• September 7, 2006

    Where’s Hollywood headed? Michael Tolkin’s got some thoughts

    Remember ‘The Player’? Either the novel by Michael Tolkin, or the Robert Altman film starring Tim Robbins? Well, it’s back!

    More precisely, ‘The Return of the Player’ has arrived at your local bookshop.

    In it, Tolkin updates the tale to incorporate changes in Tinseltown. “The book is what I think,” Tolkin says. But he also points out that most people in Hollywood now see their movies on DVD, and that Hollywood is being forced to confront technological change. “You can get a great home theater now for twenty thousand.”

    Read the LA article for more.

  • September 6, 2006

    Well, lookey here: US BO up!

    The BBC online reports some good news for the theatrical distribution biz.

    Cinema attendance is up 3% compared to a year ago, with actual revenues up 11%.

    Good news for all those concerned.

  • September 5, 2006

    New theater-only size of Flicks

    The nostalgic chocolate-flavored wafers by Flicks® Candy are now available in a larger package specifically for movie theater concession sales.

    The traditional retail tube of Flicks Candy contained 1.375 ounces; The new three-ounce Movie Pack offers more candy per unit and easily fits into the modern-day movie theaters price point.

    The retail size tubes are available across the USA in stores including select Cost Plus World Markets; Bed, Bath & Beyond stores; Walgreens; and Raleys Supermarkets. Several movie theaters also carry the smaller retail size, but the Tjerrild family, owners of Flicks Candy, hope those theaters will switch to the new Movie Pack size, plus bring more movie theaters on board as customers.

  • September 1, 2006

    New Classic Movie Website!

    “The Midnight Palace” launched in June of 2006. The website focuses on old movies, classic and obscure from 1900-1955. We have a virtual movie theater where you can watch a full length feature, along with articles, downloads, classic movie reviews, games and message boards!

    We were recently contacted by Warner Brothers about the website and are now an official WB affiliate! Beginning next month (September) we will be holding WB sponsored contests/giveaways with the prizes including classic dvds and dvd boxsets!

    I’d like to invite everyone to come by and visit and sign up for the message boards!! Visit us at:

  • August 25, 2006

    Chalet Theaters needs one more!

    Chalet Theaters LLC announced today that because of the many people that visit Cinema Treasures, we have found and rented 4 theaters here!. That’s great news!.

    We are looking for one more special theater! If you have one that is old and in need of restoration be it a art deco or a drive-in, Contact us: .

    We are really looking for a small town theater that has closed up and the town wants one again. We love redoing older theaters and need your help!

    If you assist us in finding the special theater we will even award the town with free movies!
    Thanks to all of Cinema Treasures and the people that come here!

  • August 18, 2006

    10 theaters doing it right

    Entertainment Weekly recenty published a list of ten operating theaters in the U.S. that still provide an exceptional experience.

    To see who made the cut, visit EW’s 10 Theaters Doing it Right.

  • A world without movie theaters

    This blog entry gives an interesting perspective on how movie theaters can soon follow music stores as a growing piece of nostalgia.

    Imagine a world without movie theaters. No multiplexes. No arthouses. No way to communally experience a film.

    That day may be coming sooner than you think. Each year theatrical box office receipts decline as the DVD becomes the preferred method for audiences to watch movies.

    For more, read the full story on Film Threat Blogs.

  • Kodak developing digital theater software

    Kodak is developing an operating system for movie theaters to manage lighting, temperature and other technical functions.

    Kodak Digital Cinema and National CineMedia, a partnership of the three top U.S. movie theater chains, on Wednesday said they are developing theater management software to automate digital cinema systems now being installed at movie theaters worldwide.

    For more, read the full story in CNET News.

  • August 17, 2006

    Salina movie theater to expand

    OVERLAND PARK, KS — Dickinson Theatres announced Monday that their Salina, Kansas Central Mall 8 Theatre wil began an expansion project to 10 screens. The two additional auditoriums will be located across the hall from the current theater and will feature 80 seats in one theatre and 60 in another.

    The current auditoriums each have approximately 250 seats, and four of the eight screens are stadium seating. The new screens will be utilized for holdover pictures so that newer releases can be shown in the bigger auditoriums. Plus, this will give Dickinson the ability to showcase more artistic features.

  • August 16, 2006

    Baghadad cinemas struggling

    BAGHDAD, IRAQ — With the all the turmoil in the country, few people are going out in search of entertainment.

    In the capital of this warring country, where days beat to the percussion of bombings and gunfire and nights are spent locked down under a citywide curfew, Baghdad’s remaining moviegoers are all lonely souls.

    The showing at the cavernous Semiramis cinema, with its 1,800 red velvet seats and two balconies, attracted just 11 people, each of them sitting by themselves.

    For more, read the full story in the Washington Post.