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Waterloo Cinema 8 Waterloo Cinema 8 Waterloo, IL, United States Open Nov 27, 2004
Watermans Arts Centre Watermans Arts Centre Brentford, United Kingdom Open Oct 28, 2008
Waters Edge Cinema Waters Edge Cinema Provincetown, MA, United States Open Jul 15, 2004
Watershed Cinema Watershed Cinema Bristol, United Kingdom Open Jun 5, 2008
Waterside Theatre Waterside Theatre Londonderry, United Kingdom Open Nov 9, 2013
Waterside Theatre Waterside Theatre Southampton, United Kingdom Open Jun 12, 2006
Waterville Opera House Waterville Opera House Waterville, ME, United States Open Jul 18, 2001
Waterworks Cinemas Waterworks Cinemas Pittsburgh, PA, United States Open Apr 5, 2007
Watford Palace Theatre Watford Palace Theatre Watford, United Kingdom Open Apr 21, 2012
Watseka Theatre Watseka Theatre Watseka, IL, United States Open Jan 4, 2004
Watts Theatre Watts Theatre Osage, IA, United States Open Jun 27, 2002
Waukesha Civic Theatre Waukesha Civic Theatre Waukesha, WI, United States Open Jun 3, 2004
Waverley Cinema Waverley Cinema Melbourne, Australia Open Jan 26, 2009
Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center Sanford, FL, United States Open Feb 23, 2005
Wayne Theatre Wayne Theatre Waynesboro, VA, United States Open Nov 27, 2003
Waynesboro Theatre Waynesboro Theatre Waynesboro, PA, United States Open Apr 9, 2014
Waynesburg Theater & Arts Center Waynesburg Theater & Arts Center Waynesburg, PA, United States Open May 27, 2004
Wayside Theatre Wayside Theatre Middletown, VA, United States Open Apr 23, 2009
Wealthy Theatre Wealthy Theatre Grand Rapids, MI, United States Open Mar 12, 2004
Webster Theater Webster Theater Webster City, IA, United States Open Sep 10, 2005
Webster Theatre Webster Theatre Hartford, CT, United States Open Nov 11, 2001
Wehrenberg Eagles' Landing 8 Cine' Wehrenberg Eagles' Landing 8 Cine' Lake Ozark, MO, United States Open Nov 13, 2013
Weinberg Center for the Arts Weinberg Center for the Arts Frederick, MD, United States Open Sep 14, 2004
Weirs Drive-In Weirs Drive-In Weirs Beach, NH, United States Open Nov 11, 2002
Weisshaus Kino Weisshaus Kino Köln, Germany Open Jun 29, 2016
Wekiva Riverwalk 8 Wekiva Riverwalk 8 Apopka, FL, United States Open Nov 26, 2016
Welden Theatre Welden Theatre St. Albans, VT, United States Open Jul 23, 2008
Welfare Hall & Institute Welfare Hall & Institute Tylorstown, United Kingdom Open Dec 21, 2008
Wellborne Cinema 4 Wellborne Cinema 4 Alvin, TX, United States Open Feb 9, 2007
Wellesley Cinema Wellesley Cinema Wellington, United Kingdom Open Dec 14, 2006