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  • February 16, 2006

    Interesting article about repertory programming

    Here is an article about the Oak Street theater in Minnesota, but the problems detailed in the article are those faced by other repertory theaters like the Brattle in Cambridge.

    I’d be interested to hear others opinions about how these kinds of old theaters showing older movies can survive and even thrive in the new marketplace.

    You can read the article here. Thanks.

  • February 14, 2006

    Winterbottom film continues “day and date” trend

    Following in the steps of the recent Landmark Cinemas release of Steven Soderbergh’s film ‘Bubble’, which was released on DVD and in theaters on the same day, British director Michael Winterbottom will also be pushing distribution boundaries with his next film.

    According to a report from the Guardian, ‘The Road to Guantanamo’ is set to debut on television, DVD, in theaters, and now online — all at the same time.

    The Road to Guantanamo, the story of the three British Muslims who were held at the US military base for two years without charge or trial, premieres today at the Berlin film festival. It will then be shown on Channel 4 on March 9. The day after, the film will be released online, on DVD and in cinemas.

    “With a film like this that’s starting with what would traditionally be the last outlet – a television broadcast – we thought it would be better to go with everything else at once,” said the film’s producer, Andrew Eaton. The film-makers are planning to release the film in 30 UK cinemas and are finalising an agreement with an internet company.

  • Academy Theater Launches Memories Project in Celebration of Renovation

    PORTLAND, OR — Portlanders are invited to join in commemorating the life and times of the historic Academy Theater, a gorgeous Streamline Moderne jewel located on Mt. Tabor, in the Southeast Portland neighborhood of Montavilla. The theater is scheduled to re-open next month for the first time in nearly thirty years.

    In celebration of the grand re-opening, theater owners Ty Dupuis — proprietor of Flying Pie Pizzeria, and his business partners — local husband and wife team Heyward and Julie Stewart – who are currently in the process of renovating the landmark theater, are issuing a “call for memories,” inviting those who still remember the Academy Theater fondly to share their recollections. Amusing memories, reminiscences of first dates, old photos, and more are welcome.

  • February 13, 2006

    Chicago Shubert Renovations Turn Up Lost History

    CHICAGO, IL — The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that renovation work at the Shubert Theatre (now known as the LaSalle Bank Theatre) has uncovered original interior plaster decoration, as well as brass fittings that were “hidden” to prevent their removal during the World War II era.

    The story includes photos and more details about the renovation of this gorgeous playhouse in Chicago’s Loop.


  • Used Red Act Curtain For Sale

    CANTON, OH — The Canton Palace Theatre has recently finished our stage curtain project with the addition of our new Red Grand/Act curtain.

    We are selling a used red pleated plush curtain approximately 24'h x 50"w, which we replaced with a 27' curtain. This curtain still has a lot of use for the right theatre. For more information see our website or contact Robbie Sees: .

  • Theater for rent / lease / sale

    I am interested in theaters for rent, lease (with option), or possibly for sale.

    Will be doing this on a tight budget so property must be currently equipped to show films or quickly able to be brought back to doing so. Older theaters are fine as long as condition is at least fair. Prefer little to no competition and a stage that would allow for some live performances as well.

    Would appreciate COMPLETE INFORMATION on any available properties. Email is: .

    Thanks and God Bless, Jimmie

  • February 10, 2006

    Fairborn Performing Arts Center to Sell off Old Seats

    The Fairborn Performing Arts and Culture Center near Dayton, OH is in the process of renovating a 1948 movie theatre into their new home. We are selling off our “Bodiform” seats by American Seating to raise money for the new seats. We have rows of up to eight seats available.

    Seats are in good mechanical condition with some wear and fading to the fabric. We are asking for a $5 donation per seat. Interested parties are asked to contact us at 937-233-7368 or 937-469-1691. Email at . Photos upon request.

  • Thomas W. Lamb

    I am the great-grandson of Thomas W. Lamb. I happened upon this wonderful website today, and am amazed at the information available here. Many thanks to the site founders for putting (and keeping) this site together.

    For now, I will be gathering information on TW’s prodigious work portfolio, as well as any stories that may have been handed down by those who knew him. From what my father remembers, he was quite a character. If you have anything to contribute on the topic, or have worked on (or in) one of his theaters, I would be very grateful to hear from you.

    Best, Tom

  • February 9, 2006

    Trylon Theater Update/How You Can Lend Your Support

    FOREST HILLS, NY — The Committee To Save The Trylon Theater (local residents, preservation groups, historical societies) has been trying to encourage the Landmarks Preservation Commission to landmark the Art Deco/Moderne 1939 World’s Fair-inspired Trylon Theater at 98-81 Queens Blvd, Forest Hills, NY.

    Landmarks Preservation Commission Chairman Tierney had intentions of granting a hearing for the Trylon Theater as early as 2003. However, Councilwoman Katz’s inactivity and initial opposition to its possible landmarking, prolonged Mr. Tierney’s decision, since the LPC usually does not act without sufficient political support. Councilwoman Katz now claims she values its historical significance and favors landmark status.

  • Golf Glen Theatre Closes

    NILES, IL — Village Theatres has closed the Golf Glen Theatre in Niles, IL. The final day was February 2, 2006. The Golf Glen was a typically bland early-to-mid 1980s creation. Theatres of this type, once widespread form the late 1970s to the early 1990s, fell quickly out of favor with audiences who wanted a return to some ambiance and wider screens.

    Village may have feared, and rightly so, the new cinemas which Kerasotes is constructing at the nearby Golf Mill shopping center. Also, attendance was quite low at this theatre, probably because Village doesn’t advertise most of its theatres in the paper (except for the Lincoln Village Theatre). Village has, however re-activated its website,

    Such a non-descript theatre might not warrant an entry here except for two reasons:

    1) It was probably the last theatre built for Essaness Theatres prior to that chain’s takeover by Plitt (which incidentally, to my knowledge, leaves only two former Essaness Theatres still showing movies in the Chicagoland Area — the Lake and the Davis).

    2) It probably had more owner/operators in its 23 year span than any other. Essaness, Plitt, Cineplex-Odeon, Loews-Cineplex, and Village all operated it at one time or another.