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↑ Name Location Status Updated
96th Street Theatre 96th Street Theatre New York, NY, United States Closed Aug 12, 2018
99 Cent Theatre 99 Cent Theatre College Park, MD, United States Closed Apr 4, 2012
99 Drive-In 99 Drive-In Bakersfield, CA, United States Closed Oct 12, 2018
99 East Drive-In 99 East Drive-In Stockton, CA, United States Closed Jan 22, 2017
9G Drive-In 9G Drive-In Hyde Park, NY, United States Closed Mar 14, 2016
9W Drive-In 9W Drive-In Kingston, NY, United States Closed Mar 14, 2014
9th Avenue Theatre 9th Avenue Theatre St. Petersburg, FL, United States Closed Jul 31, 2013
A & G Theatre A & G Theatre Bay Saint Louis, MS, United States Closed May 21, 2014
A-Mus-U Theatre A-Mus-U Theatre Frederick, OK, United States Closed Nov 6, 2013
A-Mus-U Theatre A-Mus-U Theatre Cordell, OK, United States Closed Jun 12, 2011
A-Muse-U Theater A-Muse-U Theater Muscatine, IA, United States Closed Aug 13, 2015
A-Muse-U Theatre A-Muse-U Theatre Binger, OK, United States Closed Nov 15, 2013
A.B.C. Theatre A.B.C. Theatre Philadelphia, PA, United States Closed Jan 23, 2014
A.M.P. Theatrette A.M.P. Theatrette Melbourne, Australia Closed Aug 9, 2016
A.W.U. Hall and Summer Gardens A.W.U. Hall and Summer Gardens Gwalia, Australia Closed Oct 17, 2016
ABC ABC Paris, France Closed Oct 6, 2014
ABC Aldershot ABC Aldershot Aldershot, United Kingdom Closed Mar 3, 2018
ABC Ashton New Road ABC Ashton New Road Manchester, United Kingdom Closed Feb 23, 2015
ABC Aston ABC Aston Birmingham, United Kingdom Closed Jan 31, 2015
ABC Baker Street ABC Baker Street London, United Kingdom Closed Oct 24, 2018
ABC Barnsley ABC Barnsley Barnsley, United Kingdom Closed Jan 28, 2017
ABC Birkenhead ABC Birkenhead Birkenhead, United Kingdom Closed May 19, 2016
ABC Blackheath ABC Blackheath London, United Kingdom Closed Apr 6, 2014
ABC Blackpool ABC Blackpool Blackpool, United Kingdom Closed Nov 26, 2017
ABC Bognor Regis ABC Bognor Regis Bognor Regis, United Kingdom Closed Jul 11, 2016
ABC Bolton ABC Bolton Bolton, United Kingdom Closed Jan 22, 2017
ABC Bracknell ABC Bracknell Bracknell, United Kingdom Closed Oct 19, 2011
ABC Brentwood ABC Brentwood Brentwood, United Kingdom Closed Nov 17, 2013
ABC Bridgeton ABC Bridgeton Glasgow, United Kingdom Closed Mar 8, 2016
ABC Brighton ABC Brighton Brighton, United Kingdom Closed Dec 30, 2016