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  • May 10, 2005

    New Children’s Book, Old Theater

    NEW YORK, NY — We are the authors of a new children’s historic fiction book about Walt Disney and the B.S. Moss Colony Theater being released this month by Simon and Schuster. BLAST TO THE PAST: DISNEY’S DREAM is geared to 7 to 11 year olds and perfect for anyone interested in this slice of theater history.

    DISNEY’S DREAM asks readers to consider what the world be like if Walt Disney had given up his dreams and quit?

    The book takes place entirely around Broadway in 1928. It is the task of four third grade students to time travel to Broadway’s B.S. Moss Colony Theater and convince Walt Disney of the immeasurable value his work will mean to future generations. The novel focuses on the moment when Walt Disney added sound to his Steamboat Willie cartoon simultaneously introducing Mickey Mouse and solidifying his place in American history.

  • Kent Theatre Set To Host Films of Weston Woods

    CEDAR SPRINGS, MI — The Kent Theatre presents “View from the Vault #1 — The Films of Weston Woods”

    The Cedar Springs Theatre Association (CSTA) is proud to present “View from the Vault #1 — The Films of Weston Woods.” This presentation is the first installment in a series of programming to be created from our growing classic film archive at the Kent Theatre, located at 8 N. Main St. in Cedar Springs.

    The play dates of the show are Sat. June 4th and Sun. June 5th 2005, two showing each day at 2 & 4pm. Tickets for the show are $5.00 each. Funding raised from this event will benefit the Kent Theatre Audio/Visual fund and the Cedar Springs Public Library’s summer reading program. We hope you will join us in what we expect to be a memorial and wonderfully fun event for all.

  • Summit Plaza Closes

    HOLTS SUMMIT, MO — The Summit Plaza Theater recently closed.

    “It wasn’t making any money, our lease was up, and we couldn’t afford it anymore,” said owner Kelly Porch. “It just was not bringing in enough income — we had no choice.”

    Apparently, it is available for lease, according to this article in the Jefferson City News Tribune.

  • May 9, 2005

    Stooges Return To The Ohio Theatre

    COLUMBUS, OH — The 36th season of the CAPA Summer Movies Series at the magnificent Ohio Theatre, one of central Ohio’s favorite summertime entertainment traditions, features seven weeks of Hollywood’s biggest stars and most treasured films. The series kicks off with the hilarious ‘'Some Like It Hot’ named the all-time funniest movie by the American Film Institute.

    There’s adventure, comedy, suspense, and musicals in store when America’s longest running classic film series continues. Nine films are series debuts including Alfred Hitchcock’s Saboteur, A Hard Day’s Night, Animal Crackers, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Blazing Saddles, and The Killers. This year’s silent movie — Metropolis — is also a series debut.

    Back by popular demand is Saturday Morning Cartoon Capers-and a brand new Saturday morning feature — STOOGE-A-RAMA! June 18th we’re featuring all Warner Brother’s classics and July 9th shows some of the goofy classics you love like Tom & Jerry, Daffy Duck & the Tasmanian Devil!

  • Strand Theater & Park Theater Info?

    TAUNTON, MA — Can anyone help me find info on these old theaters??? They have long been torn down BUT I have VIVID memories of happy days spent there and would love stories and PICS!!!! Am trying to write an article on old theaters and childhood memories.


  • May 6, 2005 – Empty Theater To Reopen As Top-Of-Line Movie Experience

    This is worth reading….

  • Fire Curtain For Free?

    Jim Rankin sent us details about a vintage fire curtain that’s available:

    Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 20:57:57 EDT

    From: (President, Theatre Historical Society,

    Subject: Anyone need a vintage FIRE CURTAIN?

    The ULTIMATE collectors item! Tisha Sheldon, one of our friends at the League of Historic American Theatres, has asked if we could send this information on to our NEWSFLASH members.

    Please feel free to pass this on to your personal forward list as well. An opportunity like this does NOT come along every day!

    Contact Mr. Artillo directly if you are interested.

    We are currently converting the “Grand Theatre” in Bristol PA into residential condominiums and would like to see the original curtain preserved if possible rather that destroyed. If any of your members are interested feel free to have them contact me with any questions.

    I have attached the best photos I could get due to the construction [Yahoo Groups hosts the Society’s NewsFlash, and Yahoo will not permit photos to be included. Apparently, the photos showed a curtain painted with a scenic of some kind, but you will have to call the man listed below for such details].

    Chuck Artillio

    Chuck Artillio Keystone Redevelopment Group
    420 Mill St. Bristol PA 19007;
    voice: 215-781-0799;
    fax: 215-781-0959.

  • Meetup Group For Filmmakers And Film Presenters

    ALBANY, NY — The Albany Director’s Lab Meetup Group will have an industry mixer at Kelsey’s Bar, 7pm, May 25th, at Kelsey’s Bar inside the Crown Plaza Hotel, at State and Lodge Street in Albany.

    Meet other filmmakers in the Capital Region. Open to arts presenters and iflm theater buffs as well.

    Register at: or

  • May 5, 2005

    Oriental Theatre Items On EBay

    Currently on sale on eBay are some terrific items from the long gone Oriental Theatre in Portland, Oregon.

    I was scanning the eBay listings and found these great items. These are truly an important piece of theater history.

    eBay: FANTASTIC Vintage Theatre Architectural Decor Ca. 1927

  • Continuous Movies

    NASHVILLE, TN — How many of us remember running continuous movies from 11:00 am till 12:00 midnight?

    With good old carbon arc lamps, and 20 minute changeovers, the booth being hotter than the hinges to the gates of hell. When you could not open a window for fear the air would crack the reflector in the lamp. The daily hike up and down the steps to get to the booth.

    We now call them the good old days, and we are right… they were.

    Dave Grau (Mungo)