• April 14, 2008

    Adjusting a mechanical chaser controller

    So I have a 4 circuit Time-O-Matic Model 2 Chaser controller (with new contact points now!) that needs to be adjusted (I assume). The contact points can be threaded in and out which determines how far the gap is for each circuit.

    Does anyone know how to set this type of unit so it operates properly? It’s 1940’s technology, but still needs to be set up properly to work!

  • April 9, 2008

    Looking to lease theater

    We are looking for a movie theater with one or two screens for lease in the Bay Area(California), preferably east-bay. Thank you in advance for any pointers/references/links.


  • April 8, 2008

    Salvaged RCA cinema equipment

    I’ve just salavged two kalee model 12s and random rca speakers, amplifiers, etc. from my local cinema which is being torn down and would like some help trying to get more info on the stuff. Maybe I could get some info on tracking some parts for the projectors. The cinema is from the 1930’s so I am assuming that’s the age of the equipment. The kalee projectors I think are from the early 40’s.

    Thanks for any help, links or photos.

  • April 4, 2008

    Is a free movie theater feasible?

    It’s always been a dream of mine to run a movie theater and show older release movies. Last night my desire to do that was heightened after going to a screening of Goodfellas as part of a retro film series at a local theater. I’ve never seen Goodfellas in a cinemaplex before last night though I’ve watched the DVD dozens of times at home. There was nothing like it, it was just as amazing as I expected it to be. The atmosphere was great, there was like a comradery among all the theater patrons, as if we all knew we’d seen this a million times but we were all still seriously digging this.

    I want to expand on that. I think it would be so great, as almost a community service, to run a theater that played all the classics and cult favorites. The way that it would feel best for me, is if I didn’t even make it mandatory for people to spend their money at such a place. They can buy something from the concession stand if they’d like (and not 3 dollars for a candy bar I might add) and donations are more than welcome. But if you don’t have the money or don’t want to pay, you still can see the movie. And I think, not everyone, but many will donate. And there would be such a spirit in that.. I really think such a place would really be a staple of the community, a cherished service that people could really care about and take pride in.

  • April 2, 2008

    How to purchase/rent films?


    I’m curious as to how you might go about obtaining films to show in a cinema, as in just showing classic’s/trilogys/cults or whatever. I’m interested in trying to reopen a local cinema.

    Thanks in advance

  • April 1, 2008

    Time-O-Matic Chaser light control box repair

    Hey there,

    Does anyone have any contact names for parts to repair a Time-O-Matic Model #2 chaser light controller? This is a mechanical unit from the late 1940’s and the silver soldiered contacts need to be rebuilt/replaced. All they are is a brass bolt with extra fine threads with a glob of silver on the head of the bolt.

    I might try a jeweler, but thought I’d try here first.

  • March 27, 2008

    Drive-ins in WNY/NW PA/Triad Area (NC) that have gone dark

    My husband and I have begun a project of photographing certain places that are currently abandoned and hence, in danger of being demolished (either by man or nature). We will be adding these images to our website as we find them. Among the structures we are interested in are Drive-ins that have gone dark.

    While combing the listings here is helpful, we have found some listed as “closed” include comments stating they are also demolished. We will also be including open drive ins, motels (from the “neon era”), etc but are putting a priority on properties that might not be there soon. I am hoping that people here can point us towards some good prospects. We have already located and photographed the Grandview in Angola, NY and the Van Buren in Dunkirk, NY and are aware of the Transit (in Lockport) and Sunset (in Middleport). Names, locations, any information that would help us locate more would be appreciated!

  • March 26, 2008

    Seeking partners to reopen Ridgewood Theatre

    RIDGEWOOD, NY — Ridgewood Theatre (55-27 Myrtle Ave) patrons, locals, and preservationists are disheartened that the historic theater shuttered last week without warning, marking the end of its nearly 92 years as a first-run theater. Opening its doors on December 23, 1916, it was considered the longest continuously operating neighborhood theater citywide, and potentially throughout the U.S. It staged Vaudeville, silent films, saw the advent of photoplays, & the first “100% All-Talking” feature, Lights of New York (1928). Its original seating capacity was 2,500, but currently contains 5 screens and seats 1,950.

    Modeled after Times Square’s (former) Strand Theatre, the $250,000 gem was designed by the prolific Thomas Lamb & built by the Levy Brothers. The 3-story Indiana limestone & terra cotta facade is highly ornate, incorporating unique geometric patterns, medallions, a frieze, pilasters, and proudly boasts Ridgewood Theatre across the top. Interior murals originally depicted the history of Ridgewood.

  • March 24, 2008

    A piece of history??

    I moved into my home in August 2007. The light fixture in the foyer is supposed to be one of two light fixtures commissioned for the old Capitol Theatre in Regina Saskatchewan Canada. Is there anyone who can conform if this is actually true. Please me.


  • Puerto Rico drive-in info

    Hey! My name is Jose Juan Garcia and I am currently doing a resaerch about the Drive-in Culture in Puerto Rico. I had found 7 and only 1 is working at the moment. I’m looking for photos and/or information about them. Here is the list so far:

    -Auto Cine Santana. Arecibo, PR
    -Auto Cine Del Atlantico. Hatillo, PR
    -Santa Maria Drive-In. Ponce, PR
    . Carolina, PR
    -International Drive In. Bayamon, PR
    . Isabela, PR
    -Drive-In de Cobian. Cupey, PR