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  • September 9, 2014

    Free Event: Jon Boschen’s Garden Theatre Gala


    GREENFIELD, MA — Throughout the twentieth century theaters have played a vital role in both American society and culture. Greenfield, Massachusetts had several theaters throughout the course of the twentieth century that greatly contributed to both the Greenfield community and Franklin County. The Garden Theatre was perhaps the most unique and the most memorable one to be built in the town due to its unique architectural style. After opening in 1929 and up to its 1983 renovation, the Garden’s atmospheric appearance greatly added to the programs and events that took place there and created a memorable experience for everyone who attended.

  • September 8, 2014

    Old Michigan Theatre slated for redevelopment

    DETROIT, MI — The former Michigan Theatre in downtown Detroit is slated to be redeveloped. Plans call for the old theater space, converted into a parking garage with much of the old details intact in 1977, to be converted into an amphitheater pending an assessment of the building. The office building portion of the Michigan Theatre Building would be freshened up aesthetically.

    Further details are in the Detroit Free Press.

  • Tarantino takes over programming at New Beverly


    LOS ANGELES, CA — Quentin Tarantino has owned the New Beverly since 2007 but has typically only been involved behind the scenes. That’s no longer the case as he’s taken over programming full time from the Torgan family that’s operated it for decades. He’s already removed the recently installed digital projector and plans the showcase his print collection as the theatre goes back to strictly film only as opposed to digital.

    Read more in Variety.

    Further details in Deadline as well.

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    UPDATE 9/8: As noted in the comments below, Tarantino only purchased the real estate the theatre sits on in 2007, not the business.

  • September 5, 2014

    Expansive Wade Park signs premier venues in Frisco

    FRISCO, TX — Wade Park, the expansive 175-acre mixed-use center in Frisco, TX, is announcing its first 2 secured premier venues: dining and entertainment venue, Pinstripes, Inc. and luxury movie theater, iPic Theaters.

    In addition to this being the first Pinstripes Bowling, Bocce, Bistro location in Texas, iPic will offer an in-theater gourmet dining experience with crafted menu items by renowned, James Beard-recognized Chef Sherry Yard!

    See below for the full press release and images in the following Dropbox folder link from Lovell Public Relations.

  • Hiawatha residents strive to bring back movie theater

    HIAWATHA, KS — With the recent closing of the Arrow Twin, locals are clamoring for a cinema option. With the city’s involvement unclear in a renovation to make it more viable, a nonprofit group called Hiawatha ACES has stepped up to raise funds to bring it back. No one knows which way it will go but it appears some solution will arise.

    Read more in the Topeka Capital Journal.

  • September 4, 2014

    Maintaining historic theaters in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District


    PITTSBURGH, PA — Ever wondered what goes into running a historic movie palace? Keystone Edge delved into it with a look at the day to day operations of the Benedum Center, Byham Theatre and Heinz Hall. Check out what it takes to keep these palaces running and the interesting obstacles that come up when showcasing features that are both vintage and brand new.

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  • September 3, 2014

    Hawaiian theatre faces digital transition


    HONOKA'A, HI — The 1930 People’s Theatre has until October to raise $60k for a digital projector but they’re already halfway there. The theatre has been successful with live events but first-run movies is their specialty.

    Read more and watch a video at KITV.

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  • September 2, 2014

    Vassar Theatre put up for sale


    VASSAR, MI — The Vassar Theatre, closed since the death of its owner Tim O'Brien last March, has been put up for sale by his sister who was declared the owner of the theater in June. O'Brien was not married and had no children. The asking price is $179.000.

    Further details are in WJRT.

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  • August 29, 2014

    Capitol to get new life as a luxury movie theater


    DAVENPORT, IA — The deep history of the Capitol Theatre is about to take another turn with plans to convert it into a luxury theatre. Shuttered since 2010, the plan is to replicate the work done on St. Louis' Moolah Theatre which means upscale touches like leather couches and loveseats.

    Read more in the Quad City Times.

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  • Homer theatre for sale

    HOMER, AK — It’s been a labor of love for its owners for the past 12 years but they’re putting the Homer Theater back up for sale. This time however, the new owners will get a theatre all set for the next generation of moviegoers. In recent years, the theatre has been extensively renovated with new seats, digital projection and a remodel of the lobby area. They have the distinction of being one of the only small-town theaters that present Metropolitan Opera broadcasts and have even launched a successful documentary film festival.

    Read more about the special theatre in Homes News.