Movie Theaters Operating as a Nightclub

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Name Location Status ↑ Screens
Interstate Cinema Interstate Cinema Chattanooga, TN, United States Closed 0
Philmont Cinema Philmont Cinema Philadelphia, PA, United States Closed 1
Palace Theatre Palace Theatre Swansea, United Kingdom Closed 1
Empire Electric Theatre Empire Electric Theatre Douglas, Isle of Man Closed 1
Muhammad Ali Theater Muhammad Ali Theater Memphis, TN, United States Closed 1
Cine Ribalta Cine Ribalta Valencia, Spain Closed 1
Salon Cinema Salon Cinema Glasgow, United Kingdom Closed 1
Century Cinema Century Cinema Southall, United Kingdom Closed 1
Gateway Cinema Gateway Cinema North Bay, Canada Closed 1
Teatro Pereira Teatro Pereira Eivissa, Spain Closed 1
Princess Theatre Princess Theatre Mount Pleasant, IA, United States Closed 1
Cinema Cinema Llanidloes, United Kingdom Closed 1
Kensington Theatre Kensington Theatre Newcastle, Australia Closed 1
Campus Theater Campus Theater Kalamazoo, MI, United States Closed 1
Mayfair Theatre Mayfair Theatre Weiser, ID, United States Closed 1
Cine Coliseo Cine Coliseo Bogota, Colombia Closed 1
Hyland Theatre Hyland Theatre Kingston, Canada Closed 1
Victoria Hall Victoria Hall Mansfield, United Kingdom Closed 1
Corn Exchange Corn Exchange Newark-on-Trent, United Kingdom Closed 1
Cinema Blue Cinema Blue Flint, MI, United States Closed 1
State Theatre State Theatre Toronto, Canada Closed 1
Star Theatre Star Theatre Ipoh, Malaysia Closed 1
Fairbanks Theatre Fairbanks Theatre Knoxville, TN, United States Closed 1
Grand Theatre Grand Theatre New Haven, CT, United States Closed 1
Academie Theater Academie Theater Detroit, MI, United States Closed 1
Capitol Theatre Capitol Theatre Pretoria, South Africa Closed 1
Century Theater Century Theater Texarkana, AR, United States Closed 1
Cinema Lounge Showcase Cinema Lounge Showcase Atlanta, GA, United States Closed 1
Cannon Birkenhead Cannon Birkenhead Birkenhead, United Kingdom Closed 1
Cine Majestic Cine Majestic Valencia, Spain Closed 1