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  • January 26, 2005

    New Uses At Four Former Times Sq. Theaters (Criterion, Paramount, Astor Plaza & Times Sq.)

    NEW YORK, NY — In a January 23, 2004 New York Times article, entitled A Crossroads for Restaurants, Mervyn Rothstein reports on a number of real estate developments in the Times Square area, including four that involve sites that were once movie theaters.

    A new restaurant, “Bond 45,” is set to open tomorrow in the building that used to house the Criterion Theater. (Given the restaurant’s name, presumably it is located in the space that was originally the Bond’s clothing store, which shared the site with the Criterion.)

    The Hard Rock Cafe is set to move its restaurant from 57th St. to the site of the World Wrestling Entertainment restaurant complex — built, in part, of the site of the fabled Paramount Theater. (From the article it appears that the new restaurant will occupy about 5,500 sq. feet of ground-level space, where the theater’s lobby once was, and 35,000 sq. ft. of basement space.)

  • Queen Anne Theatre in New Jersey?

    HACKENSACK, NJ — Does anyone know about a historic theatre near Hackensack called the Queen Anne Theatre?

    It is located right next to Route 80 and is visible from there. It is a reddish brick building with the named facing the highway. It also has a flyloft in the back. It looks like it is no longer in use from the stores in the front and the windows look real shabby.

    I could not find a listing for it and wondered if anyone knew about its history.

  • January 25, 2005

    Los Angeles Theater(s) For Sale??

    I’m a realtor in southern California looking for information about any theaters which may be for sale in the Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley areas.

    The age and condition of the property is not a concern at this time. Any assistance would be appreciated.

    Please email any information to Mark Marino at: .

    Thank you!

  • Sound Proof Panels

    Sound proof panels for sale, in Chandler, Az and are $50 each. Different sizes available. Email for details and pictures.

  • January 24, 2005

    The Ohio Theater

    LIMA, OH — Does anyone know anything about the old Ohio Theater in Lima Ohio? As far as I know it’s been a nightclub that has changed its music styles during the past 20 years. But does anyone know anything more than that? Is the current owner looking to sell, or willing to consider it?

  • January 21, 2005

    Cinema Treasures Authors Choose “10 Great Places To Revel In Cinematic Grandeur” for USA Today

    Cinema Treasures co-authors Ross Melnick and Andreas Fuchs recently chose 10 classic cinemas from across the United States for USA Today’s weekly travel feature, “10 Great Places.” The list is not a “top ten,” but rather a varied programming, geographical, and architectural selection of “Cinema Treasures” from across the nation.

    To see the list and the reason for a theater’s inclusion, read Shawn Sell’s “10 Great Places To Revel In Cinematic Grandeur” article published today in USA Today. For more information on the book, visit the book website.

  • From Live Theater to Movie Theater to Live Theater Again

    CHICAGO, IL — The former Water Tower movie theaters at the Water Tower Place shopping center on Michigan Avenue and Chestnut Street, which closed in summer of 2003 after a brief stint as an art house under the Village Theatres chain, will be opening around April as a single auditorium, 549-seat live theater venue.

    The Drury Lane Theatre at Water Tower Place’s first production will be Terrence McNally and David Yazbek’s “The Full Monty”. Drury Lane originally was part of the shopping center when it opened in 1976, but later closed, and the space turned into a movie theater under Plitt Theatres, then Cineplex Odeon, and finally Meridian Theatres before closing in 2001.

    Screens 5-7 reopened in 2002 under Village Theatres, while 1-4 were turned into additional retail space. The cost of the renovation back to a live theater space cost around $9 million. It will be the second new live theater to open on Michigan Avenue in recent years, with the Lookingglass Theatre company opening its new space in the historic Water Tower Water Works just across the street from Water Tower Place in 2003.

    For more information, read the Chicago Tribune article.

  • January 20, 2005

    Today’s Newsreel

  • January 19, 2005

    IMAX Le Theatre in Quebec City Closes

    QUEBEC CITY, CANADA — A story on Global TV in Quebec says the IMAX Le Theatre has closed due to falling attendence and losses of 2.5 million dollars. it opened in 1995.

    For more information, visit the Radio Canada website with video:

  • The Crest Theatre — A Church No More

    FRESNO, CA — The Crest Theatre in downtown Fresno is currently for rent! This beautiful art deco palace sits on the Western edge of downtown near the Fulton Street Mall, which is slated for redevelopment. I am intrested in re- opening the theater as an art/foreign/indy mecca for the multiplex weary!

    I would appreciate any help as to how to get this dream into development, the secrets to a successful independent theater! Especially helpful would be from those living in the Fresno area as to programming and for resoration help. For an overview on this theater check it out here on the Cinema Treasures website.