Movie Theaters With Between 1 and 999 Seats

Showing 3,121 - 3,150 of 4,026 active movie theaters
↓ Name Location Status Screens
Cinema Rif Cinema Rif Casablanca, Morocco Open 1
Cinema Rex Cinema Rex Aubonne, Switzerland Open 1
Cinema Plus Cinema Plus Fort Walton Beach, FL, United States Open 1
Cinema Plaza Cinema Plaza La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland Open 1
Cinema Perla Cinema Perla Bologna, Italy Open 1
Cinema Peninsule 3 Cinema Peninsule 3 Tracadie, Canada Open 3
Cinema Pathe Cinema Pathe Maastricht, Netherlands Open 8
Cinema Paris Cinema Paris Berlin, Germany Open 1
Cinema Paradiso - Hollywood Cinema Paradiso - Hollywood Hollywood, FL, United States Open 1
Cinema Palace Cinema Palace Shanghai, China Open 6
Cinema Opera Cinema Opera Barletta, Italy Open 3
Cinema Oostereiland Cinema Oostereiland Hoorn, Netherlands Open 3
Cinema One Cinema One Antlers, OK, United States Open 1
Cinema Olympia Cinema Olympia Belém, Brazil Open 1
Cinema Odyssee Cinema Odyssee Strasbourg, France Open 2
Cinema Odeon Cinema Odeon Vicenza, Italy Open 1
Cinema Odeon Cinema Odeon Viareggio, Italy Open 1
Cinema Odeon Cinema Odeon Bologna, Italy Open 4
Cinema Nuovo Olimpia Cinema Nuovo Olimpia Rome, Italy Open 2
Cinema Nuijamies Cinema Nuijamies Lappeenrant, Finland Open 2
Cinema North Cinema North Phillips, WI, United States Open 1
Cinema Nord-Sud Cinema Nord-Sud Geneva, Switzerland Open 1
Cinema Nazionale 1 & 2 Cinema Nazionale 1 & 2 Turin, Italy Open 2
Cinema Museum Cinema Museum London, United Kingdom Open 2
Cinema Muenchen Cinema Muenchen Munich, Germany Open 1
Cinema Moulin Rouge Cinema Moulin Rouge Rome, Italy Open 1
Cinema Moderno Cinema Moderno Lucca, Italy Open 1
Cinema Modernissimo Cinema Modernissimo Naples, Italy Open 4
Cinema Middelburg Cinema Middelburg Middelburg, Netherlands Open 1
Cinema Massimo Cinema Massimo Turin, Italy Open 3