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Movie Theaters in Canada

Showing 331 - 360 of 579 open movie theaters
↓ Name Location Status Screens
Galaxy Cinemas Orillia Galaxy Cinemas Orillia Orillia, Canada Open 6
Galaxy Cinemas Orangeville Galaxy Cinemas Orangeville Orangeville, Canada Open 7
Galaxy Cinemas Nanaimo Galaxy Cinemas Nanaimo Nanaimo, Canada Open 8
Galaxy Cinemas Moose Jaw Galaxy Cinemas Moose Jaw Moose Jaw, Canada Open 6
Galaxy Cinemas Medicine Hat Galaxy Cinemas Medicine Hat Medicine Hat, Canada Open 10
Galaxy Cinemas Cornwall Galaxy Cinemas Cornwall Cornwall, Canada Open 7
Galaxy Cinemas Collingwood Galaxy Cinemas Collingwood Collingwood, Canada Open 7
Galaxy Cinemas Chilliwack Galaxy Cinemas Chilliwack Chilliwack, Canada Open 8
Galaxy Cinemas Chatham Galaxy Cinemas Chatham Chatham, Canada Open 7
Galaxy Cinemas Cambridge Galaxy Cinemas Cambridge Cambridge, Canada Open 9
Galaxy Cinemas Brockville Galaxy Cinemas Brockville Brockville, Canada Open 6
Galaxy Cinemas Brantford Galaxy Cinemas Brantford Brantford, Canada Open 8
Galaxy Cinemas Belleville Galaxy Cinemas Belleville Belleville, Canada Open 8
Galaxy Cinemas Barrie Galaxy Cinemas Barrie Barrie, Canada Open 12
Galaxy @ Lethbridge 10 Galaxy @ Lethbridge 10 Lethbridge, Canada Open 10
Gaiety Theatre Gaiety Theatre Glenboro, Canada Open 1
Gaiety Theatre Gaiety Theatre Gravelbourg, Canada Open 1
Fox Theatre Fox Theatre Pincher Creek, Canada Open 2
Fox Theatre Fox Theatre Toronto, Canada Open 1
Fox Cabaret Fox Cabaret Vancouver, Canada Open 1
Forum 22 Forum 22 Montreal, Canada Open 22
Foam Lake Theatre Foam Lake Theatre Foam Lake, Canada Open 1
Flicks Cinema Flicks Cinema Stonewall, Canada Open 1
Fleur De Lys Fleur De Lys Trois Rivières Ouest, Canada Open 9
Famous Players Prince Rupert Cinemas Famous Players Prince Rupert Cin... Prince Rupert, Canada Open 3
Famous Players Kildonan Place Cinemas Famous Players Kildonan Place Ci... Winnipeg, Canada Open 6
Famous Players Canada Square Famous Players Canada Square Toronto, Canada Open 8
Famous Players 6 Cinemas Famous Players 6 Cinemas Prince George, Canada Open 6
Falkon Theatre Falkon Theatre Tisdale, Canada Open 1
Empress Theatre Empress Theatre Fort Macleod, Canada Open 1