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Updated Movie Theaters

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↑ Name Location Status Updated
Del Mar Theatre Del Mar Theatre Fontana, CA, United States Open Mar 27, 2017
Brin Theatre Brin Theatre Menasha, WI, United States Closed Mar 8, 2017
Old Orchard 3 Old Orchard 3 Farmington Hills, MI, United States Closed Feb 28, 2017
Manos Theatre Manos Theatre Grafton, WV, United States Closed Feb 25, 2017
Royal Cinema Royal Cinema Kampot, Cambodia Closed Feb 20, 2017
Goodwill Theatre Goodwill Theatre Johnson City, NY, United States Closed Feb 18, 2017
Pitman Theatre Pitman Theatre Gadsden, AL, United States Closed Feb 17, 2017
Garden Theatre Garden Theatre Columbus, OH, United States Open Feb 15, 2017
Grand Theatre Grand Theatre Frankfort, KY, United States Closed Feb 10, 2017
Schine Holland Theatre Schine Holland Theatre Bellefontaine, OH, United States Open Feb 10, 2017
Regal Hamilton Place 8 Regal Hamilton Place 8 Chattanooga, TN, United States Open Jan 26, 2017
Apollo Theater Apollo Theater Springdale, AR, United States Closed Jan 26, 2017
Time Community Theater Time Community Theater Oshkosh, WI, United States Open Jan 23, 2017
Knox Theatre Knox Theatre Warrenton, GA, United States Closed Jan 22, 2017
Texas Theater Texas Theater Hillsboro, TX, United States Closed Jan 22, 2017
Strand Theatre Strand Theatre Hudson Falls, NY, United States Closed Jan 17, 2017
Hollywood Theater Hollywood Theater Minneapolis, MN, United States Closed Jan 15, 2017
Silver Drive-In Silver Drive-In Johnstown, PA, United States Open Jan 4, 2017
King's Theatre King's Theatre Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom Closed Jan 1, 2017
Winslow Theater Winslow Theater Winslow, AZ, United States Open Jan 1, 2017
Oakville Mews Cinemas Oakville Mews Cinemas Oakville, Canada Open Dec 23, 2016
California Theatre California Theatre Dunsmuir, CA, United States Closed Dec 22, 2016
Texas Theater Texas Theater Kingsville, TX, United States Closed Dec 22, 2016
Fox Fullerton Theatre Fox Fullerton Theatre Fullerton, CA, United States Closed Dec 22, 2016
Century Plaza 16 Century Plaza 16 Pittsburg, CA, United States Open Dec 15, 2016
Sioux Falls State Theatre Sioux Falls State Theatre Sioux Falls, SD, United States Closed Dec 11, 2016
Simon Theatre Simon Theatre Brenham, TX, United States Closed Dec 10, 2016
Civic Center Music Hall Civic Center Music Hall Oklahoma City, OK, United States Open Dec 7, 2016
Teatro de Humberstone Teatro de Humberstone Oficina Salitrera Santiago Humberstone, Chile Closed Dec 1, 2016
Broadway Theatre Broadway Theatre Buffalo, NY, United States Closed Nov 27, 2016