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  • September 7, 2005

    Seats for sale

    421 Seats for sale. All metal construction with wood arm rests. Unsure of how old they are. I was told when I bought the theatre that they were installed in the early 1970’s. The seats have an art deco style and we have a limited amount with aisle lights. The seats were installed in rows of 5, 10 and ll. the seats are currently being disassembled for transport. The seats have a small footprint.
    $1000.00 obo
    Gordon or Eileen Wolcott
    206-463-6845 After 5 PM

  • September 6, 2005

    Strand Theater to Reopen

    WANYNESVILLE, NC — The Asheville Citizen Times has reported that the long closed Strand Theatre in Waynesville, NC has been purchased by Joey Massie who plans to renovate and reopen the old theater which closed in 1981.

    Highland Forest, a land developer, has signed a lease to use the front space to promote its projects. The funds paid for the lease will allow Massie to refurbish the marquee, facade and lobby area. The citizens of Waynesville are thrilled to see this old theater be renovated because it has been an eye sore and has been deteriorating since it closed.

  • Luxor Hotel – Blue Man Group Theater Seats For Sale

    I will have between 500 and 800 Irwin Marquee chairs from the Blue Man Group Theater in the Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA on 9/19.

    I am removing them as the act is leaving the hotel, and we gear up for a new act at the Luxor.

    The chair is an Irwin Marquee, with a rocking back, and cupholder armrests.

    I am selling all or part. The price is $65.00 per chair if purchased as is.

    My company can also refurbish the chairs, with new fabric, foam, hardware and even plastic. This would make the price vary, so if this is your desire, please contact me directly for a quote.

    I will have the chairs in Utah. If you would like a quote from me for delivery, assembly and installation, please contact me.

    phone 801.318.0503

  • September 5, 2005

    Cinema Treasures Closed For Labor Day

    Cinema Treasures is closed today in observance of Labor Day.

    We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

  • September 2, 2005

    Hurricane Katrina Damages LA/MS Theaters

    NEW ORLEANS, LA — It appears that several theaters in Southeastern Louisiana and Mississippi were damaged during Hurricane Katrina.

    PlayBill: Saenger Theatre, the New Orleans Home for Broadway Tours, Among Thousands of Buildings Impacted by Hurricane

    A spokesperson for Clear Channel Entertainment, which programs legit tours at the Saenger — a palatial 2,800-seat house that was built for movies and stage shows in 1927 — told, “No one can get near the theatre — we have no idea how bad it is.”

    Hattiesburg American: How our community and neighbors fared

    At the historic Saenger Theater downtown, the wind had blown pieces of a traffic light through the lobby windows. Shattered glass covered the sidewalks outside.

    The theater’s manager, Philip Tapia, and a production technician, Joshua Williams, came out about 7 a.m. to put up plywood to keep any more water from getting into the building if it rained before they could get the windows replaced.

    Our hearts go out to everyone in New Orleans and other affected areas. If you haven’t made a donation, please consider doing so.

    Donation websites: American Red Cross Hurricane Relief
    American Red Cross — Donate!

  • “Before” Photos Of Trylon Theater

    And, today, we’re bringing you “before” shots of the Trylon Theater from Michael Perlman. Thanks again, Michael!

  • September 1, 2005

    Photos Of Trylon Theater Alterations

    Michael Perlman has sent us some heart-breaking pictures of the Trylon Theater:

    I’m sending you some “before” & “after” photos, indicating the state of the theater, as to when it closed on Dec 31, 1999, & current photos showing how much has been demolished/altered as of Aug 10, 2005.

    (Note: we’ll show the “before” shots tomorrow.)

  • Grand Theater Photos

    Ed Dobbins sent us this note about the Grand Theater:

    I though you might be interested, I finially compiled all of my Grand Theater pictures onto one website.

    Ed Dobbins
    Baltimore, MD

  • August 31, 2005

    Southern California Drive-In Movie Society

    Lanna writes:

    Join the newly launched Southern California Drive-In Movie Society. For more info, contact Chris at:

    “Preserving the classic drive-in movie experience in Southern California” is our mission!

    The next Membership Outreach event is Saturday, September 24th, 2005 at 6:30 PM. The event will be held at the Pacific Vineland Drive-In, 443 N. Vineland in the City of Industry (91715) — in the San Gabriel Valley — the only remaining operating drive-in theater in Los Angeles and Orange Counties!

    We usually meet by the snack bar! Look for our signs inside!

  • ‘Recent Comments’ Feature Offline

    As many of you have noticed, we have temporarily removed the ‘Recent Comments’ feature from our homepage.

    Unfortunately, this action was necessary because the number of comments on Cinema Treasures is growing so greatly that our database is being overwhelmed. (We’re adding approximately 5000 comments a month.) As a result, the rest of the website was sluggish or even inaccessible.

    This feature will return, of course. But not until we can safely insure that the rest of Cinema Treasures will not be negatively impacted.

    As always, thanks for your patience and support.

    Ross Melnick and Patrick Crowley
    Co-Founders, Cinema Treasures