• December 18, 2006

    Home of the original Carolina Barn Dance (aired in 40’s/50’s) needs help

    SPRUCE PINE, NC — A Famous History – A Promising Future

    The Carolina Theatre, a cultural event center in downtown Spruce Pine, was built in 1937 during the heyday of the Silver Screen. Now The Carolina Theatre Preservation Association, Inc. (a 501©(3) corp) hosts a plethora of entertainment and fundraising events for classic country enthusiasts and historical buffs in efforts to restore this theatre to its historic roots.

    The grand, neon-decorated marquee(now a little worse for wear) survives and juts out prominently over the city sidewalk. Countless banners were hung from it, hawking the movies and live entertainment of the era: The Frontier Badman starring Lon Chaney; Gone with the Wind; all the Sing Cowboy films; and, of course the famous Saturday morning cartoons such as Buck Rogers and The Gang.

  • December 13, 2006

    Children’s Hospital movie theater to become a reality

    LOMA LINDA, CA — There is a new initiative to help build an in-hospital movie theater for young patients that need constant medical attention. The hospital has joined forces with Stater Bros' supermarkets and Proctor & Gamble to raise funds.

    Stater Bros. Markets has teamed with Procter & Gamble to raise $100,000 for Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital in Loma Linda, California. The money, which was raised through in-store promotions held at all 162 Stater Bros. Supermarkets, will be used to create a unique movie theater for the young patients at the hospital.

    At the check presentation ceremony, the future plans for the exciting Stater Bros. Movie Theater will be discussed. This theater will provide a place where young patients can leave the reality of fighting their illness far behind. The theater will also help the hospital attract more first-run screenings of movies, such as “Charlotte’s Web.” Going to public movie theaters is a pleasure many patients cannot enjoy due to the risk of infection.

    To read more, go to Yahoo News.

  • November 17, 2006

    Theater seats needed

    We are a 501c.3, non-profit organization in Chicago, named for a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. We’ve begun construction of a learning resource center for children, ages, 8-12 and have planned a 99-seat theater.

    While we have new projection equipment and a screen donated, we also need 99 upholstered theater-style seats in good condition. We are willing to provide the freight cost and also a nameplate of the donor on our “Wall of Remembrance” which promises to be a most moving and inspiring place in our building.

    We are only looking for a donation of good to excellent seats. If you are interested in helping us and obtaining a tax deduction, please call: Dave Mann, Executive Director at (800) 323-5357, ext. 4819 or via e-mail at Thank you.

  • November 1, 2006

    Films at the Sedgwick takes Baby Steps

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — The Sedgwick Theater, once the Sedgwick Cultural Center at 7137 Germantown Ave, is closed, except for the occational films.

    I started showing films in the Sedgwick in July of 06. The Sedgwick was a beautiful building- Art Deco, built in 1928. It closed in the 60s and was bought up and divided, the theater space was cinderblocked off, and the remaining lobbies ignored. With the theater space able to seat over 1600 people, the former owners figured… hey, I could probably cut a good profit by stripping the theater down, and turning it into a storage facility.

    And so it sat until the 1990s when it went back on the market and was bought by the current owners. They’re the ones who set up the Cultural Center, but as far as I can tell, the running cost of the building ran the non-profit into the ground.

    So that brings me to Films at the Sedgwick. I started by showing some public domain films for free, trying to give the building a presence once again.

    And now, I’ve come to a sort of crossroads. I need help. I can’t do this alone anymore all out of pocket. So with our sites set on the Sedgwick Theater, we’re thinking big and starting small. Next door I’m openning the Little Theater, the Sedgwick’s baby sister. And as of November, the Little Theater an intimate 25 seat theater will be a second-run theater, showing films every weekend.

    What I need is Art Deco theater decor, A ticket booth, a sign/marquee, and I need to take this full time. In short, I need donations, investors, and lots of advice to start building the Sedgwick’s comeback.

    Thank-you in advance for your help.
    -David Titus
    Director, Films at the Sedgwick

  • August 30, 2006

    Theater in need of curtains

    We have a small theater in Hollywood that is in need of some theater curtains. If anyone has some that are going to waste, we could use them. We don’t have a budget and we are not a cinema. We are a live theater, but we do teach students to prepare for the Silver Screen. Please email me if you have any info that may help us find what we need.

    Thanks so much.

  • August 23, 2006

    Grandview Drive-in needs your help!!!

    ANGOLA, NY — The Grandview Drive-in is in need of your help!

    The property owners have refused to do any repairs including replacing the Marquee building that blew down over 3 years ago (made it pretty hard to know what was playing or that they were even open the past few years).

    Anyways, the screen suffered damage over the winter and the man who leases it was unable to even open this summer due to them refusing to repair it.

  • August 21, 2006

    No movie theaters in Monroeville, PA

    Attention theater chain owners. Monroeville, PA needs a movie theater! There used to 4 movie houses(1 being the Carmike Monroeville) here and all have closed in the past decade or so. This is a huge shopping district in the greater Pittsburgh area. Please bring movies back to Monroeville!

  • July 18, 2006

    The Harwan Theater to become a Walgreen’s

    MT. EPHRAIM, NJ — My community and I need help. There is a beautiful old theater in Mt. Ephraim, NJ that is nearly set to become a Walgreen’s drugstore! The theater has not regularly shown films since the late 80s/early 90s, but has become a venue for bands and live theatre, and ran the Rocky Horror Picture Show for many years. For the past 3 years or so, the property has been leased and renovated by a woman who wanted to begin live theatre, but the borough has very nearly decided to sell. I’m writing letters, but I’m afraid that won’t be enough!

    If you can offer any advice on how we can SAVE THE HARWAN please . There is a borough meeting on August 3 that I plan to attend. I’d buy it if I could! Any suggestions on funding or saving this historic theater?

  • July 17, 2006

    New stewards for Needles Theater

    NEEDLES, CA — Built in 1929 by the Masonic Order who occupied the second floor, the Needles, CA theatre was in operation on the ground floor for 63 years until 1992 when the building’s roof caught fire. The building has been vacant ever since.

    In ‘97, the Mason’s gave it to the Needles Area Chamber of Commerce, who, with the best intentions, started a pre-restoration cleanup. Activities ceased due to funding issues and the deaths of two who spearheaded the project.

    In June 2006, my wife and I purchased the building from the Chamber and have begun some exterior restoration work, including scraping and coating the entire building with an elastomeric paint, encouraged by the double thumbs up from almost everyone who passes by. After dangling from a 40' boom lift for 6 hours/day for 8 days when temperatures exceeded 115 in the shade, the exterior is much improved.

  • July 11, 2006

    Old Russellville Theatre seeks marquee

    The old Russellville Theatre has been closed for the last 30 years and now Main Street Russellville is trying desperately to raise monies to the restore the theatre into an art deco multi-purpose facility.

    Here’s what I need from all of you theatre buffs — is there a closed theatre that you know of that has a marquee that could possibly be purchased and transported to be used on another theatre? Previous owners destroyed the marquee. The theatre is now owned by the city and has been placed on our hands to preserve it and bring it back to life.

    Thanks for your help.

    S. Darlene Gooch
    Main Street Russellville – Director