• November 26, 2007

    La Grange Theatre – needs $3.5 million for restoration

    LAGRANGE, IL — The La Grange Theatre faces the challenge of many neighborhood theatres today. How do you come up with $3.5 million dollars to restore a theatre that has fallen into hard times?

    An article in Suburban Life discusses the dilemma the owners of the La Grange theatre in Illinois face. “How do you find the necessary funds to save a neighborhood theatre that faces the few remaining theatres today?” Also addressed is “how viable it is to return the theatre to its former grandeur if you get the funding?”.

    Sadly, in todays economic times, both questions seem near impossible tasks. The $3.5 million estimate entails a complete gutting of the structure, including rebuilding walls, and would require closing the theater for up to nine months. Still, the theater would not be classically restored to its past grandeur.

  • August 26, 2007

    The Keith-Albee Needs Your Help

    HUNTINGTON, WV — The Keith-Albee Foundation, which has operated the historic Keith-Albee Theatre since August of 2006, is looking for some volunteers to help remove the former movie palace’s concession counters and other items on Tuesday, August 28th, starting at 6 PM. David Tyson, co-president of the Foundation, says to just show up. “We would like to have 100 volunteers”. Tyson recommends those interested in helping out at the Keith-Albee dress in old clothes and bring work gloves. Members of Marshall University’s rugby team have already committed to volunteering.

    The work session is the latest of several sessions held over the past year to help convert the Thomas Lamb-designed movie house into a performing arts venue. The theater is located at 925 4th Avenue in Huntington.

    See the article in the Herald-Dispatch for further information.

  • June 14, 2007

    Looking for theatre in need of restoration

    I am looking for a performing arts theatre in need of restoration. No seats-no problem.

  • March 13, 2007

    Capitol Theatre may file for bankruptcy

    WINDSOR, CANADA — The Capitol Theatre and Arts Centre is on the verge of bankruptcy. It postponed bankruptcy filing Friday while waiting for word on a bail-out loan from the city of Windsor.

    The Capitol Theatre on Friday postponed signing of bankruptcy papers after the city held off on a promised bail-out loan.

    “We’re not trying to buy time so much as we’re trying to give the city a chance to formally reply to us,” said a frustrated Tom Lynd, the Capitol’s acting general manager.

    More details from The Windsor Star.

  • January 26, 2007

    Purchase a bulb on our marquee

    NORWALK, OH — We are currently trying to raise some funds to help purchase some newer projection equipment, restore the marquee, sponsor some live plays and help with operating costs.

    We have over 800 bulbs on our marquee and for $50.00, individuals and businesses can “purchase” a bulb. In return, you will get your name or business name listed in our live event programs for one full year.

    We have owned the Norwalk Theatre for about two months and need some help to get it off the ground. This is a great way for people who want to see another historic art deco theatre survive, to help out.

    Go to our website and check out the pictures of our theatre and the mailing address if you would like to “purchase” a bulb. You can also see the magnificient marquee on our website, too. You may purchase more than one bulb if you would like. Each bulb you purchase can have a separate name listed in our programs.

    Thanks for your help!

  • January 3, 2007

    Urgent request to help save the historic Franklin Cinema

    FRANKLIN, TN — As it currently stands, the venerable 1936 Franklin Cinema will close January 7, 2006. This fine little theatre has hosted world premieres and special screenings of several major motion pictures. The theatre is located on one of the most vibrant Main Streets in the United States.

    If you have the means and the entrepreneur spirit to keep this institution alive and profitable, please contact the cinema at (615) 790-7122 and leave a message following the recording for the daily show times.

    More information is available at the Save the Franklin Site.

    (Thanks to John Coursey for providing the photo.)

  • January 2, 2007

    Mohawk Theater Project inching forward

    NORTH ADAMS, MA — With the Mohawk Theatre dormant for so long, the community is desperately trying to raise funds to restore it. A new governor should help the process but private donations are still essential to making it a reality.

    An estimated $7.7 million theater renovation project, when completed, would likely restore the historical theater to its' place of prominence within the city’s downtown and its' heart.

    The renovation plans include an expansion of the stage house, a reconfiguration of a theater parking area, the construction of performer dressing rooms, theater restrooms, and numerous amenities. The project is anticipated to turn the space into a sought-after, star-quality performing venue.

    To read more, go to

  • December 28, 2006

    Restore the theater, restore the community

    PHILIPPI, WV — This sleepy little community has a gem nestled right in the center of town. The years of misuse and neglect are taking their toll, and the great lady who is the Grand Theatre is fading. We are here on faith, moved from Orlando, Florida, in an attempt to breathe life back into this unsung heroine.

    Built in the late 20’s or early 30’s as a vaudeville palace, the Grand went the way of many theaters of her type, which is to be converted to a cinema. It appears from all the information I can gather that none of the owners of this theater in this timeframe had the vision or the finances to allow this lady to really achieve her name.

    Our desire is to purchase this theater, restore her — perhaps to a condition she never enjoyed — and to host movies as well as other theatrical events, including concerts, recitals, plays, dramatic readings and inspirational/motivational speakers. Our mission is to provide all forms of family-friendly entertainment, and to engage the community to be involved in the process.

  • December 27, 2006

    Town Theater RFEI

    HILLSBORO, OR — Here’s some more information on the RFEI mentioned a few weeks ago.

    The City of Hillsboro owns a vintage theater in the heart of downtown Hillsboro. Unfortunately, it is currently in a state of disrepair. The theater was originally built in the art deco style in the 1920s and operated as a Venetian Theatre until 1956, when it suffered significant damage in a fire. It was restored and opened in 1957 as the Town Theater. It has been closed since 1996 and has been unoccupied since that time. The City acquired the adjacent building to provide additional space for physical changes to the building such as ADA accessible restrooms which may be required by current code.

    Many townspeople seem to be behind any effort that would be made to restore the theater and return it to use.

    The City recently issued a Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI) to entertain different concepts and plans for the restoration and use of the theater. If you are interested in responding to such a request, or if you can offer an avenue to help us get the word out, please let me know. All relevant documentation can be found at the Town Theater RFEI Site.

    Thank you!

    John Southgate

  • December 19, 2006

    Vancouver, BC – The Heart Of The World

    VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA — Built in 1913, the theater formerly known as the Alcazar, the York, then the New York, and most recently a Bollywood outlet called theRaja, went up for sale. We’re now trying to buy it, completely refurbish it, and turn it into a multi-disciplinary venue for anything you could use a theater for.

    We plan on showing films, hosting music concerts, live plays, and are even in talks with Vancouver schools so their film students can show their work in a theater setting. We also hope to screen films from festivals like Sundance and Cannes, so these budding directors can get their films seen by as many people as possible.