• April 19, 2004

    Grove Theatre in Peril After Refusing to Perform Play

    PLEASANT GROVE, UT – The Grove Theatre has been in financial peril since August 2003, when a cast member and a journalist reported the theater to copyright monitor Samuel French, Inc. for planning to perform Neil Simon’s play “Rumors” without profanity.

    After being told that she “must present the play as written or not at all,” owner Gayliene Omary decided to cancel the play rather than go against community standards. The journalist then wrote a column on the situation he helped create, saying, “How Samuel French learned of the alterations is a mystery worthy of Agatha Christie…”

  • March 25, 2004

    El Campo Community Theater Restoration Project

    EL CAMPO, TX — Here in El Campo there is a small venue theater that a handful of people are desperately trying to restore. If you know about any ways to obtain funding, please let us know at .

    There is a need for about $200,000 at last count. Any help you can offer in terms of links, information or how to find funding would be great!


  • March 5, 2004

    Looking for Funds to Refurbish Old Smalltown Theater

    I have started to refurbish an old 600 seat theater in a small Indiana town about one hour from Indinapolis, Indiana. I have been in the theater business for almost 17 years now, and I have been looking for an indoor and or outdoor theater I can own and operate.

    I have finally found one and have everything ready to get open, but I am in need of more money in order to continue. Banks have been no help because I have no business credit and not enough personal assets to satify them.

    I am looking for a silent partner, or limited partnership, or a loan, or grant. Will be glad to talk more with anyone who might be interested in helping. Thank you.

    Please call me at 317-357-8981 or email me at .

  • March 4, 2004

    Live Theatre in Long Beach, CA Needs Seats

    LONG BEACH, CA — Hello my name is Peter Kreder and I am with Six Chairs & a Couple of Artists Theatre company here in Long Beach, CA.

    We are currently in the stages of reopening our theatre company in a new venue. We desire to upgrade our seating and provide “real” seating for our audiences. We are poor. We are looking for an organization that may be upgrading their facilities and have seats to dispose of that they may want to donate to see that the seats have a second life.

  • February 26, 2004

    11th Hour for Historic Raymond Theatre!!!

    PASADENA, CA — On March 15th, the City of Pasadena will attempt to grant permits to gut the interior of the Raymond Theatre (formerly known as Perkin’s Palace). Our sixteen year battle to stop unnecessary development of the theater into an apartment/retail/shopping center will be over.

  • January 27, 2004

    New Campaign to Save the Odeon Cinema

    YORK, ENGLAND — The campaign to save the Odeon Cinema has received a boost with the backing of our local newspaper who have been producing posters and articles of support.

  • January 26, 2004

    Seeking Theater Groups in Need of a Website

    Sean Network Web Development is looking to do web development work for any non-profit theatre related groups (such as owners of theaters, “Friends of” groups, “Save the” groups, etc.) for little or no cost.

    We are looking to build up our portfolio while creating awareness of preservation of theaters. We can create a full site for your theater group, and may also provide hosting. If you are a non-profit theater group please go to to apply.

  • November 17, 2003

    Artists Host Fundraiser for the Milton Theatre Project

    MILTON, DE — On Saturday, November 29th beginning at 6:00 PM, award winning nationally recognized artists Michael Bell and Michael Sprouse join forces in a two man exhibition and fund raiser benefitting the Milton Theatre.

  • November 13, 2003

    Historic Wayne Theatre Needs Volunteers!

    WAYNE, MI — The Historic Wayne Theatre needs your help! We are seeking volunteers to help restore our theater! If you live in the Metro-Detroit area and would like to help, contact us via our website at, or call (734) 728-SHOW and leave a message if we aren’t there. We also need donations. Any and all help is appreciated. For more information about our theater, check out our theater page on Cinema Treasures.

  • October 27, 2003

    California Theater Seeks Revival

    PITTSBURG, CA — In early spring of 1919, the Pittsburg Post newspaper announced that the Enea brothers of the Palace Theater “will erect a handsome new playhouse on Railroad Street, which will embody in every way a most modern type of theatre building, handsome in appearance and substantial in construction.”