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  • August 30, 2005

    Seeking Information About Ann Arbor Movie Theaters

    Laura Wallace asks:

    Hello! I hope you may be able to help me.

    My fraternal grandmother, Cecilia Brahm, sang in an Ann Arbor movie theater approximately from 1910 – 1915. She was accompanied on the piano/organ by Ms. Allie Tice. I am looking for more specific information if there are any records from this time.

    Being totally optimistic, I would like to obtain some memorabilia that may advertise their performances. Note of interest: Cecilia Brahm’s uncle was composer Johannes Brahms.

    I hope someone can help with my search. Thank you so very much!!

    Laura Wallace

  • Exhibitor Magazines

    I have a small collection of Exhibitor magazines and and several other theater magazines for sale.

    • December 16, 1953, 35th Anniversary Edition
    • March 31. 1954
    • February 13, 1963
    • April 1, 1959, Theatre Catalog Edition
    • April 4, 1962, Theatre Catalog Edition
    • June 16, 1965
    • January 19, 1966
    • April 6, 1966, Section One
    • April 6, 1966, Section Three, Theatre Catalog Edition
    • August 17, 1966

    Odd Magazines:
    • July 1965, Greater Amusements and International Projectionist
    • August 31, 1959, Box Office
    • March 3, 1966, Showmen’s Trade Review

    All Magazines are $ 2.00 each, plus shipping or $ 20.00 for all, plus shipping. The condition of each magazine may vary. Email for information.


  • Drive-In Theatres Still A Big Deal In Texas

    Drive-ins may be continuing to fade away around the country but, as this Los Angeles Times article they’re as strong — and as popular as ever — in the state of Texas.

  • August 29, 2005

    South Carolina’s Single Screen Movie Theatres

    We have made great progress listing the old single screen movie theatres of South Carolina at

    Included are photographs and stories from people who remember the fun they had going to their local theatre. We invite all users of to drop in and enjoy.

    Comments are always welcome.

  • New Movie Theater In NYC?

    NEW YORK, NY — A new high-tech-style movie theater may anchor the southeast corner of Washington and 13th Streets/the Meat Packing district in the future, according to this report from the Villager.

    The building, located at 837-843 Washington Street, is currently a low-rise building brokered by James Ortenzio, homoe to many meat businesses. When the building is refurbished, Robert K. Futterman and Associates, a national movie theater chain will take the 2nd and 3rd floors once the ground floor has something. The building is 60,000 square feet.

    The current leases expire in 2 ½ years.

  • August 26, 2005

    Fox Theatre Free Screening

    FULLERTON, CA — On Thursday September 1 at 8:30 p.m. the Fox Theatre will screen the 1953 version of “War Of The Worlds.” The movie will be projected on the exterior stage wall, under the stars. Bring your own seating for the space provided in the parking lot on a first-come, first served basis. Popcorn, soft drinks, pizza, and snacks will be available for purchase.

  • LaSalle Theater In Cleveland Ohio For Sale!

    CLEVELAND, OH — The LaSalle Theater in Euclid (Cleveland) Ohio is for sale. Neighborhood theater, built in the 20’s, closed in the 90’s and rarely used after. Seats 800, need updating to interior and exterior. Great project for theater buff or non-profit group!

    Please contact John MacDonald for more info at (866)560-1343.

  • Yonkers Movie House

    In South Yonkers, New York, there’s a movie house just waiting for someone to come along and renovate it. Everyone seems to agree that this facility, if restored and resusitated as a movie house can help in the revitalization of the South Yonkers area.

    The movie house, originally built as a twin theater in 1926, seats 460 downstairs and about the same number in the upper level. The property is privately-owned and it is located in a retail corridor in transition. Special economic development benefits from the city and State are available.

    The local non-profit group seeking to develop this movie house can also serve as an important resource, as it represents all property owners and merchants in the corridor. There’s an information packet available for any developers or operators wanting to know more. Call 914-438-4721 or e-mail

  • Theatre Seats For Sale

    I have 500 used Irwin Citations for Sale with Cupholders attached. Red with brown cushions. 1974 Vintage but refurbished by Cy Young in 1993.

    Located outside of Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

    If interested call 717-533-6600 and leave message.

  • August 25, 2005

    Embassy Embarks on Architectural and Marketing Studies

    LEWISTOWN, PA — The following email was sent by Paul T. Fagley:

    “Embassy Theatre Embarks on Architectural and Marketing Studies

    With a $15,000 Historic Preservation Grant from the Commonwealth and the same amount from a bequest from the late Helen Price, Lewistown¹s Embassy Theatre is ready to take another step toward its eventual rehabilitation and reuse. The Friends of the Embassy Theatre, a Lewistown-area non-profit organization, are completing architectural and marketing studies, which will provide a foundation for future decisions and investments involving theatre preservation, restoration, and maintenance.

    Located on Lewistown’s Monument Square, the Embassy was constructed in 1927, designed as a scaled down version of a Broadway “picture palace” theatre. Films were last shown in 1981 and, 10 years later, the Friends of the Embassy purchased it at an auction. The group reached a major milestone in 2003 with the reconstruction and illumination of the theatre¹s magnificent marquee, often referred to as the Marquee of a Thousand Lights.