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  • March 12, 2014

    Connecticut could be first state to curb loud movies

    Connecticut is turning heads by proposing legislation that lower the volume in its movie theaters. They’re pushing for a maximum of 85 decibels for movies or previews but the MPAA is fighting back by saying it’s a violation of free speech.

    Go to Fox News for more on the story.

  • East Side theater wins state grant

    BUFFALO, NY — The former Varsity Theatre just received a state grant for $150K which they plan to use to extensively renovate the interior and exterior. Everything from new seats to new plumbing await the venue that will be use for live performances and occasional screenings.

    Get all the details in the Buffalo News.

  • March 11, 2014

    Studio 28 to come down


    GRAND RAPIDS, MI — The closing of Studio 28 six years ago, sent shockwaves through the area since it had been so popular at one time and one of the largest theaters in the country. Now it must be torn down as it’s condemned. They’re unclear what will become of the site but it should be more marketable empty.

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  • March 10, 2014

    Free presentation on Waltham’s first theater building


    WALTHAM, MA — The Music Hall Building of Waltham Massachusetts is an iconic part of Waltham’s history. Constructed in 1880, the building was the first of four theater buildings which would be constructed in Waltham throughout the next fifty years. From the day of its opening as a vaudeville opera house in the 1880s, to its closing as a silent movie house in the early 1930’s, the venue served the city in a variety of ways. Like many theaters across the country, the Music Hall was an ornately designed building which brought a wide variety of entertainment to the Waltham community. The theater showcased everything from local talent to nationally acclaimed vaudevillians, Broadway shows, opera companies, etc. It was also the first place in Waltham to view the new moving picture medium.

  • Jones Theater to launch GoFundMe campaign for building upgrades


    WESTCLIFFE, CO — The nearly 135-year old Historic Jones Theater will launch a GoFundMe crowd-funding campaign on March 1st to raise money for repairs and updates to the building. The campaign is organized and directed by former Westcliffe residents Peter Link, and Julia Wade of Watchfire Music & Watchfire New Media.

    The campaign aims to raise sixty thousand dollars to re-insulate and restore the Jones Theater auditorium. This includes restoring the floor of the auditorium with a concrete base, repairing the east wall of the auditorium and re-insulating it to cut down on heating costs. Additionally, the old heaters in the auditorium will be replaced with new energy efficient ones.

  • March 7, 2014

    Getting Center City movie theater a second run wasn’t easy

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — The Roxy Theater had a triumphant return this past December after almost two years since closing. They poured nearly $1 Million into to to update the theatre inside and out besides of course the new projectors. The 160 that get to watch each screening now get a luxury experience and the Philadelphia Film Society has a permanent home.

    Read the full story in The Inquirer.

  • World Herald continues photo series

    OMAHA, NE — The has been continuing to pump out photo displays of their cinema treasures. This week the archive consists of shots of the Muse, RKO Brandeis, Q-Cinema 9, Strand, and the Southroads 4.

    Check out all the photos in the World Herald.

  • March 6, 2014

    Meadows Theater closes

    TERRE HAUTE, IN — The Meadows 1 & 2 has been delighting audiences since the early 1970’s but it was forced to close Sunday. They could not afford to provide digital projectors for their screens. Also, with films being released on DVD sooner than ever, their bargain cinema model just didn’t work anymore.

    Read more in the WHITV.

  • March 5, 2014

    Marley Station theater closes


    GLEN BURNIE, MD — After 25+ years, the Movies at Marley Station has closed. Regal did not release any comment on the closure but the mall director claimed an exciting announcement is on the way for the space.

    Read more in the Capital Gazette.

    (Thanks to JackCoursey for providing the photo.)

  • Elko Speedway getting new drive-in

    ELKO NEW MARKET CITY, MN — It’s not everyday you hear about a new drive-in but the folks at the Elko Speedway are doing exactly that with the opening of one this summer. The seasonal theater will truly be a throwback though with its use of the screen from the shuttered Cottage View Drive-In.

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