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↑ Name Location Status Updated
Needles Theatre Needles Theatre Needles, CA, United States Closed Jun 30, 2017
Ector Theatre Ector Theatre Odessa, TX, United States Closed Jun 22, 2017
Ealing Filmworks Ealing Filmworks London, United Kingdom Closed Jun 17, 2017
Center Cinema Center Cinema New Bedford, MA, United States Closed Jun 15, 2017
Overton Theatre Overton Theatre Overton, TX, United States Closed Jun 9, 2017
Presidio Theatre Presidio Theatre San Francisco, CA, United States Closed Jun 7, 2017
Seven Gables Cinema Seven Gables Cinema Seattle, WA, United States Closed Jun 6, 2017
Guild 45th Theatre Guild 45th Theatre Seattle, WA, United States Closed Jun 6, 2017
Renaissance Theatre Renaissance Theatre Mansfield, OH, United States Open Jun 4, 2017
Russell Theatre Russell Theatre Maysville, KY, United States Open Jun 2, 2017
AMC Indian Mound Mall 9 AMC Indian Mound Mall 9 Heath, OH, United States Open May 30, 2017
Variety Theatre Variety Theatre Cleveland, OH, United States Closed Apr 26, 2017
American Theater American Theater Troy, NY, United States Closed Apr 14, 2017
Cavern Theatre Cavern Theatre Carlsbad, NM, United States Closed Apr 11, 2017
Regal Theatre Regal Theatre New Delhi, India Closed Apr 9, 2017
Robins Cinema Robins Cinema Burton-upon-Trent, United Kingdom Closed Apr 8, 2017
Granada Theatre Granada Theatre The Dalles, OR, United States Closed Apr 2, 2017
Del Mar Theatre Del Mar Theatre Fontana, CA, United States Open Mar 27, 2017
Brin Theatre Brin Theatre Menasha, WI, United States Closed Mar 8, 2017
Old Orchard 3 Old Orchard 3 Farmington Hills, MI, United States Closed Feb 28, 2017
Manos Theatre Manos Theatre Grafton, WV, United States Closed Feb 25, 2017
Royal Cinema Royal Cinema Kampot, Cambodia Closed Feb 20, 2017
Goodwill Theatre Goodwill Theatre Johnson City, NY, United States Closed Feb 18, 2017
Pitman Theatre Pitman Theatre Gadsden, AL, United States Closed Feb 17, 2017
Garden Theatre Garden Theatre Columbus, OH, United States Open Feb 15, 2017
Grand Theatre Grand Theatre Frankfort, KY, United States Closed Feb 10, 2017
Schine Holland Theatre Schine Holland Theatre Bellefontaine, OH, United States Open Feb 10, 2017
Regal Hamilton Place 8 Regal Hamilton Place 8 Chattanooga, TN, United States Open Jan 26, 2017
Apollo Theater Apollo Theater Springdale, AR, United States Closed Jan 26, 2017
Time Community Theater Time Community Theater Oshkosh, WI, United States Open Jan 23, 2017