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  • March 3, 2004

    Jewett City’s State Theatre to Reopen

    JEWETT CITY, CT — The State Theatre, which closed in April 2003, is nearly finished with a year’s worth of renovations and is expected to reopen under new ownership this April, according to this report in the Norwich Bulletin.

  • March 2, 2004

    Hippodrome Renovation Photos

    BALTIMORE, MD — Ed Dobbins sent in some great shots of the recently reopened Hippodrome Theatre, along with this note:

    “I went to a public open house at the Hippodrome last Saturday morning. I got some really nice pictures you can have. You can see in the daylight picture that the new complex takes up the whole block, this place is fantastic! Finally something got done right. Also from what I hear the Town Theater around the corner on Fayette street is being renovated, not sure for what purpose, movies/plays or both. I’ll have to check it out soon.”

  • Bad Weather Delays Demolition of Hull Cannon

    HUMBERSIDE, ENGLAND — Demolition of the former Regal/Cannon which should have been completed by now has been delayed because of bad weather.

    Much of the interior has now been gutted — the photograph above was taken last December and shows the scaffolding in Screen 1 used to remove asbestos from the ceiling. Demolition of the rest of the theater commenced on Monday and the structure should be finally laid to rest within days.

  • March 1, 2004

    Sister of Flushing’s Keith Needs Federal “Offset” Funding to Keep the Curtain Rising

    HUNTINGTON, WV — Huntington’s Keith-Albee could meet the wrecker’s ball due to federal and state subsidizing of a competing 14-screen stadium multiplex one block away.

    The Transit Authority, which is administering the federal portion of the project, claims it has complied with all historic and environmental laws. However, the TTA director claims that the Keith is not on the Federal Register.

  • Council Subcommittee Votes to Give Avalon Theater Landmark Status

    MILWAUKEE, WI — Prospects for saving Milwaukee’s last surviving atmospheric theatre, the Avalon Theater, brightened on Wednesday when a Milwaukee City Council sub-committee voted to recommend landmark status for the theater, according to this report in the Milwaukee Journal.

    If the full council adopts the recommendation, the Avalon’s current owner, Craig Ellsworth, would be unable to make any renovations to the theater’s exterior without the approval of the city’s Historic Preservation Commission, nor would he be able to demolish the structure without prior approval.

    That said, should landmark status be granted, Ellsworth would still be able to proceed with his plans to convert the Avalon’s interior into office space.

  • Waco’s 25th Street Theatre Slated for Demolition

    WACO, TX — I recently went to the Waco city hall and did an open records request concerning the 25th Street Theatre. Apparently, the building was red tagged on October 10, 2003 and is now slated for demolition, although no definite date was provided, so maybe there is still time to save it.

    I viewed pictures taken by a Waco building inspector and the place is a disaster. Amazingly enough, though, the mural of the Chariots on the theater’s south wall is still intact, but badly water damaged.

  • February 27, 2004

    Flushing’s RKO Keith’s to Become Condos

    FLUSHING, NY — Boymelgreen Developers, who bought the RKO Keith’s in 2002 from developer Tommy Huang, will demolish the theater and build a 19-story mixed-use tower on the site called RKO Plaza.

  • Woman Dies Viewing ‘Passion of the Christ’

    WICHITA, KS — A radio sales manager suffered an apparent heart attack during the final scene of The Passion of the Christ, during the first showing at the Wichita’s East Warren Theatre on Wednesday, February 25.

    For all of us whom own theaters, I sincerely hope that this is just an isolated occurrence and not something that this film stirs “that” kind of emotion in. Reportedly the woman, 57, was described by co-workers as not suffering from any health-related problems prior to the incident.

  • York Theatre Expands

    ELMHURST, IL — Classic Cinema’s York Theatre is opening two more screens in April, bringing the theater’s total number of screens to seven.

  • February 26, 2004

    11th Hour for Historic Raymond Theatre!!!

    PASADENA, CA — On March 15th, the City of Pasadena will attempt to grant permits to gut the interior of the Raymond Theatre (formerly known as Perkin’s Palace). Our sixteen year battle to stop unnecessary development of the theater into an apartment/retail/shopping center will be over.