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↑ Name Location Status Added
1905 Opera House 1905 Opera House Wessington Springs, SD, United States Closed Oct 28, 2018
3rd Street Theatre 3rd Street Theatre Rensselaer, NY, United States Closed Feb 6, 2004
AMC 1000 Van Ness AMC 1000 Van Ness San Francisco, CA, United States Closed Sep 10, 2004
AMC 34th Street 14 AMC 34th Street 14 New York, NY, United States Open Apr 18, 2005
AMC Esplanade 14 AMC Esplanade 14 Phoenix, AZ, United States Open Jul 10, 2011
AMC Glen Cove 6 AMC Glen Cove 6 Glen Cove, NY, United States Open Nov 10, 2004
AMC Indian Mound Mall 9 AMC Indian Mound Mall 9 Heath, OH, United States Open Aug 28, 2013
AMC Seattle 10 AMC Seattle 10 Seattle, WA, United States Open Apr 18, 2012
Abergorky Community Hall Abergorky Community Hall Treorchy, United Kingdom Closed Apr 11, 2009
Alameda Theater Alameda Theater San Antonio, TX, United States Closed Sep 20, 2001
Alamo Drafthouse Lower Manhattan Alamo Drafthouse Lower Manhattan New York, NY, United States Closed Nov 23, 2019
Alamo Drafthouse Midtown Alamo Drafthouse Midtown Omaha, NE, United States Open Nov 2, 2011
Alamo Drafthouse Staten Island Alamo Drafthouse Staten Island Staten Island, NY, United States Closed Nov 23, 2019
Alan Theatre Alan Theatre Gerlach-Empire, NV, United States Closed Sep 19, 2012
Alger Theater Alger Theater Detroit, MI, United States Open Mar 4, 2002
Alhambra Theatre Alhambra Theatre Johannesburg, South Africa Closed Oct 5, 2017
Alhambra Theatre Alhambra Theatre Dunfermline, United Kingdom Open Feb 21, 2002
Alma Mater Theater Alma Mater Theater Tracy City, TN, United States Open Jul 13, 2014
Alpha Theatre Alpha Theatre Waco, TX, United States Closed Oct 10, 2012
Apollo 5 Cinemas Apollo 5 Cinemas Blackburn, United Kingdom Closed May 16, 2008
Apollo Theater Apollo Theater Springdale, AR, United States Closed May 18, 2008
Appalachian Theatre Appalachian Theatre Boone, NC, United States Closed Nov 19, 2007
Arcadia Theatre Arcadia Theatre Temple, TX, United States Closed Sep 21, 2001
Art City Playhouse Art City Playhouse Springville, UT, United States Closed Jan 7, 2009
Artistica Cinema Artistica Cinema Roselle Park, NJ, United States Closed Oct 24, 2004
Assembly Hall of the Central Building of the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Assembly Hall of the Central Bui... Hong Kong, China Closed Apr 26, 2009
Astor Theater Astor Theater Milwaukee, WI, United States Closed Jun 14, 2004
Atrium 57 Atrium 57 Gembloux, Belgium Open Oct 25, 2008
Auburn Schine Theater Auburn Schine Theater Auburn, NY, United States Closed Nov 17, 2000
Augusta Historic Theatre Augusta Historic Theatre Augusta, KS, United States Open Sep 10, 2001