Movie Theaters With Between 2000 and 2999 Seats

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Name Location Status ↑ Screens
Cine Zayden Cine Zayden Pinar del Rio, Cuba Open 1
Royal Opera House Royal Opera House London, United Kingdom Open 1
New Theatre Royal New Theatre Royal Portsmouth, United Kingdom Open 1
Cinema Massimo Cinema Massimo Milan, Italy Open 1
London Palladium London Palladium London, United Kingdom Open 1
Colston Hall Colston Hall Bristol, United Kingdom Open 1
Coliseum Picture Theatre Coliseum Picture Theatre Brighton, United Kingdom Open 1
O2 Academy Bournemouth O2 Academy Bournemouth Bournemouth, United Kingdom Open 1
Cine Rex Cine Rex Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Open 1
Lyric Opera House Lyric Opera House Baltimore, MD, United States Open 1
Teatro Infante Teatro Infante San Isidoro de Holguin, Cuba Open 1
Brady Theater Brady Theater Tulsa, OK, United States Open 1
Athena Leicester Athena Leicester Leicester, United Kingdom Open 1
Orchestra Hall Orchestra Hall Chicago, IL, United States Open 1
Manchester Opera House Manchester Opera House Manchester, United Kingdom Open 1
Tango Porteno Tango Porteno Buenos Aires, Argentina Open 1
Teatro Broadway Teatro Broadway Buenos Aires, Argentina Open 1
Riverside Theatre Riverside Theatre Perth, Australia Open 1
Moonlight Cinema Perth Moonlight Cinema Perth Perth, Australia Open 1
Radio Cinema Radio Cinema Cairo, Egypt Open 1
Caird Hall Caird Hall Dundee, United Kingdom Open 1
Cine Teatro Opera Cine Teatro Opera Buenos Aires, Argentina Open 1
Forum Theatre Forum Theatre Liege, Belgium Open 1
Winter Gardens Opera House Winter Gardens Opera House Blackpool, United Kingdom Open 1
Amadeo Roldan Amadeo Roldan Havana, Cuba Open 1
Theatre Comedia Theatre Comedia Paris, France Open 1
O2 Academy Glasgow O2 Academy Glasgow Glasgow, United Kingdom Open 1
Ritz Theatre Ritz Theatre Elizabeth, NJ, United States Open 1
Capitol Theatre Capitol Theatre Wheeling, WV, United States Open 1
Cirque d'Hiver Cirque d'Hiver Paris, France Open 1