Streamline Moderne Movie Theaters

Showing 28 restoring movie theaters
↑ Name Location Status Screens
Ashland Theatre Ashland Theatre Ashland, VA, United States Open 1
Bay Theatre Bay Theatre Seal Beach, CA, United States Closed 1
Cavern Theatre Cavern Theatre Carlsbad, NM, United States Closed 1
Centre Culturel de Gembloux Centre Culturel de Gembloux Gembloux, Belgium Open 1
Cine Roble Cine Roble Tijuana, Mexico Closed 1
Civic Theatre Civic Theatre Scone, Australia Closed 1
Crump Theatre Crump Theatre Columbus, IN, United States Open 1
Del Mar Theatre Del Mar Theatre Fontana, CA, United States Open 1
Draper Historic Theatre Draper Historic Theatre Draper, UT, United States Open 1
Elite Cinema Elite Cinema Brussels, Belgium Closed 1
Elmo Theater Elmo Theater St. Elmo, IL, United States Closed 1
Fowler Theatre Fowler Theatre Fowler, IN, United States Open 1
Fox Theatre Fox Theatre Crestview, FL, United States Closed 1
Fox Theatre Fox Theatre Centralia, WA, United States Open 1
Grand Theater Grand Theater Escondido, CA, United States Closed 1
Hollywood Theater Hollywood Theater Minneapolis, MN, United States Closed 1
Lane Theater Lane Theater Williamsburg, KY, United States Closed 1
National Cinema National Cinema Antwerp, Belgium Closed 1
Nelson Theatre Nelson Theatre Mount Jackson, VA, United States Closed 1
Nordic Theater Nordic Theater Marquette, MI, United States Closed 1
President Theatre President Theatre Manchester, GA, United States Open 1
Rialto Theater Rialto Theater Fort Wayne, IN, United States Closed 1
Ritz Theatre Ritz Theatre Stafford, KS, United States Open 1
Rodgers Theatre Rodgers Theatre Poplar Bluff, MO, United States Open 2
Sag Harbor Cinema Sag Harbor Cinema Sag Harbor, NY, United States Closed 1
Sutter Cinema 3 Sutter Cinema 3 Yuba City, CA, United States Closed 3
Texas Theater Texas Theater Kingsville, TX, United States Closed 1
Varsity Center for the Arts Varsity Center for the Arts Carbondale, IL, United States Open 3