Updated Movie Theaters

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↑ Name Location Status Updated
Keith-Albee Performing Arts Center Keith-Albee Performing Arts Center Huntington, WV, United States Open Feb 8, 2018
King's Theatre King's Theatre Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom Closed Jan 1, 2017
Kings Court Theatre Kings Court Theatre Hudson, NH, United States Closed Aug 7, 2011
Knox Theatre Knox Theatre Warrenton, GA, United States Closed Jan 22, 2017
Kwai Fong Theatre Kwai Fong Theatre Hong Kong, China Closed Dec 31, 2013
La Vogue Theatre La Vogue Theatre Kenosha, WI, United States Closed Nov 24, 2014
LaGrange Theatre LaGrange Theatre La Grange, IL, United States Open May 28, 2018
Lance Theatre Lance Theatre Rotan, TX, United States Closed Jan 27, 2016
Lane Theater Lane Theater Williamsburg, KY, United States Closed Aug 14, 2018
Lansdowne Theatre Lansdowne Theatre Lansdowne Borough, PA, United States Closed Sep 18, 2015
Lerner Theatre Lerner Theatre Elkhart, IN, United States Open Jan 25, 2012
Liberty Theater Liberty Theater Toppenish, WA, United States Closed Jun 10, 2018
Life Theatre Life Theatre Hong Kong, China Closed May 31, 2011
Lincoln Square Theatre Lincoln Square Theatre Decatur, IL, United States Closed Oct 4, 2018
Lincoln Theater Lincoln Theater Port Angeles, WA, United States Closed Dec 8, 2018
Lineville Theater Lineville Theater Lineville, AL, United States Closed Jun 13, 2018
Litchfield Opera House Litchfield Opera House Litchfield, MN, United States Closed Aug 25, 2014
Livingston Theatre Livingston Theatre Columbus, OH, United States Closed Oct 13, 2017
Lodge at Roanoke Valley Lodge at Roanoke Valley Enfield, NC, United States Closed Sep 25, 2013
Loew's Jersey Theatre Loew's Jersey Theatre Jersey City, NJ, United States Open Feb 10, 2018
Logan Theatre Logan Theatre Philadelphia, PA, United States Closed May 17, 2018
Lorenzo Theater Lorenzo Theater San Lorenzo, CA, United States Closed Aug 13, 2018
Lorraine Theatre Lorraine Theatre Hoopeston, IL, United States Closed Apr 7, 2016
Los Angeles Theatre Los Angeles Theatre Los Angeles, CA, United States Open Sep 27, 2018
Lung Wah Theatre Lung Wah Theatre Hong Kong, China Closed Dec 29, 2013
Lyric Center for the Arts Lyric Center for the Arts Virginia, MN, United States Closed Feb 29, 2016
Lyric Theater Lyric Theater Carrizozo, NM, United States Closed Sep 14, 2014
Lyric Theatre Lyric Theatre Oil City, PA, United States Closed Jan 5, 2015
Mack Theatre Mack Theatre Irvine, KY, United States Closed Oct 19, 2011
Mainline Drive-In Mainline Drive-In Adelaide, Australia Open May 31, 2018