• January 29, 2004

    Berkshire Music Hall to Open This Spring

    PITTSFIELD, MA — The former Union Square Theatre and Berkshire Public Theatre is now the Berkshire Music Hall, according to the Berkshire Eagle. Raymond Schilke is spending $500,000 to bring back the theater which last hosted performances in 1995. Both live shows and movies will play at the newly renovated Music Hall once it reopens.

    Here are a few recent photos of the theater. (More details are also available on the Berkshire’s official website.)

  • The Paramount Center for the Arts Continues its Renovation Project

    PEEKSKILL, NY — The Paramount Center for the Arts is putting the finishing touches on an extensive renovation project.

    To celebrate the completion of the Paramount improvements, a special reception will take place on Thursday, February 19th, at 7:30 PM, which will unveil the renovated theater. Those attending the reception will see firsthand the great accomplishments that have been made in such a short amount of time, such as:

    • Restoring the theater’s intricate French renaissance ceiling to its original design
    • Re-plastering and painting of the theater walls
    • New and improved house lighting provided by the New York Power Authority
    • New curtains

    Here are a two shots taken during the renovations:

  • January 26, 2004

    Chicago Theatre Marquee Being Restored

    CHICAGO, IL — I do not have an official story from the theater/management about the renovation of the landmark marquee at the Chicago Theatre, however the activity this week has been amazing.

  • January 22, 2004

    Enean Theatre Under Restoration

    PITTSBURG, CA — Another change of fate for the “Enean Theatre” in downtown Pittsburg. After being anything but a movie theater for over 50 years, the theater will now be restored and brought back to its former use of exhibiting motion pictures and other events.

  • January 9, 2004

    Paramount Center for the Arts Begins Renovations

    PEEKSKILL, NY — The Paramount Center for the Arts will be closed from December 15th, 2003 through February 15th, 2004, for major renovations of the historic landmark theater.

  • Paramount Center for the Arts Photos

    Scott Seltzer, at the Paramount Center for the Arts, sent in these shots of the restoration work in progress:

    Painters at Evergreene Painting Studios working on ceiling canvas

    Interior of the theater, with scaffolding

  • January 8, 2004

    Revival for Yeadon Theater Remains Elusive

    YEADON, PA — The restoration of the Yeadon Theater is slowly inching along, according to a new report in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

    Current plans call for short-term stablization of the theater to begin within the next four months. Stablization efforts would first address the back portion of the Yeadon, which has been exposed to the elements since September 2003, when a contractor demolished the theater’s rear wall.

  • Metropolitan Theater To Be Restored

    MANILA, PHILLIPINES — The Metropolitan Theater has been slated for restoration following the signing of “a memorandum of understanding” between the city, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, and the Government Service Insurance System.

    According to the Manila Times, “the signatories could not stress enough the importance of the edifice as a national and cultural landmark.” Phillipine President Arroyo also noted her “desire for the restoration of the MET to its former grandeur befitting the country’s center of arts and culture for the common masses.”

    (Thanks to Rob Trent for the news.)

  • January 7, 2004

    Colonial Theatre Pics

    CANAAN, CT — As a followup to yesterday’s story about the Colonial Theatre, Roger Katz sent in a few pics of the theater’s restoration. The first shot was taken approximately a year ago (before restoration began), while the other shots were taken within the last few weeks.

  • January 6, 2004

    The Colonial: Slowly Coming Back to Life

    CANAAN, CT — According to a recent report from the Litchfield County Times, restorations are slowly bringing the Colonial Theatre back to life.