyond All Limits (12/15/61: Major Studio Preview)
12/20/61: Mysterious Island; Valley of the Dragons
12/27/61: Bachelor in Paradise; Bridge To the Sun

plinfesty on January 31, 2010 at 4:17 am

1/10/62: Breakfast at Tiffany’s; The Long and the Short and the Tall
1/17/62: Breakfast at Tiffany’s; Imitation of Life
1/24/62: Flight of the Lost Balloon; Jet Pilot
1/28/62: Question 7; All Mine to Give
1/31/62: The George Raft Story; Twenty Plus Two
2/04/62: Battleground; Go For Broke
2/07/62: The Three Stooges Meet Hercules; The Underwater City
2/14/62: Sail a Crooked Ship; A Weekend With Lulu
2/21/62: The Errand Boy; Hey, Let’s Twist (2/23: ADDED: Colonial John Glenn, Astronaut
2/28/62: Light in the Piazza; Invasion Quartet
3/04/62: Journey to the Seventh Planet; The Pirate of Black Hawk
3/07/62: Satan Never Sleeps; North to Alaska
3/14/62: Summer and Smoke; Anatomy of a Psycho
3/21/62: King of Kings
4/11/62: The Hustler; Two Women
(4/13/62: Late Night Spook Show – 2 features)
4/18/62: State Fair; Swingin' Along
4/25/62: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance; Brushfire!
5/02/62: All Fall Down; The Children’s Hour
5/09/62: Five Finger Exercise; Loss of Innocence (5/11: Major Sneak)
5/16/62: Safe at Home!; Don’t Knock the Twist
5/22/62: Paradisio (3-D); Come Dance With Me!
6/01/62: Hell Is for Heroes; Airborne
6/06/62: Black Tights; Oklahoma!
6/13/62: Escape From Zahrain; Siege of Syracuse
6/19/62: Aida; Madame Butterfly (1 day only)
6/20/62: The Nudist Story; And God Created Women
6/27/62: Zotz!; Mothra
7/03/62: Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation; Air Patrol
7/11/62: Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation; Come September
7/18/62: Hatari!; Up the Creek
7/25/62: Hatari!; The Hired Gun
8/01/62: The Notorious Landlady; 13 West Street
8/08/62: The Notorious Landlady; Brteakfast at Tiffany's
8/15/62: Advise and Consent; Only Two Can Play
8/22/62: Tales of Terror; Burn, Witch, Burn
8/29/62: The Three Stooges in Orbit; The Hellions
9/05/62: My Geisha; The Late Blues
9/12/62: The Sad Sack; The Delicate Delinquet
9/19/62: The Phantom of the Opera; Night Creatures
9/26/62: Panic in the Year Zero; Eegah (9/27: ADDED: Patterson-Liston Fight film)
10/02/62: The Mongols; The Trojan Horse (10/03: Sneak Preview)
10/10/62: The Sky Above, The Mud Below; No Place Like Homicide
10/17/62: The 300 Spartans; The Firebrand
10/24/62: Rear Window; The Proud and Profane
10/31/62: The Pit and the Pendulum; Premature Burial; Horros of the Black Museum (1 day only)
11/01/62: The Pigeon That Took Rome; It Started in Naples
11/08/62: The Legend of Lobo; Whistle Down the Wind
11/16/62: The Humanoids; The SIlent Witness
11/21/62: Girls! Girls! Girls!; Two and Two Make Six
12/05/62: Tarzan Goes to India; The Tarters
12/12/62: Two Adult Only Titles (not given)
12/19/62: It’s Only Money; Make Way For Lila
12/31/62: Barabbas (featurettes: Wonderful Switzerland; Cruise of the Eagle)

plinfesty on February 9, 2010 at 3:09 am

1/16/63: Young Gunbs of Texas; The Day Mars Invaded Earth
1/23/63: White Slave Ship; The Huns
1/30/63: Marco Polo; Reptizicus
2/06/63: The Raven; Warriors Five
2/13/63: The Lion; It Happened in Athens
2/20/63: Who’s Got the Action?; Fancy Pants
2/27/63: The Birdman of Alcatraz; The Miracle Worker
3/06/63: Phaedra; Peeping Tom
3/13/63: Kipling’s Women; Dentist in the Chair
3/20/63: A Girl Named Tamiko; The Rat Race
3/27/63: Papa’s Delicate Condition; A Girl Named Tamiko
4/03/63: Papa’s Delicate Condition; War and Peace
4/10/63: The Miracle of the White Stallions; The Brave Ones
4/17/63: Duel of the Titans; Tarzan the Magnificent
4/24/63: Samson and 7 Miracles of the World; Prisoner of the Iron Mask
5/01/63: The Parent Trap; Mysterious Island
5/06/63: Operation Bikini; Playgirl After Dark

5/15/63: In the Cool of the Day; The Courtship of Eddie’s Father (5/17: Major Studeio Preview)
5/22/63: The Yellow Canary; Harold Lloyd’s World of Comedy
5/25/63: Rio Bravo; Oceans 11
5/29/63: My Six Loves; Wonderful to be Young
(5/29/63: Sat mat: Magic Boy; 3 Stooges in Orbit; Jack the Giant Killer)
6/05/63: The Balcony; Operation Snatch
6/12/63: Hud; The Young and the Brave
6/19/63: Hud; Operation Bullshine
6/26/63: Bye Bye Birdie (featurette: Pleasure Highway; cartoon)
7/03/63: Bye Bye Birdie; Dine With a Halo
7/10/63: The Nutty Professor; The Great Chase
7/17/63: The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm; Cattle King
7/24/63: The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm; Sergeants 3
7/31/63: Mutiny on the Bounty
8/14/63: Donovan’s Reef; Where the Truth Lies
8/21/63: Beach Party; Erik the Conquerer
8/28/63: Gidget Goes To Rome; Constatine and the Cross
9/04/63: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea; The Raiders of Leyte Gulf
9/11/63: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea; 13 Frightened Girls
9/18/63: Don’t Give Up the Ship; Rock-a-Bye Baby
9/25/63: David & Lisa; The Wrong Arm of the Law
10/02/63: Women of the World; What a Chassis
10/09/63: The Condemned of Altona; Viva Zapata
10/16/63: The Haunting; Square of Violence
10/23/63: Twilight of Honor; Ballad of a Gunfighter
10/30/63: The Terror; Dementia 13
11/06/63: Lawrence of Arabia
11/27/63: Fun in Acapulco; When the Girls Take Over
12/11/63: Promises! Promises!;…and God Created Women
12/18/63: Katu; (call theatre for provocative title)
12/25/63: Who’s Minding the Store; Watch Your Stern (12/31/63: Major Studio Preview)

plinfesty on February 10, 2010 at 6:12 am

1/15/64: Strait-Jacket; Siege of the Saxons
1/22/64: The Comedy of Terrors; Madmen of Mandoras
1/29/64: Children of the Damned; Gladiators 7
2/05/64: Man in the Middle; Surf Party
2/12/64: A Global Affair; Palm Springs Weekend
2/19/64: The Victors (featurette: Wonderful Africa)
2/26/64: The Victors; The Swingin' Maiden
3/04/64: Who’s Been Sleeping in my Bed?; A New Kind of Love
3/11/64: Goliath and the Sin of Babylon; Samson and the Slave Queen
(3/13/64: Friday 13th Midnight Show: Screaming Skull; The Spider)
3/18/64: Kissin' Cousins; The Music Man
3/25/64: Muscle Beach Party; Summer Holiday
4/08/64: Paris When It Sizzles; Tiara Tahiti
4/15/64: Hud; The L-Shaped Room
4/22/64: Seven Days in May; The Deep Six
4/29/64: Seven Days in May; Hatari
5/06/64: The Last Man On Earth; Circus of Horrors
5/13/64: Goliath and the Vampires; Pyro
5/20/64: Black Sabbath; The Evil Eye
5/27/64: South Pacific; Oklahoma!
6/03/64: Rhino!; 7 Faces of Dr. Lao
6/10/64: 3 Nuts in Search of a Bolt; The Thin Red Line
6/17/64: Hey There It’s Yogi Bear; The Crimson Blade
6/24/64: The Evil of Frankenstein; Dead Ringer
7/01/64: The Carpetbaggers (short: The World Starts Next Door)
7/15/64: The Carpetbaggers; Hot Spell
7/22/64: The Long Ships; The Quick Gun
8/12/64: The Patsy; Ensign Puller
8/19/64: Good Neighbor Sam; Please Don’t Eat the Daisies
(8/20/64: Free Thurs morning KWAC radioshow: Imitation General; cartoons)
8/25/64: Good Neighbor Sam; The Matchmaker
(8/29/64: Free Sage Dept Store morning show: Let’s Go Navy)
9/02/64: Robinson Crusoe on Mars; For Those Who Think Young
(9/05/64: Free Janitorial Supply morning show: Dance With Me Henry)
9/09/64: Ride the Wild Surf; Looking For Love
9/16/64: You’re Never Too Young; The Caddy
9/23/64: Witchcraft; The Horror of it All
9/30/64: The Visit; Night Train to Paris
10/07/64: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow; Boy’s Night Out
10/14/64: A House Is Not a Home; Zulu
10/19/64: Fabulous Spain (mat and eve – 1 day only)
10/20/64: A House is not a Home; Zulu
10/21/64: The Fall of the Roman Empire; Devil Ship Pirates
10/28/64: Malamondo; Women of the World
(10/32/64: Kids Halloween Mat: Bride of the Gorilla; Curse of the Undead; Snake Women)
11/04/64: Lilith; Dr. No
11/10/64: Cleopatra (short – Road to Independence) (5 weeks, 1 day)
(11/28/64: Sat-Sun matinees: The Magic Christmas Tree)
(12/05/64: Sat Toys For Tots Show: Bowery Boys; cartoons)
12/16/64: Lili; It Started WEith a Kiss
(12/19/64: Kern Radio kids show: The Bashful Elephant; cartoons)
12/23/64: How the West Was Won

8/26/64: Good Neighbor Sam; The Matchmaker

7/29/64: Viva Las Vegas; Tomahine

Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers on May 15, 2010 at 4:26 pm

Great work. I want to the samething with a few of my theatres,just gotta take the time.

plinfesty on May 15, 2010 at 5:19 pm

1965 bookings:
1/13/65: Goldfinger (football highlights of 1964)
1/20/65: Goldfinger; Kitten With a Whip
1/27/65: Goldfinger; The Time Traveller
1/10/65: Goldfinger; 633 Squadron
2/17/65: Those Calloways; The Three Lives of Thomasina
3/3/65: 36 Hours; Jigsaw
3/10/65: Where Love Has Gone; Lady in a Cage
3/17/65: Quick! Before it Melts; Get Yourself a College Girl
3/24/65: The Outrage; Beath the Devil
3/31/65: Psycho; Vertigo
4/07/65: The Rounders; The Walls of Hell
4/14/65: Girl Happy; Ferry Cross the Mersey
4/28/65: Your Cheatin' Heart; The Sheepman
5/05/65: Crack in the World; Tomb of Ligeia
5/12/65: The Human Duplicators; Mutiny in Outer Space
5/19/65: Love Has Many Faces; Sylvia
5/26/65: A High Wind in Jamaica; Dear Brigette
6/02/65: Lawrence of Arabia; Paris Pick-Up
6/09/65: Young Cassidy; Hush…Hush Sweet Charlotte
6/16/65: Joy in the Morning; Deart Heart
6/23/65: The Family Jewels; Roustabout
6/30/65: I’ll Take Sweden; The Satan Bug
7/07/65: Dr. No; From Russia, With Love
7/21/65: The Great Spy Mission (AKA Operation Crossbow); Sandokan the Great
7/28/65: She; Hercules, Samson and Ulysses
8/04/65: The Sons of Katie Elder; Take Her, She’s Mine
8/11/65: The Sons of Katie Elder; Genghis Khan
8/18/65: Morituri; The Sons of Katie Elder
8/25/65: Harlow (Caroll Baker); Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders
9/01/65: Help!; Ferry Cross the Mersey (added: The Rolling Stones)
9/08/65: Help!; Love is a Ball (added: The Rolling Stones)
9/15/65: Living It Up; Pardners
9/22//65: Up From the Beach; Ski Party
9/29/65: Love and Kisses; That Funny Feeling
10/06/65: Situation Hopeless…But Not Serious
10/13/65: Beach Ball; Sergeant Deadhead
10/20/65: A Rage to Live; The Great Escape
10/27/65: Once a Thief; Sighnpost to Murder
11/03/65: The Ipcress File; The Art of Love
11/10/65: The Ipcress File; Charade
11/17/65: Return From the Ashes; The Third Day
11/24/65: King Rat; Station Six-Sahara
12/01/65: King Rat; The Comancheros
12/08/65: Casanova ‘70; And God Created Women
12/15/65: Agent 8 ¾; The Hustler
12/22/65: Boeing! Boeing!; Town Tamer
12/29/65: Boeing! Boeing!; Sand of the Kalahari

plinfesty on May 15, 2010 at 5:42 pm

1966 Bookings:
1/05/66: 7 Women; The Hill
1/12/66: Never Too Late; Captain Newman, M.D.
1/19/66: The Big TNT Show; Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine
1/26/66: Darling; Love With the Proper Stranger
2/02/66: Life At the Top; Sex and the Single Girl
2/09/66: Othello (Olivier) (2 days only)
2/11/66: Do Not Disturb; The Nanny
2/18/66: The Ugly Dachshund (added: Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree)
3/09/66: The Heroes of Telemark; red Line 7000
3/16/66: The Heroes of Telemark; Shane
(3/19-3/20/66: matinees: Snow White (all new); 5 carttoons)
3/23/66: The Silencers; The Hallelujah Trail
4/06/66: The Chase; That Man in Instabul
4/20/66: Darling; The Pawnbroker
(4/23/66: Kids mat: Abott & Costello Meet Captain Kidd; A Boy 10 Feet Tall; cartoons)
4/27/66: The Spy With My Face; To Trap a Spy
5/04/66: The Pink Panther; A Shot in the Dark
5/11/66: A Patch of Blue; The Oscar
5/18/66: The Agony and the Ecstacy
5/25/66: The Agony and the Ecstacy; Inside Daisy Clover
6/01/66: The 2nd Best Secret Agent; The 10th Victim
6/08/66: Guns of Navarone; Lord Jim
6/15/66: Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number!; Frankie and Johnny
6/22/66: Lost Command; Operation CIA
6/29/66: Battle of the Bulge
7/06/66: Battle of the Bulge; Harper
7/20/66: A Fine Madness; Stop the World I Want To Get Off
7/27/66: Walk Don’t Run; Cat Ballou
8/10/66: Torn Curtain; Blindfold
8/17/66: Torn Curtain; Father Goose
8/24/66: Torn Curtain; Charade
8/31/66: What Did You Do In the War, Daddy?; Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number!
9/14/66: Fireball 500; Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine
9/21/66: The Teenage Psycho Meets Bloody Mary; The Pit and the Pendulum (2 days)
9/23/66: Flame and the Fire; Slave Trade in the World Today
9/27/66: Ambush Bay; Duel at Diablo
10/05/66: A Man Called Adam; The Dirty Game
10/12/66: My Fair Lady; Gypsy
10/19/66: Poor White Trash; Common Law Wife
10/26/66: The Gospel According to St. Matthew (2 days only)
10/28/66: Tomb of Ligela; The Raven; House of Usher
11/02/66: Door-to-Door Maniac; Psycopath
11/09/66: The Navy vs the Night Monsters; Women of the Prehistoric Planet
11/16/66: Our Man Flint; Von Ryan’s Express
11/23/66: The Fortune Cookie; Cast a Giant Shadow

And… that’s all, folks! The California’s last day of operation was Saturday, December 3, 1966!

rivest266 on August 9, 2012 at 11:50 pm

September 14th, 1920 grand opening ad uploaded here.

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