New York Times: Astor Plaza to Become Rock Venue

posted by Patrick Crowley on July 16, 2004 at 3:52 pm

NEW YORK, NY — We’re sad to report that the rumors about the closing of the Astor Plaza have finally been confirmed.

According to a report which appeared in yesterday’s New York Times, the Astor Plaza, one of the last remaining movie theaters in the heart of Times Square, will close in just a few weeks.

The S. L. Green Realty Corporation, who became new owners of the building that houses the Astor when they bought the remainder of Loews' lease — plan to convert the facility into a concert venue for live rock during a nine-month renovation.

For those who never experienced the majesty of this theater, it was glorious. While its design was spartan in comparison to the nearby Ziegfeld, the Astor made up for it with its gigantic seating area (1500+ seats), which seemed to suck in anyone and everyone in Times Square who ever loved movies. Friday night premieres were always a blast. And, during the Astor’s lifetime, it played a tremendous number of great movies… King Kong, Jaws, 2001, Superman, When Harry Met Sally, Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Matrix, and more. It will be missed.

(ED. — As many of you noticed, Cinema Treasures got a very nice mention in the Times article.)

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Anna23 on April 24, 2018 at 12:00 pm

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Spending a day with a partner is not a figure of speech. You are literally wasting precious time with characters. And it does not stop for a second in this step-by-step RPG and is the most important resource.

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All this, you see, is enough to make Regalia: Of Men And Monarchs aroused genuine interest. But this is not all the arguments of the authors. In addition to the fact that the game looks beautiful and sounds great (thanks to a very expressive scoring and orchestral soundtrack), she still has everything well with a sense of humor. In all there is more or less good-natured irony. Kai’s mentor is the ghost of his grandfather, who very much likes to joke and pin, one of the fighting partners is a natural ghost in armor, which is against his will just the spirit of our deceased relative, and the local blacksmith is generally a funny glamorous German with a tiny dog ​​in his arms .

Characters are colorful here, and communicating with them is not just a dry pursuit of personal bonuses, but really interesting, gradually unfolding stories. For example, after talking to the daughter of a gloomy, silent innkeeper (he can only mumble something vague), I learned that he is not really her own father. All these details of the relationship (including, understandably, romantic), the characteristics of the characters, descriptions of events are recorded in a special code, which can be read for a long time and with pleasure.

You also experience special joy when you win in battle or effectively solve text quests, making the right choice, as it seems to you, having rushed not for a fight, but for additional experience, resources needed for construction and crafting, or valuable equipment.

Battles inRegalia: Of Men And Monarchs are complex, often burdened by different special conditions (like “hold so many moves” or “get to the point of evacuation”) and the fact that comrades who fell during the dungeon sweep are only revived during a single halt. Therefore, we have to think, use all tactical techniques and skills and plan the trip correctly – so that to make a halt as late as possible and not to enter the decisive battle in the incomplete composition.

At the same time, all the dungeons and scenarios on which they pass are unique here – there is neither a senseless and merciless “random”, nor a debilitating “grind”.

Regalia: Of Men And Monarchs is a very pleasant and unexpected surprise, a game where you need to fight and build and read a lot, build relationships, and conduct diplomatic negotiations, and even watch for when your smith or merchant has a weekend . A real, exciting and very atmospheric adventure, which I strongly recommend to all lovers of role-playing games – no difference, Japanese or Western.

Jonperter on April 27, 2018 at 10:18 am

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