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  • January 9, 2003

    Todays Newsreel

    Marietta Group Hopes To Resurrect The Old Strand

    Read the Atlanta Journal-Constituion story

    Changes at the New Stiefel Theater for the Performing Arts
    SALINA, KS —

    News, photos, and video at the Salina Journal

    Thanks to Joel Weide for the update!

    Strand Theatre in Plattsburgh In Trouble
    PLATTSBURGH, NY — Read the Press Republican story

    88-Year-Old Palace Theater Reopens

    Read the Worthington Daily Globe article

    Minneapolis Theater News

    Read the Star Tribune article

    Ticket Sales in France Dip in 2002
    FRANCE — Read the Screen Daily article

    Easy Cinema Plans Run Afoul of Distributors
    ENGLAND — Read the Financial Times article

  • January 8, 2003

    Today’s Newsreel

    Hitchcock Film Festival at the Loew’s Jersey!

    Visit the Loews Jersey website
    Read more about the Loews Jersey at Cinema Treasures

    Former Fox Theatre Receives New Name
    SALINA, KS —

    Read the Salina Journal article
    Read more about the former Fox Watson Theatre at Cinema Treasures

    Thanks to Joel Weide for the update!

    Historic Hsinchu Theater Restored
    HSINCHU CITY, TAIWAN — Read this story

    Preservation Group Gets Help in Saving Charlotte Theatre

    Read the News 14 Carolina story and/or watch the video

    Rotunda Cinema Reopened By Tom Kiefaber, Famed Exhibitor of the Senator

    Read the Baltimore Sun article

  • January 7, 2003

    New Theaters!

    While we were on vacation, over 60 new theaters were added thanks to Bryan Krefft, Philip Goldberg, Donald John Long, Jim Rankin, Tim Eiler, Garrett Murphy, Emily Giesy, G.E. Nordell, Dennis Whitefield, Keith Smith, Eric Enders, “Fox Theatres”, Ivan Kent Steinke, Wes Reeves, Jose Mendez, Jake Vanek, Aaron Bennet, Lisandrea Wentland, Paul Lappin, Ron Pierce, Darren Jones, Steve Smith, and Mike Croaro.


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  • Today’s Newsreel

    We’ve got a tremendous backlog of news stories so we’ll be doling them out in groups this week. Here’s today’s group:

    Cine El Rey Has Re-opened; Held its First Event on December 14th.
    MCALLEN, TX — Visit the official website
    Read more about the Cine El Rey at Cinema Treasures

    Thanks to owner Luis Munoz for the update!

    Fundraising in 11th Hour for Theater in Hinsdale
    HINSDALE, IL — Read the Chicago Tribune article (Reg. Req.)
    Read more about the Hinsdale Theater at Cinema Treasures

    Thanks to Bryan Krefft for the news.

    The Man Behind Silent Movies Music

    Read the MSNBC article about Bob Mitchell
    Read more about the Silen Movie Theatre at Cinema Treasures

    Thanks to Jim Rankin for the story.

    1914 Olympia Theater Closes on Upper West Side of NYC
    NEW YORK, NY — Read the New York Times story (Reg. Req.)

    Steve Smith also noted:

    The loss of the Olympia marks the third Upper West Side B'way closing in the last 6 months, following the Nova – aka Bunny Photoplay on 148th (which appears to have been gutted), and the cavernous RKO Coliseum on 181st.

    One of the oldest theaters remaining in Manhattan, The Olympia once operated as a 1,100 seat single screener under the Loews chain. The closing leaves only the smaller Metro (former Midtown) left on Broadway.

    Thanks to Steve Smith for the sad update on all of these former theaters.

  • January 6, 2003

    A Look Back / A Look Ahead

    Our vacation is officially over and we’re back at work!

    We hope you a terrific holiday, saw some of the better movies that were released at the end of 2002, and maybe pitched in to help a theater in need. In these difficult economic times, theaters, performing arts groups, and preservation organizations need all the assistance they can get.

    Luckily for those theaters still showing movies, motion pictures have usually bucked economic downturns during their history, as evident by last year’s box office performance. According to Yahoo!/The Hollywood Reporter, the total box office for last year should reach $9.4 billion, up a reported 13% from 2001, with ticket sales reaching their highest count in 45 years.

    While this news is terrific for resurgent theater chains such as Loews Cineplex, Regal Entertainment Group, Pacific Theatres, AMC, and more, the independent exhibitor is still struggling. The reasons are too many to list, but access to product, high overhead, and the inability to book multiple films in single screen theaters are amongst the largest culprits.

    Still there were bright spots in 2002: “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” proved to be a lifesaver for theaters such as the Catlow; and more and more older, second run theaters switched to art house product for far better profits and reliability.

    But there were so many theater closures at the hands of financially strapped exhibitors, frustrated landlords, and expanding drugstore and retail chains, we would need UPS to deliver the hefty list.

    As we look ahead to 2003, we’ll begin focusing more of our attention not only on the stories and events that impact you, the exhibitor, the patron, the preservationist, or the theater lover, but show you how others have stayed alive and what we can all learn from their experiences.

    The news will be changing as well. Lately there have been so many news stories regarding historic theaters that it’s been impossible for us to relay them to you quickly and effectively. Therefore, we will be posting more of them in link format so that you can read the original stories sooner and in more depth.

    Elsewhere, our incredibly dedicated volunteer staff like Bryan Krefft, Grant Smith, William Gabel, Roger Katz, Ian Grundy, and others will continue to help us preserve the memory and futures of these beloved theaters around the world.

    We’re extremely excited to get Cinema Treasures 2003 underway and we’ll be back tomorrow with more theaters, more news, and more of what you’ve come to rely on at Cinema Treasures.

    Thanks and let’s start saving some theaters!

  • December 13, 2002

    Cinema Treasures Holiday Hiatus

    As many of you know, Cinema Treasures will be on hiatus during the upcoming holiday season.

    So, as we take this break, we’d like to thank you all for your tremendous enthusiasm and contributions this year — it’s been an incredible ride. When we began the year, we had just over 1,000 theaters and 500 photos. Today, less than a year later, we’re bursting at the seams with more than 3,200 Cinema Treasures and 1,500 photos!

    To review, Cinema Treasures will be on hiatus between Monday, December 16th and Monday, January 6th. Of course, if any major preservation alerts occur, we will post them, but otherwise, there will be no news during this time. Additionally, we’ll continue to add new theaters, though updates may be less frequent than usual.

    Have a terrific holiday and we’ll see you back here in January!

    Ross Melnick & Patrick Crowley
    Cinema Treasures

  • 50 + New Theaters Added!

    We’ve just added more than fifty new theaters thanks to Bryan Krefft, Steve Smith, Ron Pierce, Darren Jones, Mike Croaro, Ivan Kent Steinke, Jose Mendez, Philip Goldberg, Thomas Hauerslev, Bob Holley, John Elwood, Gary Flinn, Scott Anderson, Doug Douglass, Gerald Sheehy, and Donald John Long.

    Thanks everyone and we’ll be adding more while we’re on hiatus, so please keep ‘em coming!

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  • December 12, 2002

    Regal To Spend $70 Million In Digital Upgrade

    CENTENNIAL, CO — Regal Entertainment Corp has announced a massive digital projection initiative, with plans to equip nearly 80% of its existing locations with digital projectors, high-speed networks, and satellite downlinks, according to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times.

    While Regal (which owns both the Edwards Cinemas and United Artists theater chains) plans to spend $70 million going digital, initial plans call only for the digital projection of short films and advertisements. In other words, these conversions will not allow theaters to digitally project feature-length films—at least for now.

    “At some point in time, digital projection will become a standard for theatrical films,” said Jeffrey Logsdon, managing director of investment bank Gerard Klauer Mattison. “Until then, Regal believes that if it can put the infrastructure in now, and build a business around it with promotional or advertising customers, it’ll put the company that much farther ahead of everyone else.”

    Regal’s digital rollout is in partnership with Christie Digital, a company which specializes in the deployment and management of digitial projection systems.

    By the end of the 2003, Christie Digital and Regal plan to deploy the new systems on over 4,500 screens. Additionally, plans call for the installation of over 1,400 42' high-resolution plasma displays throughout Regal theater lobbies.

    Read the Los Angeles Times article
    Read the Christie press release

  • December 11, 2002

    Lincoln Square Theatre Receives Grant For $3.5 Million

    DECATUR, IL — Cinema Treasures regular Dave Wiegers sent in this update from the Herald-Review about the Lincoln Square Theatre in Decatur, IL:

    “The story I am sending to you is about the theatre that I have been involved with for 15 years or so. I lead a group that saved the theatre and got it reopened and operating. This influx of funds is an answer to my prayers eventhough I have been living in Chicago for 6 years.”

    Dave is referring to the fact that the State of Illinois announced on Monday that the Lincoln Square will receive a $3.5 million grant, as part of its Illinois FIRST program.

    Read the full article

    (Thanks, Dave!)

  • Riviera Theatre Acquistion Approved

    CHICAGO, IL — According to a Chicago Tribune article, the City of Chicago’s Community and Development Commission voted on Tuesday to approve the purchase of the ailing Riviera Theatre.

    The city plans to renovate the 1917 theater using private funds and then hand over operational control of the theater to a private group.

    “We are very much interested in improving the Uptown entertainment district,” said Alicia Berg, the commissioner of planning and development. “This is a historic building and an incredibly important one.”

    In fact, the Riviera was one of first movie palaces in Chicago that was built specifically for movies, instead of more traditional theatrical purposes.

    Read the full article

    Note: registration is required to view article.

    (Thanks to Bryan Krefft for telling us about this.)