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  • October 20, 2004

    Loew’s Paradise Theater

    Enough people have already submitted their experiences of going to the “movies” at the Paradise, one of the greatest movie theaters ever.

    Of course, the ceiling in the theater with it’s twinkling stars was magical. Some are too young to know that it originally had stage shows along with the movie in the old days. Very much like Radio City Music Hall. And that gorgeous baroque staircase to the balcony.

    Did anyone mention the goldfish? There were pools (3 or 4) of huge goldfish in the lobby.

    If The Paradise is not restored and saved it will be the shame of New York, just as the demolition of Penn Station was. So Bronxites, what can we do?

  • Theatre Catalogs WANTED for Archiving Project

    The Drive-In Exchange, Ltd. is preparing to archive all of the “Theatre Catalogs” that were released by Jay Emanuel Publishing starting from their pre-Theatre Catalog of 1939 through the 1970 Theatre Catalog edition of The Motion Picture Exhibitor.

    Our purpose is to make the articles, advertisements and features of each individual volume available to everyone in a digital PDF format. Our search for these catalogs over the past 10 years has enabled us to find most of the rare volumes. The volumes that we are currently in need of are the 1959, 1961, 1962, 1964, 1966, 1967 and 1968 editions.

    If anyone out there would like to either sell or donate any of these volumes to use for these archival purposes, we will send you the Theatre Catalog Digital collection (probably on DVD volumes) when they become available for free.

    Please contact us ASAP if you can. Thank you.

  • October 19, 2004

    Capitol Theatre Update

    FLINT, MI — We’ve received an update on the Capitol Theatre from Gary Flinn:

    Just one minor, but significant update about the Capitol Theatre in Flint MI.  The theater’s arcade canopy facing Harrison Street now has a small sample coat of gold paint which could be the final color of the repaired canopy. A pair of photos (apologies as the sky was overcast) are attached to show the gold color.

    Gary also wanted us to point out his current Flinn’s Journal column on the Michigan preservation site Water Winter Wonderland. The current column includes photos and a history of the Capitol.

  • Don’t Miss Tonight’s Fox Fullerton Meeting!

    FULLERTON, CA — The Fullerton Historic Theatre Foundation is planning is having an emergency meeting tonight at 7pm. The meeting will be held at Fullerton City Hall, where the City Redevelopment Agency will be meeting to address the Fox Theatre’s future.

    For more information, read the foundation’s email alert:

    FOX COUNTDOWN: 14 Days left to Save the Fox!


    Our regular Community Update/Volunteer Meeting scheduled for October 19 will be changed somewhat due to a City Redevelopment Agency meeting addressing the Fox Theatre scheduled on the same day.

  • Boston Mayor Favors Destroying Gayety Theatre

    BOSTON, MA — Boston’s mayor is actively supporting a plan to tear down one of the city’s most significant historic theatres and cultural landmarks to replace it with a luxury apartment building.

    The Gayety (alternately spelled Gaiety) has been shuttered for years and last operated under the name of the E.M. Loew’s Publix.

    Read the full story on the Boston Phoenix website.

  • October 18, 2004

    “Cinema Treasures” Book Signing This Thursday At The Paramount In Peekskill, NY

    PEEKSKILL, NY — The Paramount Center for the Arts will celebrate the release of Cinema Treasures: A New Look at Classic Movie Theaters, by Ross Melnick and Andreas Fuchs, from MBI Publishing, with a public reception on Thursday, October 21st, at 6:00pm.

    The Paramount was selected as one of thirty movie theaters nationwide to be featured in this ambitious and evocatively illustrated, published account of the rise of the American movie theater.

    Says co-author Ross Melnick, “Movie theaters are not just buildings. They house dreams, memories, and culture. The venue is an integral part of the experience. Architects like Rapp & Rapp, who designed The Paramount, always believed that the architecture of fantasy was instilled in each theater to make going to the movies as exciting as the movie itself.”

  • Plans To Reopen Adelphi Theater Put In Hibernation

    CHICAGO, IL — Due to circumstances beyond our control, it looks like we will not be opening up the Adelphi Theater as soon as we like.

    The current owner (the one preventing us from buying the theater) is threatening to board the place up and kick us out. We are unsure how long we have to leave, so if you want to check out the theater, now is the time to do it. We do plan to come back soon and try again. We have a great love for this building and will not give up that easily.

    Thank you to all that have helped us and supported us. Unfortunately, money talks, and we didn’t speak the language very well.

  • Looking For A Mentor

    I’m looking to buy an independent movie theatre in the next eight years and would, in the mean time like to find a business mentor to help guide me through the process of what it takes to own and operate a succesful theater.

    I would greatly appreciate any help towards finding a mentor as I have no clue, nor have I come across anyone willing to take on such a rewarding task.

  • October 15, 2004

    Today’s Newsreel

  • October 14, 2004

    7,000+ Theaters!

    The Cinema Treasures theater database keeps on growing! We’ve just passed the 7,000-theater mark and want to thank everyone for their continued support of the site and for passing along their knowledge of “Cinema Treasures” around the world.

    View new theaters