Hackensack, NJ – Mojitos At The Movies? Yup, And More Soon At Hackensack AMC Dine-In Theater

posted by ThrHistoricalSociety on September 14, 2017 at 6:48 am


From the Daily Voice: Movie-goers will soon have a new dine-in theater in Hackensack.

The AMC Dine-In Shops at Riverside 9 will be open to the public on Wednesday, Sept. 13, on the second level next to Morton’s Steakhouse and above The Cheesecake Factory.

and offers a slightly different take on the Dine-In model.

The concession stand offers all of the movie theater classics, but guests can choose from a full menu of fresh, handcrafted entrees, appetizers and desserts that wait staff will deliver to the seat before the movie begins.

Some menu options include the Caprese Flatbread, Chicken Bacon Mac & Cheese, Asian Steak & Shrimp Bowl, our famous Royal Burger, and a Chipotle Chicken Melt (see photos above for more).

The theater also boasts a bar in the lobby, serving beer, wine and cocktails to enjoy before, during or after the movie.

Story link, photo gallery: http://saddlebrook.dailyvoice.com/lifestyle/mojitos-at-the-movies-yup-and-more-soon-at-hackensack-amc-dine-in-theater/721290/

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CConnolly1 on September 26, 2017 at 4:51 am

This is the comment for this theater that I posted here on Cinematreasures. Please note that I am not trying to bash this place. I really do want it to improve. My family’s experience was based on the fact that it had just opened and it going through some growing pains. Here is what I posted:

Went here on Saturday, September 16th to see “Mother!”. The movie wasn’t good (a future camp classic) and our experience at the theater wasn’t much better. I will concede that I think we (and everyone else that came last weekend, its first weekend after opening) were kind of guinea pigs for this theater. When I booked seats for the movie, half the auditorium was marked as unavailable (mostly the first ten or so rows) yet when the movie started, absolutely no one was sitting there. I think the management wanted to limit the number of patrons in order to determine how things would go. In addition, with the exception of “Mother!” and “It”, all the other theaters were showing movies that came out weeks ago like “Baby Driver” and “Dunkirk”. Problems started with the concession line. It was long. One line was for Stubs members which at first was considerably shorter. Then non members were getting on that line and signing up for membership when they got up to place their orders. This caused even longer delays to a point where the non Stubs members line was shorter and moving faster. We got the attention of managers who tried to remedy it but there were so many non members on the line intending to sign up that it was causing a lot of anger. Luckily we were close to ordering our food at that point. It took forever to get our food. Some people didn’t get their food until well after the movie began (we got ours just before it started). The food I had (some kind of chicken fingers) was way too salty. Maybe other options are better. Another issue (though I didn’t try it) was the bar. At first the line wasn’t too bad but by the time we went in, the line was really long. I heard some guy comment that there was only one bartender.

It’s a great looking theater though. More elegant and understated that the AMC at the Garden State Plaza. The movie theater itself was really nice with big reclining seats. Picture and sound were perfect. The lobby is nice but it’s smallish. If they ever have a big crowd, there’s going to be problems.

I understand that this theater will feature more independent films with some big attractions which might help the chronic overcrowding at the AMC Garden State Plaza which is just a few miles west of this theater. The food concept is appealing but if they don’t streamline the ordering and delivery (i.e. you can’t pre-order online like some AMC theaters do), it will fail. Management could have helped the situation had someone acknowledged the fact that they were clearly still testing operations. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back but I would avoid the food (except for maybe popcorn and candy) until they improve things.

moviebuff82 on October 3, 2017 at 2:13 pm

I’m glad that the movies are back in Hackensack.

robboehm on January 23, 2018 at 11:54 am

I miss the days when you just went to the movies.

Trolleyguy on May 22, 2018 at 7:11 am


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